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BBC One Doctor Who Season 1 Barbara Wright Fact title Fact

BBC One Doctor Who Season 1 Barbara Wright Fact title Fact


Barbara's travels had finished… but the Doctor's were only just beginning!

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BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 1 - Susan Fact title Fact data Also known as: Susan Foreman Home Planet: Gallifrey Fact! Susan claimed that she came up with ...

... of one another and when Ian and Barbara finally made it back to 1960s England, the Doctor watched them go with more than a hint of sadness and regret.

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BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 2 - Vicki

Barbara Wright & Susan Foreman in a soft moment.

Doctor Who character. Barbara Wright.jpg

Fifty years ago today, on 20 September 1963, the first photographs of Doctor

First Doctor Companion - Jacqueline Hill - Barbara Wright

Behind the scenes of The Edge of Destruction.

Barbara wright

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 1 - The First Doctor Fact title Fact data

Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright.

The Doctor's grand-daughter Susan, with her History Teacher, Barbara Wright and Science

The Edge of Destruction. C — Season 1 ...

Barbara Wright, one of the first companions, from 'An Unearthly Child',

Barbara Wright

Doctor Who Baby · Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton by Paul Hanley

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 5 - Zoe

Barbara Wright Aesthetic - Doctor Who

Caecilus, "Fires of Pompeii"

BBC One - Doctor Who, Series 6 - The Brigadier Fact title Fact data Also

Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton aka Chesterdorks.

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BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 4 - Victoria Fact title Fact data Also known

doctor who the forest of fear

Jacqueline Hill, played companion Barbara Wright, during William Hartnell's run as the first doctor.

Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright and Maureen O'Brien as Vicki - "The Rescue" - 1965

Ian Chesterton was the Doctor's first male companion and a science teacher at Coal Hill School. The training of his discipline made him particularly ...

Barbara Wright, played by Jacqueline Hill from 1963 - is a Doctor Who companion. Barbara is Susan Foreman's school teacher.

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 5, The Ice Warriors, Part 4 ,

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 4 - Ben Jackson Fact title Fact data Also

Ian and Barbara join a Thal force that will penetrate the Dalek city from the rear.

William Hartnell and Peter Purves in Doctor Who: The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve


An Unearthly Child. A — Season 1 ...

as Barbara Wright. Find this Pin and more on DOCTOR WHO | SEASON 1-4 ...

Yet another theory about Clara- the Doctor did mention his grandaughter in "Rings of

Very first episode ever, of Doctor Who. "An Unearthly Child" which broadcasted on television on Saturday, November 23, 1963.

Doctor Who - The Forest of Fear. Doctor and companions in the middle of the forest.

Add to the mix kidnapping, royal knighthoods, shoplifting, the impersonation of a King, and torture by ants, and you have Doctor Who's ...

The Doctor (William Hartnell) with Ian Chesterton (William Russell ), Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill ), and Granddaughter Susan Foreman (Carole Ann Ford) ...

an unearthly child | Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child | Radio Times

Doctor Who: The Glamour Chronicles

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 1 - Ian Chesterton | Doctor Who/ First Doctor | Pinterest | BBC, Fandom and Cosplay

Dr Who · Lost · Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton

Face the Raven

Guide to watching Classic Doctor Who

Michael Craze and Anneke Wills as Ben and Polly

An Unearthly Child [gifset] - never forget that Susan came up with the name for TARDIS - Susan Foreman, Barbara Wright, Classic Doctor Who

Thank God!

Doctor Who: 50 Years of Main Title Design — Art of the Title

Another official trailer

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A Brief History of Doctor Who Doctors and Companions <--To nerd out over when I'm not too sick to read tiny things. <--- it's funny as the show gets older ...

He won the other part of my heart the moment he smiled.

Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor

barbara wright & ian chesterton | Tumblr. Doctor Who ...

Polly Wright

Commentary ...

Target Books present 'The Assistants of Doctor Who'. Wasn't Barbara Wright ...


First Doctor

The first article published by the Radio Times on Doctor Who discussed the exciting new adventure

F — Season 1, Serial 6

The Doctor explains a few facts to Barbara about time travel.

Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright) Dec 17 1929 to Feb 18 1993 (bone cancer) Doctor Who credits

Ian Chesterton

H — Season 1, Serial 8

E — Season 1, Serial 5

Doctor Who

The thirteen faces of the Doctor

The first of a set. Doctor Who Companions Susan, Barbara Wright, Vicki Pallister, Dodo Chaplet, Polly Wright, Zoe Heriot and Victoria Waterfield.

The Robots of Death

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The Chase

Happy 49th birthday Doctor Who! See the original Radio Times feature and TV billing |

20 AMAZING facts about the 1996 Doctor Who TV Movie | Articles | Doctor Who

The Reign of Terror (Doctor Who)

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The Doctor Who Programme Guide

The Edge of Destruction was originally broadcast on BBC ONE between 8th and 15th February 1964

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Novelised as: Doctor Who ...

A Land of Fear (1)

Barbara is trapped by El Akir.

Class (Photo: BBC)

The story begins with all but Barbara unconscious.

Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor in The Web of Fear

Schoolteacher Barbara Wright is concerned about her pupil Susan Foreman and shares these concerns with her colleague Ian Chesterton.

The first Radio Times Doctor Who billings

I could make Barbara just strong and independent. But that would strip away Ian's fears and Barbara's emotions. It would take away their personalities.


Another memorable moment