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BATTING FIRST The oldest known bat fossil discovered in

BATTING FIRST The oldest known bat fossil discovered in


... known fossil record of megachiropterans. fossil. Icaronycteris index

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However, since these fossils are only teeth, we don't know what the rest of the animal was like. The next bat fossils start turning up in the Eocene, ...

Mystacina tuberculata foraging on ...

World's Oldest Bat Fossil // 52 Million Years Old

A new fossil gives clues to just how long ago bats arrived on the islands

Onychonycteris finneyi, the 20-clawed bat. National Park Service photo.


Four of the five oldest known bats evidently were capable of echolocation. All of them were fully capable of flying. No living or fossil ...

The early Eocene fossil microchiropteran Icaronycteris, from the Green River Formation

Reconstruction of ...

Fossilised bat, Onychonycteris finneryi

The earliest bat fossil known to science, Field Museum, Chicago.

The skeleton of a Myotis myotis bat.—Reuters

The fossil dig site at ...

Miocene cave. Bat poo in ...

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgian scientists have discovered the oldest ever fossil of the common mouse-eared bat, proving the species already existed more than ...

Fossil of prehistoric bat - Onychonycteris finneyi, which is considered a primitive bat as it does not appear to have echolocation and has claws on each ...

Bats have hung around for 33 million years, fossil show




Discovery of extinct bat doubles diversity of native Hawaiian land mammals

Bats Get a Bad Rap, But We Need Them to Survive

Bats have been around longer than man-kind, the oldest fossils of bats are estimated ...

Aboriginal cave art of bats © Les Hall

... bats (see below). nature06549-f3.2

Oldest Ever Fossil Of the Mouse-Eared Bat

Researchers attached a miniature identity ring to a tiny Nathusius' pipistrelle bat, pictured,

Bats have always been bats. The 'earliest' bat fossils ...

Australonycteris clarkae

There are quite a few really good books on bats. There are quite a few bad ones too. Here is part of the Tet Zoo bat book collection. Credit: Darren Naish

For young baseball players, light bats don't hit too fast

... Indonesia - Bali - Goa Lawah (Temple of the Bats) - Bats - 2

Researchers work at the fossil site in New Zealand. Credit: Alan Tennyson, Te Papa. "The size of bats ...


... bat fossil found in New Zealand. The excavation site in St Bathans in central Otago. Picture: AFP

Bat Evolution

Straw-coloured fruit bats flying at sunrise

An artists impression of the newly discovered dinosaur

Fossil of big walking bat dubbed 'Batman' discovered in New Zealand

The oldest fossil bats known in the world are microbat fossils. Fossil teeth found at

A study has suggested players should switch their stance to stand and bat in the opposite

Alberta's largest-known bat hibernation site outside of Rocky Mountains discovered

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Fossil Bat Stories, Part 1

Image (c) Florian Gloza-Rausch/Uni Bonn/Noctalis Bad Segeberg

Earliest known bat fossil

Michael Schneider

The fossil of Onychonycteris

A bat in an abandoned mine shaft at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. National Park Service photo.

Pitch perfect: small bats squeak higher, but not due to size

The oldest known bat is Onychonycteris, from about 52.5 million years ago ( Fossils solve mystery of bat evolution ). It's lacking specializations for ...

A vampire bat feeding on a pig in a taxidermy exhibit at the Museum of Natural

Extinct giant burrowing bat fossil found in New Zealand

'Non-echolocating' fruit bats actually do echolocate, with wing clicks

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Mexican long-tongued bat (Choeronycteris mexicana) drinking from a cactus

The bats, called Palaeochiropteryx and Hassianycteris, were a reddish brown.

... India - Rajasthan - Jaisalmer - Bat - 1d | by asienman

Researchers work at the fossil site in New Zealand. Credit: Alan Tennyson, Te Papa. "The size of bats ...

... in complete darkness. bat; Bats ...

The News Hub - Short-tailed bat by David Mudge Nga Manu Trust

Sketchy drawing of the Miocene bat Potamops mascahehenes, one of the many fossil bats discovered in La Venta in Colombia million years ago).

A fossil found in China may offer new clues about avian evolution

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Bat Facts For Kids

Bat fossil, Icaronycteris index, one of the earliest known bats. The species has

Bat Basics

Artist's reconstruction of Palaeochiropteryx in life. Now inaccurate due to reddish colouration.

Washing of St Bathans sediments through sieves in Manuherikia River in New Zealand to collect fossil bones and teeth of an ancient burrowing bat.

Ptilcercus (above) and Icaronycteris (below), sister taxa in

Despite these being fingers, bats only have claws on their thumbs, with the exception of some old world fruit bats which also have claws on their index ...

Cochlear size is known to be correlated with echolocation behaviour; non-echolocating bats (Pteropodidae) tend to have smaller cochleae than bats that use ...

... India - Rajasthan - Jaisalmer - Bat - 2 | by asienman

Mystacina miocenalis fossil teeth. Credit: Rod Morris

Florida bonneted bat

A Pteropus fruit bat skeleton I once encountered in a Scottish museum: most likely a Large flying fox P. vampyrus. A nice illustration of how impressive the ...

Maiopatagium furculiferum in a Jurassic forest. Illustration by by April I. Neander/UChicago

(USFWS-Pacific ...

Subset of the LRT focusing on basal placentals, including bats.

Description: The replica cast fossil bat skeleton is 4 5/8″ long X 2 3/8″ wide.

A reddish-brown fossil of the bat species Icaronycteris index imbedded in tan colored stone

An artist's reconstruction of Necromantis

Subset of the LRT focusing on basal placentals, including bats.

Bats: Equipped for the Hunt