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Forever stuck in RUN ERA… it's self explanatory

This isn't even fucking funny. Tae is the sweetest fucking grandson anyone could have hoped for and Jimin is such a caring little bean DON'T CRY TAETAE!

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Tới đây thì tui xin phép cạn cmn lời T^T shipper VMin/MinV

Read Fanmeeting from the story L'ABC du νмιη by -vminisexual (뷔민) with reads. Encore une nouvelle journée, un nouveau vmin ~

Vmin is so cute

bts jimin and v vmin

Vmin: singing to each other is such a cute concept. I miss the red bullet/begin era.

Bts Vmin Run ♡

I can't believe the wings era ended, I'm still drowning in my tears, y'all legit save me save me

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Jimin and V

BTS / VMin / Selca

6:45 AM - 3 May 2017

Vmin, Bts

누나비 NUNA V on Twitter: "170902 서태지콘서트 95z #태형 #태태 #뷔 #지민 #JIMIN #침침 #V #BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt https://t.co/vIvrjfFlTR"

jimin v taehyung bts

I don't know why.... I hv fallen in love with this Pic!!!

"Die schönsten Blumen brauchen ihre Zeit um aufzublühen Y/N" Wenn e…

Anan magazine and Puma always give u the best shot of Vmin. Thank you dear <3 | Mostly Vmin | Pinterest | BTS, Jimin and Bts jimin

IDEAL VMIN on Twitter: "pre-debut era other eras present era VMIN IS SUCH A BOYFRIEND-GIRLFRIEND-BESTFRIEND GOALS 💞 http://t.co/msQeY6QGoF"

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You see that when Vmin get the free time to do what they want, without supervision, they tend to spend that time together. Separation issues?


Cre: the owner/ as logo

Aquelas pessoas bem normais, por incrível que pareça são elas que eu amo❤️

Tae and Jimin bts

They both look so cuteeee and beautifullll oh not beautiful, handsome it is

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V and Jimin

Tae recently lost his grandmother and he told the fans about. He say he regrets


♥Yoonmin | Vmin | Hopemin | Kookmin ❝ Treat You Better❞ 【FMV】♥

Kim Taehyung x Park Jimin #vmin

The best part though, is that even if Vmin doesn't end up on the same team they still manage to gravitate towards each other.

VMIN[Taehyung and Jimin]-SEXUAL TENSION

it's run era vs present era, their outfits and hair and the way taehyung stares at jimin G O O D B Y Epic.twitter.com/PWaLdFW0Tb

Sooo fucking adorable XD, this gave me so much vmin feels ;


6:54 AM - 17 Oct 2016

V BTS - Myeondong Fansign · Bts VminCoupleTaehyungBts ...

Vmin is the best Igual love you guys

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Vmin ♡

VMIN - Stay with me [FMV]

VI 🍁 on. Bts VminKpop ...

Vmin · Ви из BTS: "Он словно оживший арт.

VMin tumblr #bts #v #tae #taetae #taehyung #kimtaehyung #jimin


Jimin is a real life koala

Find this Pin and more on BTS - Vmin by danipateti.

Vjim ❇

Vmin for Puma ❤

12 best BTS~ vmin images on Pinterest | Bts bangtan boy, Bts vmin and Bts boys

VMin || BTS Jimin & V || Bangtan Boys Park Jimin & Kim Taehyung

VMIN ~❤️

RUN BTS! 2018 - Epi.45 Behind the scene ☆彡 #VMIN

When you thought it was going to a normal video

12 best BTS~ vmin images on Pinterest | Bts bangtan boy, Bts vmin and Bts boys

12 best BTS~ vmin images on Pinterest | Bts bangtan boy, Bts vmin and Bts boys

v, bts, and jimin image

BTS V and Jimin 150702: I love vmin like their smiles are life ❤

Find this Pin and more on BTS - Vmin by danipateti.

Find this Pin and more on Vkook by anhtuancctv1368.

I don't ship Vmin, i actually think they are best frens. < <

Aww so cute (and I don't even ship that)

#Vmin #Putishipper || fanart

☀about vmin 🌙


bts, bangtan boys and park jimin image on We Heart It

[ViCaMade] Happy birthday Jimin - With VMin - 161013 - YouTube

Vmin moments 2017 part.44

Hansung: We used to play as kids. But that was a long time ago...I doubt Jimin will even recognize me.

vmin [s/h] 💜 on Twitter: "24) VMIN shits on fancafe scream how REAL they are tbh https://t.co/6rcSFRqwdL"


♥VMIN jealous Taehyung/V 2017♥

#V and #JIMIN looking lovely ❤. Bts VminThe ...

Được nhúng

BTS Maknae Line (Semi-Hiatus) — tinyheart4kpop: Because VMIN hands are important


3:05 AM - 23 Apr 2016

V & Jimin @BTS. VminPicturesGuysPhotosBoysClip Art

Vmin ♡ Jimin | Taehyung | BTS |

4:25 AM - 25 Jul 2015

vmin [h] 💜 on Twitter: "• NMD era is hands down his best-styled era #HappyJHOPEDay https://t.co/mK5vOWnId0"

my vmin heart can't take it anymore

They're always together and touching this era and I AM FUCKING LIVING FOR IT!!

vmin | Tumblr