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Athirat is the Canaanite Earth and Mother Goddess called quotCreator

Athirat is the Canaanite Earth and Mother Goddess called quotCreator


The Canaanite Earth and Mother Goddess, called "Creator of the Gods," is Asherah (also known as Athirat). Consort, sister or mother to the gods El and Baal, ...

British Museum EA 191, upper register of limestone stele of chief craftsman Qeh. Naked

Canaanite religion refers to the group of Ancient Semitic religions practiced by the Canaanites living in the ancient Levant from at least the early Bronze ...

Asherah - Hebrew Semitic mother goddess who appears in Akkadian writings as Ashratum/Ashratu, Hittite as Asherdu and Ugaritic as Athirat.

Plaque represents Canaanite goddess Astarte/Ishtar shown nude like Sumerian inanna She stands within a shrine protected by snarling lions that columns ...

Canaanite Goddess of love & war Anat is the virgin mother warrior

Figurines Collection of the Canaanite Mother Goddess 'Asherah' (Israel Museum, Jerusalem)


In the Ugaritic texts Athirat is the consort of the god El; there is one

Canaanite god Baal - one of the biggest obstacles for the Israelites was exposure to worship of Baal

Phoenician mother goddess, probably Astarte, seventh century B.C.E., holding a "sea" on her lap. The more ancient goddess Asherah was likewise pictured.

Bellona, Roman goddess of War, is also known as Eris, Goddess of Chaos, twin sister of Ares (the God of War), or -- in Latin -- Discordia

The goddess Ishtar [Ashtoreth]

Asherah was the Canaanite goddess of Fertility - later known as the multi-breasted Astarte

Pre Islamic Goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, Manat idols, temples destroyed by Prophet Muhammed in 630 AD. Triple Goddesses worshipped in Hinduism & many cultures

The Canaanite goddess Astarte, consort of El. Their son was Baal (a word used frequently in the Bible to refer to the pagan god of Canaan.

Goddess on Lion throne is abundant in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Canaan/Israel. This is from a Phoenician scarab, showing a throned lion with wings.

Stele of Baal

Plaque depicting a naked goddess on a horse, probably Astarte or Anat Lachish Late Canaanite period, 13th century BCE Gold H: 20.4; W: 11.2 cm Israel ...


Figurine of a fertility goddess Canaanite fertility figurine Location:Revadim Period:Late Canaanite period, century BCE

“Mother ...

Canaanite goddess traced from a gold plaque found in Lachish, 1300 BCE. Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Oh My Goddess-es: Identities of Inanna, Astarte, Ishtar, 'Athtartu, 'Anatu, and Athiratu

Gaia is the primordial Greek goddess personifying the Earth,(and to me motherhood and

Answer: An Asherah pole was a sacred tree or pole that stood near Canaanite religious locations to honor the pagan goddess Asherah, also known as Astarte.

The main Canaanite Goddess was Athirat (Asherah, Ashtartian) 'the Lady of the Sea' or Elat 'the goddess'. She was El's loving consort and is protective ...

Sulis Celtic Goddess | ... the presence of Celtic coins, cast into the water as votive offerings

"Asherah is a tree Goddess worshipped by the ancient Jews. She was likely the

Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who of old was called Artemis,

Spirit Doll Asherah, Mother goddess whose title is She Who Walks Upon the Sea This


The Lady of Galera - probably the Goddess Athirat - 600 B. - found in a tomb in Galera Spain, probably of Phoenician manufacture. - Black Canaan: The first ...

Al-'Uzza (Arabic: العزى) is the Meccan goddess of war, wealth and the stars. She was worshipped by the Arabian tribes of banu-Quraysh, banu-Sulaym, ...

Triple goddesses[edit]

greek mythology goddess of war

Marah is a Canaanite Water-Goddess, considered benevolent and merciful. She is the daughter of the great Mother Goddess Athirat-of-the-Sea, and twin sister ...

Moloch Moloch worship was practiced by the Canaanites, Phoenician and related cultures in North Africa

From left, Storm God Ninurta, with bows and arrows. Ishtar, queen of

Mother Goddess figurine From the island of Kárpathos, Aegean Sea - Neolithic period, about

Figurine of Asherah, Canaanite, 999-600 BC (clay), bronze age -- adopted by Hebrews as consort of Yaweh and later disgarded

4-Anatolian Goddess-Ankara

Statuettes of a goddess

Winged women ...

Relief plaque depicting God Nergal, from Old Babylonian - ca. 1800-1600 B.C, made in Terracotta

Goddess Asherah

The new king kills the old in the presence of the goddess, as typified by Mot killing Aleyin for Anath in Canaan.

Ashtart or goddess İsthar with Hathor head and snakes, standing on her lion - clay plaque from ancient Babylonia culture

Nintu-Sumerian Mother Goddess

evil goddesses names | Gods and Goddesses

Gaia, The Earth Mother. Gaia was the great Mother Goddess of Greek Mythology.

hestia deusa da mitologia grega - Pesquisa Google

And to understand this passage, we need to appreciate it as God's call for Israel to brace for impact with Canaanite culture.


Arianrhod Goddess of the Silver Wheel Arianrhod (ah-ree-AHN-rhohd)

Another aspect of the pre-Islamic mother goddess is that of the bird association, also very common with these mother figures. The Quran states (53:19,20), ...

In Sumerian mythology, Nanshe' was the daughter of Enki (God of Wisdom,

The Goddess Inanna "The Queen of Heaven"- the most important goddess of the

I am Tiamat of Babylon, primordial sea-serpent. I am the great mother


Talaya is a Canaanite Rain-Goddess, the dew or rain personified. She is

Reflectively, review Appendix A for a list of some of the seventy gods and Chart No. 3 below showing where “God” and “Jesus” came from.


Canaan Africa | The canaan Africans and the mixed Europeans of Crete, they had become subsequently to one culture of

Qadesh is a goddess adopted into the ancient Egyptian religion from the religion of Canaan,

“Evening ...

Canaanite Anat with Egyptian crown and arm raised with septre

Mother Earth is the divine sacred feminine. She is the irresistible power that destroys old

Egyptian Goddess Bast, Also Known As Bastet

A Canaanite God like Marduk separates the Forces of Chaos

Monica Sjoo, Hypogeum on Malta and the Great Mother (1996)

Athirat is the Canaanite Earth and Mother Goddess, called "Creator of the Gods"

Morrigan -- Megalithic Military Mother Goddess and 'Phantom Queen' Goddess Morrigan, whom

Female character illustration 女孩的艺术 Saule, the Baltic Goddess of the Sun who determines the well-being and regeneration of all life on earth.

This design is perplexing. I am uncertain whether it depicts a human apkallū, an

The patrons of pre-Islamic Mecca were Al-Lah ("The Lord" - a moon god who is not necessarily connected with the god of Islam), and three goddesses called ...

Gerard Hoet (1648-1733 CE), Illustrators of the Figures de la Bible

Image result for sacred poles bible asherah poles old testament | Goddess art Ose-Asherah "Pole" or phallic symbolism

Nammu - Goddess of the Primeval Sea

Uma is one aspect of the Great Goddess of Indian mythology known as Devi ("


Hittite handle showing the Sumerian Gilgamesh subduing two lions during one of his 12 labors ca

greek goddesses aphrodite | ... phases welcome the goddess aphrodite greek goddess of love


Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avedon, 1968.

Seal of Asshur, Assyrian god of war.

Yolkai Estsan is the earth goddess of the Navajo who is associated with seasons and the land; She is the sister of the turquoise-sky goddess Estanatlehi, ...

Michelangelo ...

baal rituals and history | The study of Canaanite deities in connection with Yahweh was made .

Daughter of RA, BAST was originally a lion-headed Sun Goddess of Protection The nurturing instincts of mothering cats came to be associated with BAST's ...

Japanese mother goddess figurine, known as "Dogu" - no face in figurine,

Child sacrifice to Moloch in the Valley of Hinnom was denounced by God himself: "They have built the high places of Baal to burn their sons in the fire as ...

Exploring the Biblical and archaeological evidence

Brighid - Goddess of Fire, Healing and Smithcraft