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BTS Yoongi and Jin Everything you need in the fandom of BTS

BTS Yoongi and Jin Everything you need in the fandom of BTS


Seriously our swag runs in fandom i guess. This is exactly what happens when you exposed to Min Yoongi jjang jjang man boong boong a lot

Aww yoongi, it's okay to cry. Find this Pin and more on BTS FANDOM ...

It's savage Min Yoongi

Lol longer than don't forget their trainee days xD but he's still Bighit's Min Yoongi

I'm Suga. ^^ But smtsm I'm Jin (bcs I love food) J-Hope (bcs I scream and laugh very loud) RM (bcs I wonder the meaning of life) and JK (bcs I'm a ...

Our family~ | BTS

I fucking love Yoongi. Find this Pin and more on BTS: Jin's ...

[BTS meme] BTS Fandom meme : le'jin'dary | oh yes, do it! Lol | Just meme, laugh and don't take it seriously.

BTS be trolling. ARMYs, you know what to do! XD or y'know cheat by making multiple accounts jk. But seriously, all fandoms do this (make multiple accounts) ...

This fandom. Still trying to figure out those short films, BTS!

#btsmemes #namjoon #seokjin #yoongi #jhope #jimin #v #jungkook #bts | Everything you need in the fandom of BTS | Pinterest | Seokjin, Jhope and Namjoon

Just random BTS memes and jokes

(@calm_quite) on Instagram

Someone find that picture by itself he is so hot I'm melting in fucking Australia. The sun hasn't managed to melt me but suga can. Holy shit.

BTS || Jungkook || Jimin #BusanBoys


min suga meme - Google Search. Bts JinBts ...

We want black haired Bangtan!

#bangtan #bts #bangtanboys #방탄소년단 #防弹少年团 #jin #

army, bts, funny, jin, kpop, suga, v, bangtan boys

< < And you now sound like a stalker lol "I've been watching you sleep for many nights now, and. you see Suga, you're beautiful when you ...


This is the type of crap that makes every other fandom hate us, guys get your…

Lmao😂😂 He's sooo cutee #bts #bangtansonyeondan #bangtanboys #btsmeme #btsmemes

Hormone-War Suga-and-Jin.jpg

This makes me want to ship Yoonmin. Find this Pin and more on Everything you need in the fandom of BTS ...

BTS Yoongi and Jin


(JK I love all of BTS equally but Jungkook is my favorite then Jin then Tae then Suga then Namjoon then Hobi then Jimin)

What would be weird and awesome is if that person knew that he was playing that game and saw her name. I hope she sees this meme.

Jin mom, J-hope & jimin

bts jin memes. gotta love jins dad jokes

he says this, gets army on his ear piece, dedicates everything to our fandom! my god how do we deserve someone so lovely!

We all know, Jin outshines the whole fandom in loving bts

Lemme just talk abt how they're sitting

Bts Jin♡| Jin♧| Kim Seokjin♤ | Kim Seok-Jin♢

Jungkook Suga and Jin Twitter Jan 16, 2017.jpg

95z line support!! Bts ...

I just love Taehyung's face when someone interrupt him while eating XD Jin looks genuinely happy XD

WOH Shooting Sketch 13.jpg

J-Hope, Jin & Suga cutest picture EVEEEERRRR | BTS | Pinterest | BTS, Kpop and Bts wallpaper

2017 BTS Festa photo 21.jpg

The Company , The Group , The Fans ...

BTS' managers|the one that threatened jungkook is fired tho and manager sejin basically


Jin and J-Hope on BTS Countdown.jpg

V and Jin star1 Magazine Aug 2016.jpg

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP. “

I like how Suga seems rebellious, but can easily be put in place by his elder Jin.

Jin hahahahaha hahahaha suga "no" BTS

This has not only happened to them it has also happened with Jin and Suga as well.

Let US judge him together I'm defiantly jin in this situation , like how in fucking can someone not enjoy food like what do you Evan ...

Jun look being cute towards Jin #Cute #FunnyKpop · Bts ...


Mom Jin holding her husband's hand and her son's little hand❤xd

When you still use Infires • #Kpop #Bangtanboys #Bts #방탄소년단 #

I Need U Japan Single Loppi HMV Limited Edition.jpg

BTS Billboard cover Jungkook 1.jpg

From '' Jimin & Suga & Jungkook (my lovers) [BTS] '' xMagic xNinjax 's board ~

All we need to know is if Suga was good or not

Black-haired suga is everything and more. (That being said I hope that he can take a break from dying his hair so that his hair can rest for a while!

Yoongi the savage

BTS. See more. I want him to upload them all like awe please ○~○ || jimin

Hahaha Min Yoongi gonna do anything for his fans :)

Suga V Jungkook Young Forever.jpg

Suga Jungkook V Jin Young Forever.jpg

Inspiring image bts, funny, kpop, suga, jimin by winterkiss - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Suga Jungkook V Jin Young Forever 2.jpg

Jin and J-Hope at fanmeet 2015.jpg

BTS 방탄소년단 | RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin,

Run Japan Jin.jpg

Yoongi told his mom dad and has that he gets bullied so they showed up at school to come to the rescue LOLOL Bts army

[BTS NEWS] BTS Show Their Respect Toward Muslim Fans #RESPECT 😍😊😀💖

Suga is me

BTS Billboard cover Jin 1.jpg

Jin's face lol xD

"You wish you could pull this off like I do, peasant"

One of the billion reasons why I love him

we're all ugly in the morning>>>"I want to wake up looking like those celebrities", uh you mean like. a human?>> i wished i looked as good as bangtan waking ...

BTS Billboard cover SUGA 2.jpg

I bet he's just jealous and must be thinking "well shit.

And to think that he is the eldest of them all. #BTS #btsjin

Jin 81.jpg

Jin BTS Channel Plus April 27, 2017.jpg

Jin 79.jpg

Bts jin and sassiness goes side by side. #BANGTAN #BTS

Jin and Jungkook sleeping.jpg

BTS Billboard cover J-Hope 1.jpg

Whoever made this...bless your soul

Jin Love Yourself Her V Version.jpg

Jungkook, Rap Monster, J-Hope and Jin with Sleepy Feb 19, 2017.jpg

Jin Twitter Nov 30, 2016.jpg

Why are u here.. Bts MemesFandom ...


"I wanna be born a rock in my next life"

Find this Pin and more on Everything you need in the fandom of BTS by Kanek12.

#kpop #kpopmemes #bts #btsmemes #jin #suga Dad jokes in Jin's style yo

Suga and Jin Twitter Jan 16, 2017.jpg

BTS Kim Seokjin Jin wallpaper lockscreen Bangtan kpop