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At the Oregon Zoo pygmy rabbits may be starting to repopulate their

At the Oregon Zoo pygmy rabbits may be starting to repopulate their


At the Oregon Zoo, pygmy rabbits may be starting to repopulate their natural range thanks

The Oregon Zoo is working to bring the endangered Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit back to the Northwest. On the brink of extinction, these rabbits may be ...

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Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits | Oregon Zoo. In 2003, the Oregon Zoo became the

Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits | Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo's 12-year Effort to Save Endangered Pygmy Rabbits

Oregon Zoo's 12-year effort to save the endangered Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit drew to

Oregon Zoo's 12-year Effort to Save Endangered Pygmy Rabbits

abbits and their babies at the Sagebrush Flat Wildlife Area in Washington state, a six. More information. More information. Pygmy Rabbits.

Pygmy Rabbits. Biologists tried breeding them at the Oregon Zoo, Washington State University and

Due to habitat fragmentation, fewer than 30 Columbia Basin pygmy rabbits remained in the wild

pygmy rabbit in hand photo. Photo: Oregon Zoo

United States Bureau of Land Management

pygmy-rabbit.jpg. Photo: Oregon Zoo

Baby pygmy rabbits at the Oregon Zoo

3_Oregon Caracal kittens

2_Oregon Cougar orphans

Photo Credits: Oregon Zoo


A tiny, orphaned Cougar cub has briefly taken up residence behind the scenes at the Oregon Zoo's veterinary medical center.

Lisa Shipley of Washington State University holds French Fry, a member of the Idaho subpopulation. "Frenchie" is one of about 80 in captivity in three ...

In 2015, with the help of volunteers and near-weekly releases, Wisniewski's program

Coyote-proof enclosures create conditions for semi-wild breeding, a crucial part of

The Oregon Zoo announced the arrival of a new kid. Mountain Goat, Sassy, gave birth May 20.

121216-101 Photo Credit: Michael Durham/Oregon Zoo

Photo Credits: Oregon Zoo

Pygmy rabbits depend on the shrub-steppe landscape of eastern Washington, where they eat

A male black rhino at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler named Phineas has found a love

A tiny, critically endangered Rodrigues Flying Fox almost didn't live past her first day at the Oregon Zoo, but the pup is now one-month-old and well on the ...

THE RABBIT WHISPERER: At a condor captive breeding facility, the Portland Zoo's Rachel Lamson prepares a large pen for a pygmy rabbit named Onyx, ...

3_ZSI.cria.hipopotamo (5)

Arctic Wolf Pups Explore Exhibit at Schönbrunn Zoo

Panda Pair Goes to the Vet


Pathologist Michael Garner points out features of a slide of the large intestine of a dead pygmy rabbit that made him suspect coronavirus was the cause of ...

Photo credit Simon Dower Zoos SA

The cubs get a lick from Kirana after their check ups (2)

USFWS staff with two red wolf pups bred in captivity


A coronavirus particle found in the stool of one of the affected Northwest Trek pygmy rabbits.

August 27, 2016


Dwarf mongoose pups emerge from their den at Chester Zoo (3)


Snowshoe hares that camouflage themselves by changing their coats from brown in summer to white in winter face serious threats from climate change, ...

Ocelot Kitten Starts the New Week with a New Name

Pygmy rabbits' habitat (shaded areas) is the Great Basin, starting at the Great Salt Lake and reaching northwest. Two distinct subpopulations, the Idaho and ...




6_Binturong cub

3_13260003_10154185136389719_4272391811192612491_n. 4_13265915_10154185136289719_1152387065338904896_n

Dwarf mongoose pups emerge from their den at Chester Zoo (26)

Mexican wolf litter Brookfield zoo

A Banteng calf was born at Burgers' Zoo on April 12! The little bull is healthy and weighed-in at about 15 kilos (33 lbs.). Although he is currently ...

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Back in the day, people who loved animals and wanted to see exotic animals from faraway places might feel excited to go to the zoo...but sad as they left it ...

After the rabbits are caught, they are tagged and weighed. Photo © Hannah Letinich



Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig

Hellbender Salamander Hatches at Nashville Zoo

Oregon Zoo seeks community help to protect elephants, combat illegal trade

Staff at the Oregon Zoo recorded a rare Humboldt Penguin chick as it peeked out of a tiny hole it had made in its egg in preparation for hatching.

The research also suggests that while polar bears evolved into a distinct species as many as 4 – 5 million years ago, the animals may have interbred with ...

Mexican wolf litter and mum Brookfield zoo

Hares of Erongo Mountains

Work begins on state-of-the-art indoor portion of expansive new Elephant Lands. Construction workers at the Oregon Zoo ...

One of the guiding principles of rehabilitating disturbed landscapes and mine sites – that if you restore their plant diversity, the animals that once lived ...

Most often the people involved with these accounts state that they're “preserving” the species, when, in fact, they're just breeding them for their own ...

To maintain their health and fitness, adult panthers need to consume the equivalent of about 1 deer or hog per week. Females with kittens may need twice ...

The Northern Spotted Owlused to be both an indicator species and a hated species in the

... and first to use machine learning, defines different howl types and finds that wolves use these types more or less depending on their species, ...

African elephant Atlanta Zoo

Elephant calf praguezoo

Oregon Zoo staff contracted tuberculosis from the Zoo's elephants in 2013

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The Speke's Gazelle was the focus of a captive breeding program centered on determining the effect of selection on reducing genetic load.

In a public declaration published on 27 July in the journal BioScience, a group of more than 40 conservation scientists and other experts are calling for a ...

Rhino and calf Chester Zoo

Oregon Zoo Foundation's Zoolala benefit offers chance to sip, savor and support

Gear Review: Pulsar XQ50 Thermal Imaging Scope


What howler monkeys can tell us about the role of interbreeding in human evolution

Oregon Zoo Foundation's Zoolala benefit offers chance to sip, savor and support

Mustelidae - Stoat killing a rabbit

ONE THAT DIDN'T MAKE IT: A bag containing the remains of one victim of the Northwest Trek outbreak, in pathologist Michael Garner's freezer.

... and support in North America under the Certified Technology Service and Support program.

THE BUNNY KEEPER: Becky Elias stands by three "carports" used as large pygmy rabbit pens, to give the rabbits a sense of living in larger spaces than their ...

... ten feet long, ...

Florida manatee in Crystal River. Credit Michal P. O'Neill/Photo Researchers, Inc.

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