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Ask Seek Knock Faith Saints and Orthodox christianity t

Ask Seek Knock Faith Saints and Orthodox christianity t


Ask, Seek, Knock-John-Climacus

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"While we are lving improperly, we fear all kinds of things. When we recognize God, there occurs a fear of His judgment. But when we start to love God, ...

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The help of God (SWT) is always ready and near, but only given to those who seek and work. Theophan the Recluse

March 2015 ~ Saint of the Week St.

"Watch out for complaining. it only makes situations worse and increases sorrow. Macarius of Optina. That's also a good reason to give up swearing: it makes ...

"There is more mercy in God.than there are sins in us. Confess your sins at once, whatever they may be." -Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk

Porphyrios: Fill your Soul with Christ

Eastern Orthodox Saint but awesome!

One of my favorite quotes from Saint Seraphim of Sarov. Try us for your peaceful. Orthodox ChristianityA ...

The Free Will of Man According to the Holy Orthodox Christian Church

St. John of Damascus

Christ Pantocrator - Coptic.jpg

Remembering St. Nicholas, Recovering a Christian Heritage - Orthodox Reformed Bridge

Righteous Martyr Maria (Skobtsova)

What is a Reader?

pulpit & pen has attacked orthodoxy needlessly

"Synaxis of All Saints"


Who Were Saint George and John Chrysostom

Our clergy and our various missions and parishes strive to maintain the traditional Orthodox ethos, and the ancient way of life and worship within an ...

Eastern Orthodox Christianity has kept the original Byzantine rituals and formulations for worship. A good example of its seriousness and unwillingness to ...

The Orthodox Church in the United States has problems. One of the problems the Orthodox Church currently suffers in this country is a lack of converts.

Recently, someone wrote to ask why the Orthodox blogosphere and media seem to talk far more about converts to Orthodoxy than people who have been Orthodox ...

A Tale of Two Gospels

Gleanings From a Book: “Sasha and the Dragon” by Laura E. Wolfe

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The Coptic Orthodox Church

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Learning from the Saints: St. Peter (June 29)

Who are the Orthodox Christian Angels?

Young Children in the Orthodox Church

By the grace of God I am an Orthodox Christian; moreover I am also by the grace of God a priest serving God and His People in this Church.

The 1963 rally in Pittsburgh of the Council of Eastern Orthodox Youth Leaders in America

So then, who, or what, is the Holy Ghost? Is it just some sort of energy field that fills the universe? Is it a person? Is he male? Is it a calling?

Time out with God - Ask - Seek - Knock

Asking, Seeking and Knocking | What Jesus Said!

Tim Keller, founder and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and New York Times bestselling author, is a powerful voice for Christian ...

The Eastern Orthodox Church and Evangelism

American Orthodox Church. "One of the most excellent allotments of the gift of faith, is for a man to be certain of the petition of his prayer through his ...


His entire life was spent in the quest to acquire the Holy Spirit. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened ...

Commemoration of Saints Raphael, Nicholas and Irene of Lesbos

Greek Orthodox Christian Society

All Saints at Lord's Entry Into Jerusalem

The Saint Basil Podcast by Saint Basil American Coptic Orthodox Church on Apple Podcasts

The "Leap" Saint

Miracles of the Saints


What it all Means

St. Basil the Great

Being ordained by an Orthodox Bishop to the servant office of Deacon has revealed further insight of the awe inspiring mystery of Christ's Holy body and ...

Holy, Glorious Prophet Elijah

Nathan Williams, second from left, is greeted Sunday by his mother, Cindy,

St. Nikolai of Zhitsa Mission

St. Innocent Orthodox Church

St. John was born in the south of Russia of pious Orthodox parents. He was still young when, in 1711, he took part in the battle against the Turks.

St. Cuthbert, an early Celtic Saint, used to pray standing in the sea. When he stepped out, the sea otters would dry his feet with their fur.

Why Pray to Mary and the Saints? - The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study

Fifty years after the death of Saint Theodore, the emperor Julian the Apostate (361-363), wanting to commit an outrage upon the Christians ...

Living In Communion

knock-on-door. “

On many occasions in the New Testament we read that faith, hope and patience are necessary components of prayer. Trust in the person of Christ and surrender ...


Orthodoxy Sunday: Proclaiming the Apostolic Faith

A Proposal to Celebrate Saint Simon of Cyrene Day, February 27th

The Russian Orthodox Church Under Lenin's Regime

An LGBT pride flag in front of the Salt Lake City LDS temple

Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Worcester, MA

Raised from the dead -Saints who brought people back to life


The "Orthodox Option" For Anglicans

A Diary of the Apostles Fast (Second Wednesday): The Mind

That my aim, our aim as Christians, is to live as citizens of the eternal kingdom while in the midst of this earthly one.

Christ carrying His Cross to Golgotha (Source: www.eikonografos.com)

John Cassian, Vincent of Lerins and Faustus of Riez Were Not Semi-Pelagians

The Chukhloma Icon of the Mother of God of Galich appeared in the year 1350 to Saint Abraham of Galich, who came there from the north for ascetical labors ...

Being ordained by an Orthodox Bishop to the servant office of Deacon has revealed further insight of the awe inspiring mystery of Christ's Holy body and ...

Apostle Philip of the Seventy, One of the Seven Deacons

Now this is indeed a presumptious title for a post – as if there were only one reason that people convert to the Orthodox faith. There are certainly many ...


St. George

The ...

Hand lettering Ask. Seek. Knock. Biblical background. Christian poster. Modern calligraphy

The Holy Monastery of Saint George Koudounas

Saint Elizabeth Orthodox Church

There are lots of misconceptions about the Catholic Church out there. Are you guilty of

—Over the years, Orthodox Christians of North America and Greece have come to know you through your many books and articles. When you began writing, ...

In most calendars of the saints we honor, this saint is not found. Indeed, there is a question of whether or not he was canonized in the first place.

On Creating a Substitute Folder for Your Sunday Church School Classroom

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone