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Ban Zhao was the first known female Chinese historian She

Ban Zhao was the first known female Chinese historian She



Ban Zhao, the first known Chinese woman historian, lived during the Eastern Han Dynasty (A.D.25-200), and is best known for her contribution to the ...

Ban Zhao

The cover of Instructions for Chinese Women and Girls. Home / Ban Zhao

Ban Zhao - widely considered to be the first Chinese female historian. She is famous for finishing her brother's work, the Book of Han (a history of the ...

Ban Zhao

A few words on Ban Zhao

What Ban Zhao is said to have looked like.

Culture Insider: Six talented ancient Chinese women. A painting of Ban Zhao ...

Ban Zhao - first woman historian by Orkideh84 ...

Admonitions For Women

Ban Zhao. Famous Women, 1799 (L).jpg

Ban Gu

Ban Zhao also wrote the famous Nv Jie, a book to teach women how to properly behave and how to deal with relationships with their husbands and husbands' ...

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Ban Zhao at her writing desk

Ban Zhao: The Intriguing Life of a Female Confucian Scholar

Ban Zhao was the first known Chinese woman historian and China's best known female scholar.



His younger sister Ban Zhao (Pan Ch'ao, c. 48–116 c.e.) finished the history. She was the outstanding female intellectual in early imperial China.

Ban Biao

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Wu Zetian played by Hui Yinghong in the TV series Women of the Tang Dynasty (唐宫燕).

Ban Zhao – first known female Chinese historian

Ban Zhao / Pan Chou 45-120. Confucian Feminism & Ethics


Queen Dowager Zhao

Zhao Wei Zhao Wei


Alice Shen

The classic historical work followed the organizational pattern set by the first great Chinese historian, Sima Qian (Ssu-ma Ch'ien), who wrote the Shiji ...

Queen Dowager Xuan: China's First Empress Dowager


Zhao Wei Zhao Wei

Six talented ancient Chinese women


Six talented ancient Chinese women

Noted Concubines

Noted Concubines

Xie Yu

Zhao Wei Zhao Wei

the Continuation of History (Ban Zhao) (Chinese Edition): Jiang Yue: 9787802568167: Amazon.com: Books

Six talented ancient Chinese women

Ban Zhao on Husband and Wife

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Novel Heroes


Women in Ancient China

Chinese woman, woman

A perfect woman does not always have a perfect life. Good-looking, knowledgeable, kind and disciplined, Concubine Ban of Emperor Cheng of Western Han ...


Xun Guan – 3rd Century – Xiangyang city, China

Ding Ling, forgotten Chinese author, remembered

Ban Zhao Chinese historian

Lady Xu Mu was often homesick. She lived with her husband, Count Mu, in the state of Xu, but longed for the Kingdom of Wei, where she had grown up.


Photograph of a Manchu woman in 1869 wearing shoes with high, narrow platforms to give the impression that her unbound feet are very small.

Of all these female rulers, though, none has aroused so much controversy, or wielded such great power, as a monarch whose real achievements and character ...

woman, Qing dynasty, foot binding

Influential Women in Chinese History. Ti Gong

Hu Lanqi - Hu Lanqi appeared on the cover of the Liangyou Pictorial in 1932.

Empress Wu Zetian of Zhou China

Ban Zhao, “Admonitions for Women”, illustration.

Despite the pain, millions of Chinese women stood firm in their devotion to the tradition

Women in Traditional China

Six talented ancient Chinese women

China is no stranger to women warriors, but while Fu Hao, Mother Lü, Yuenü, and Princess Pingyang were all rabble rousers from noble houses, Chen Shuozhen ...


Pan Chao: Foremost Woman Scholar of China (Michigan Classics In Chinese Studies)

Zhao Feiyan

Li Fujing (left) and Zhou (right) pictured as young men

Consort Ban (also known as Ban Jieyu 婕妤 or Lady Ban) was the title of a woman who was a third-ranking wife to Emperor Chengdi in Han Dynasty China.

Ban Zhao (Pan Chao) - first century First Chinese female court historian ...

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An Artists impression of what this mummie possibly looked like when alive.

wedding, marriage, dress

Chinese noble woman wears a long robe of silk or satin, accompanied with under-vest and drawers of taffeta.

Ban Zhao on a Woman's Humility