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BarkleyGrow T8P1 While not well known in most of the world the

BarkleyGrow T8P1 While not well known in most of the world the


A BarkleyGrow T8P1 seaplane is secured aboard the USRC Bear in the Bay of Whales during

Richard E Byrd stands on the wing of a BarkleyGrow T8P1 seaplane after a flight attempt

Crew members secure a BarkleyGrow T8P1 seaplane to the USS Bear at the Navy Yard in

The Hangar Flight Museum: Calgary Aero Space Museum - A Barkley-Grow T8P1 -

CF-BLV while under restoration at the Aero Space Museum, Calgary, Alberta c. 2000

Barkley-Grow T8P-1

Richard E Byrd enjoys a pipe he left behind twelve years ago when he revisits his

Barkley-Grow T8P 3-view drawing from L'Aerophile February 1936

Admiral Richard E Byrd world famed polar explorer who recently completed his fifth American expedition into

The City of New York during the Antarctic expedition of Richard Evelyn Byrd 19271929 20th century

View down Broadway during tickertape parade for Rear Admiral Richard Byrd famous Antarctic region explorer

Two of the four plans to be used in Richard Byrd's Antarctic Expedition a Ford Trimotor

Admiral Richard E Byrd is pictured leaving Miami customs on arrival here from Antarctic

Construction Worker Building a Stage

Scene from the film With Byrd at the South Pole

Admiral Richard Byrd the first man to fly over the North Pole extends his arm toward

Colorado's Bell Given to State Gov Dick Lamm right background accepts a 1000pound ship's bell in

Image is loading Aircraft-Issue-25-McDonnell-Douglas-F-15-Eagle-

Rear Admiral Richard E Byrd uses a map of the bottom of the world to illustrate

Commander Richard Evelyn Byrd holding a sundial compass during a trip to the Antarctic The American

Barkley-Grow T8P-1 aircraft CF-BMW of Yukon Southern on floats on an Albertan lake in 1942

Admiral Richard E Byrd stands with his son Lt Richard E Byrd Jr in Miami after

Crew members of The US Navy are scraping and axing snow off the Edisto ship Antarctica

Elderly Woman Slicing Apples

The USS Porter sits docked at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Norfolk Virginia US on Thursday

Nuclear Aircraft Carrier at Norfolk Naval Shipyard

The USS Abraham Lincoln left and the USS Harry S Truman sit docked at the Norfolk

Couple Making a Fruit Drink

The United States Coast Guard Cutter Bear is moored in Antarctica during an expedition led by

Admiral Richard E Byrd who arrived on November 25th en route to New Zealand to lead

Slicing a Tomato

A team of sled dogs pull a sled loaded with supplies during one of Admiral Byrd's

Jacob Hemphill takes a break during the SOJA concert at Portsmouth Pavilion on July 29 2016

A Grim Reminder Of An Antarctic Winter Although now when it is spring in the Antarctic

US scientists gathering penguins for study at Russian Base

Researchers of Palmer Station the only US research station in Antarctica located north of the Antarctic

Safeguard measures in case of a gas and aerial attack Mothers with her children wearing gas

Some of the most prominent figures in the world are seen here on the White House

USS Kearsarge rests in the Titan BAE Systems dry dock while undergoing repairs at the Norfolk

Well, while we are awaiting an expert (hope you don't mind 682al?) here's a tricky one.

Safeguard measures in case of a gas and aerial attack In a training course a group

admiral Richard Byrd revisits old hut at Little America in 19447

A statue in the National Gallery is labelled before being packed away and removed to a

The Fokker FVII3M 'Josephine Ford' flown by US Navy Officer Lieutenant Commander Richard E

Authorized map of the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition

The steps of St Pancras Station painted black and white so that they may be easily

4/24/1957Brooklyn NY With the Manhattan skyline in the background the supercarrier Saratoga

Volunteer ambulance drivers wearing gas masks as they practice attending to a 'victim' as

Richard E Byrd tests his sextant prior to setting out for his flight over the North

An American biologist tapes a seal's voice in the Antarctic

Jim Wilson of Virginia raises an American flag on the back of his truck outside of

Crossing a beautiful rocky valley with a bike

25101888Flugpionier Polarforscher Offizier USAin seinem Winterquartier in derAntarktis bei der Zubereitung einer Mahlzeit 1934/35

Commander Richard Byrd wearing a specially designed leather helmet and mask used during his flight from

Police investigate a house burnt out on December 15 2015 in Stuttgart Germany No one was

World War II Posting of evacuation routes that Parisians have to borrow to leave Paris On

American polar explorer Richard Byrd during his South Pole expedition Photograph 1930

United States Navy Submarine USS T 1

In The PyreneesOver The HillTo safety This party of Spanish government troops bound for the FrancoSpanish

The USS Arliegh Burke sits docked at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Norfolk Virginia US on

Couple Making a Salad

Richard E Byrd visits Little America I Bay of Whales RADM which he established in 1929

USS Kearsarge left rests in the Titan BAE Systems dry dock next to the the USS

Portsmouth skyline, Norfolk Region, Virginia

US Secretary of State John Kerry tours the New Zealand run Scott Base beside the Ross

Monument commemorating Rearadmiral Richard Byrd's 1928 expedition to the South Pole which was launched from Dunedin

Richard Evelyn Byrd (Winchester, 1888-Boston, 1957), American explorer of

Virginia Portsmouth Glasgow Street Betsy Ross Flag

US Navy ships sit docked at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Norfolk Virginia US on Thursday

circa 1955 Rear Admiral Richard EByrd left revisits 'Little America' an area in the

Bear of Oakland in Charlestown Navy Yard fitted with new Diesel engine in preparation for Admiral

The explorer Richard E BYRD and his copilot Harold JUNE on board the plane that was

Richard Byrd and his fellow explorers drink a hot drink before engaging back into Admiral Byrd's

Sailors push a T-45C Goshawk on the flight deck of USS Ronald Reagan.

Admiral Richard E Byrd discusses his polar exploration of the Antarctic on June 24 1955 Photo

Osprey aircraft sit on the deck of the USS Kearsargeat docked at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard

USA 9th July Rear Admiral Richard E Byrd American polar explorer and aviator

A surprised looking Admiral Richard E Byrd as he entered the US Immigration Office ate International

A T-45C Goshawk lands on the flight deck of USS Carl Vinson.

Russians at Mirny station entertaining visiting US scientists working on joint project in penguinology

American polar explorer Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd with his plane the 'Floyd Bennett'

Naval shipyard, Portsmouth City, Norfolk Region

Safeguard measures in case of a gas and aerial attack Personnel clean gas masks

Admiral Byrd taking bearings with magnetic compass on Dry galski Ice Tongue

Safeguard measures in case of a gas and aerial attack Women exercise detoxification methods cleaning the

A statue of a confederate sailor Portsmouth Virginia

American naval officer and explorer Richard E Byrd 21st September 1933

Admiral Richard E Byrd looks at a large globe in his study in 1955

Construction Workers on Frame

S Coast Guard Flight Mechanic Sam Pullian sits in the open door of a US Coast

Men working at computers in office

London's Air Raid Precautions A well protected entrance to a private house with just room for

By way of returning the compliment which Admiral Byrd paid to their icebound diggings these emperor

The ruins of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard damaged during the American Civil War in Portsmouth Virginia

Portsmouth light ship museum Portsmouth Virginia

Admiral Richard E Byrd Phoebe B Beebe the chimpanzee on June 24 1955 Photo by NBC

'Eggbeater' Bound for 'Little America' Antarctic Heading for Little America III a

Byrd Speeds More Units to Antarctic Norfolk Virginia Rear Adm Richard E Byrd officer in charge