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Australian think tank says Algae farming has the potential to

Australian think tank says Algae farming has the potential to


Algae is used for natural food colouring and has a high level of antioxidants.

Photo: The Pilbara's low rainfall and high temperatures make it an ideal region for growing algae. (Stephen Stockwell)

Edwina Beveridge, from Blantyre Farms, says her biogas system paid for itself in two and a half years. Photo: ABC News, Gregory Heap

algae use photosynthesis to produce energy


Could #Algae Find A Whole New Kind of Oil for Texas?

There is "no excuse" for any board in Australia to not know that conventional

Could algae farming be Australia's next big thing?

Microalgae-based biofuel can help to meet world energy demand, researchers say

New report urges government focus on sustainable soil health

FILE - In this June 12, 2018, file photo, a potentially toxic blue

A New Battery Made from #Algae Could Power A Tesla With 200X the Charge

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The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the City of Sydney have joined forces to look into algae as a building material. According to the researchers, ...

Cyanobacterial blooms and algae are common in water bodies around the world. However, Australia is yet to monitor the growth of neurotoxins in our algae. ...

Image of a flat-plate photobioreactor array for algae cultivation

Farm machinery and equipment feature - CANEGROWERS policy updates. GROWER. CANE. AUSTRALIAN

Digital Farmers 2018 conference - day 1 wrap

Algae lights up Vivid

The experiment was first trialled in 2016 when millions of microscopic sperm and eggs were harvested from last year's annual coral spawning event, ...

Car exhaust turns out to be the perfect fuel for making algae grow.

Economics of algae biofuels

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Microalgae are a nearly untapped resource, found in freshwater and marine aquatic systems. Although

ABARES forecasts overall growth but mixed news for ag sectors

The Australian think-tank the Climate Institute says there are two key things to consider

IMAGE: Imperial Valley Conservation Research Center's Jeanette Lucero is helping operate the Sandia National Laboratories Project floway. Algae grown in the ...

Algae could be the key to a new type of biofuel. hbarrows/Flickr ...

Limited funding for places at Australian universities is a factor in a looming skills shortage,

Aurora Algae's marketing manager Paul Brunato

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Algae: 'The ultimate in renewable energy'

Pools at an algae farm in Borculo, east Netherlands.

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When producing biofuel is the need of hour, most researchers look forward towards humble algae

The Global Algae Biodiesel World 2015 examines the vast global market potential of biofuel from algae

Is this an opportunity for conservation education, or another example of the government bending to Big Tuna?

The vivid pink pools of Western Australia's Hutt Lagoon are the world's largest algae farm. Steve Back (used with permission) ...

Photo: Algae has a wide range of potential uses (ABC News: Nicole Chettle)

The Future Will Run on Algae

Fracking: the monster we greens must embrace | Fred Pearce | Opinion | The Guardian

It says that unless “deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are made as a matter of urgency ...

Algal cultivation blooming as production methods look to unleash its power

Pig meat and cancer

Poisonous algae (pictured) has been linked to neuro-degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's

The Future Will Run on Algae

Japan's fantastic emerald green algae

05 Jun 2014

China heading towards 'financial panic' according to leaked think tank papers

Fact farm power pointtt final

Origin Oil plans to replace petroleum

I keep an active watch of the news for progress being made in the areas of renewable and alternative energy sources. One area that has caught my eye is ...

The fight against climate change could get unexpected help from seaweed

The Future Will Run on Algae

Sep/Oct 2013 - International Aquafeed by Perendale Publishers Ltd - issuu

Collecting data to help protect Australia's waters from toxic algal blooms

Lift-off for the Australian Space Agency

Australia's Agriculture and Energy Sectors Clash Over Water - Circle of Blue

DIGGING stuff out of the ground and shipping it overseas has long been a mainstay of Australia's economy. So it is rare for governments to place curbs on ...

Algal biofuel is seen to have significant potential as a fuel of the future because of its relatively high oil yield.

Farm animals can eat insects and algae to prevent deforestation

The Spirulina algae plant with the old water pump station in the middle

Winner of 8 awards at the 2012 TOCA International Communicators Contest

'Nutrient fluctuations as a result of anthropogenic changes can also influence the presence of algal blooms and species succession and may even influence ...

Colorado Bob

Just over half of respondents viewed the current state of the reef as "already bad", with 84 per cent saying it was "declining" or "getting worse".

Prison time and million-dollar fines for live export welfare breaches

Rain does not fall equally on the globe. Above, a tractor cuts down corn

The overriding objective of Australia's national policy on drugs should be the minimisation of harm to users and those around them.

Cladophara bloom algae complete

All drinking water at Milkwood Farm ...


Australia's first agtech accelerator takes inaugural cohort

... The algae farms as constructed seen from the sky Diagrammatic overview of ...

Masdar Institute presents experts details on UAE's biofuel-from-algae potential

We're a team of enthusiastic visionaries that see a world where people aren't denied access to food... a world where our environment can thrive as we do... ...

Farming Algae in Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia

Algae expert says biofuel boom still a pipedream

Professor George Wilson, seen here retrieving GPS collars used to track kangaroos, says farmers. Australian Wildlife Services

Coral bleaching

The take-up of electric vehicles in Australia is about five to 10 years behind other advanced markets, says Andrew Fulbrook. Simon DawsonPredictions cited ...