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BelShaltiNannar Along with her father Nabonidus BelShalti

BelShaltiNannar Along with her father Nabonidus BelShalti


Bel-Shalti-Nannar - Along with her father, Nabonidus, Bel-Shalti-Nannar is known for being responsible for first controlled excavation and museum display.

Bel Shalti Nannar Along With Her Father, Nabonidus, Bel Shalti

Bel-Shalti-Nanna. Nabonidus.jpg. Nabonidus, father of ...

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Bride from Bethlehem by William Holman Hunt OM who was an English painter, and one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Model in traditional Iranain costume

Traditional Wedding Outfits Around The World

Traditional Israeli scarf (shawl), Tallit A r.

Sunday Morning by Frederick William Burton


High priest - Illustration of a high priest in the book Storia dell' Antico e

From the Penn Museum collections

Picture of An adult arab middle eastern man dressed in traditional clothing. stock photo, images and stock photography.


A pretty Moroccon woman dressed up with the ceremonial dress

Aedesia was a Greek Neoplatonist philosopher who lived in Egypt during the 5th century.

Esther Presented to Ahasuerus James J Tissot (1836-1902French) Jewish Museum New York


"Tomiris" by Peter Paul Rubens. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. “

Court of Nannar

Belshazzar (Handel)

Sappho and her Lyre by Jules Elie Delaunay

A day in the life of Princess Ennigaldi:


Discover the key techniques behind creating stunning cartoon characters using Maya and Mudbox

La Belle en Bleu by Gustave Jean Jacquet (French, 1846 -

Turban from Egypt

William Holman Hunt by Dante Gabriel Rossetti "On 12 April 1853, at Rossetti's suggestion

Art 'Sacred Heart' from Exhibit Entries by artist Mark Satchwill

Puabi – c.2600 BCE – The City of Ur, Sumer

The Mystery of Faith c.1870

Court of Nannar

Billy Bones

Court of Nannar

A ROMAN MARBLE MOSAIC PANEL.Circa 3rd Century A.D. The square panel depicting the bust

In the Temple of Venus - Simeon Solomon

Esther Peterson - worked throughout her life for consumer protection, improved labor conditions for American

Marble herm in the Vatican Museums inscribed with Aspasia's name at the base. Discovered in

Find this Pin and more on hildegard de bingen by Christiane Matachana Thome.

part 2 Ruler: Romans occupied the Holy Land and appointed Herod the monarch of Judea

Visit New York's Neue Galerie - the museum of early twentieth-century German and Austrian


Study: Female Figure paintings by Simeon Solomon

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Litany of the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ, from His Servant John Paul II. (This prayer was prayed in Latin by Pope John Paul II as a seminarian in ...

Sandra Ras t~ Faith of Queen Esther

Tapputi, a perfumer, is not only the first known female chemist, but the first chemist of any gender known to history. Her title, Belatekallium, meant ...

In her frisky, adventurous new biography, Julia Baird said she was determined “to hack through myths, not hew to them.

Claudette Colbert - “The Sign of the Cross” (1932) - Costume designer : Mitchell Leisen | hollywooding | Pinterest | Claudette colbert

This segment gives close-ups of clothing based on their research as authentic. - The Nativity Story movie: Gabriel Visits Mary video

William Holman Hunt - Portrait of Henry Wentworth Monk: 1858

Bible lapbook and notebook

Portrait of Dante Gabriel Rossetti at 22 years of Age

Preparing the Way for Messiah Means Unpopular Preaching | Hoshana .

Judas Maccabeus: Judas Maccabeus and his companions entered the villages secretly, summoned their kindred, and enlisted others who had remained faithful to ...

Isabella and the Pot of Basil

Ophelia by Thomas Woolner

Belshazzar's Feast (Martin painting)

Aspasia has long been a subject of controversy when looking at life and politics in 5th Century Athens. Her fame as a female philosopher and intellect can ...

Beautiful piece and Love the detail. Bianca William Holman Hunt (English, Romanticism, Oil on canvas. Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, UK.

Asclepigenia was the daughter of a philosopher called Plutarch, who headed the Neoplatonist school in Athens. He educated his daughter (and her brother, ...

love photography Black and White beautiful Celebs vintage MY EDIT marilyn monroe hollywood old hollywood 1958 ahhh Iconic fifties im crying look at her face ...

Category:Paintings by Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun in the National Museum in Warsaw

Reproduction - "The card players" Paul Cezanne

by Sophie Gengembre Anderson (French, 1823 - 1903).

Iran Kurd

Sophie Anderson The song of the lark - Sophie Gengembre Anderson - Wikipedia, a szabad enciklopédia

Leighton, known in part for his portraits of young ladies, such as Gulnihal, received his artistic training on the European.

$9.99 - American Gothic Glossy Poster Picture Photo Grant Wood Painting Art Farmer 2065 #ebay

Love in a Mist, Sophie Gengembre Anderson, French-born British artist,

Court of Nannar

Hollow clay statuette of a woman identified as the Muse of Comedy, Thalia, by

Ciro in Babilonia

Keisha Castle-Hughes in The Nativity Story (2006)

Solomon, Simeon (1840-1905) - 1860 The Mother of Moses (Delaware

William Holman Hunt, The Light of the World

A Photo Gallery of Luxor Ancient and Modern with unusual and interesting examples of Egypt c 1900 plus a discussion forum for dedicated Egypt fans

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Granite stele of the Babylonian king Nabonidus. Ancient Orient Museum, Istanbul Archeological Museums,Turkey.

A recent study found that extended bouts of eye contact could trigger “dissociative symptoms, dysmorphic face perceptions, and hallucination-like ...

Il Dolce Far Niente


Queen Teuta - queen of the Ardiaei tribe who reigned approximately from 231 BC to 227

He also was a noted painter of portraits of fashionable women, which helped to bring

William Holman Hunt - Tuscan Girl

Hiking the Jesus Trail in costume from Cana to Ilaniya

John Singer Sargent now available - with the complete paintings! http://www

Agnodice engraving - Licensed by Wikimedia Commons

From the Life Magazine archives

The Nativity Story (2006)

Kate Perugini : Portrait of Agnes Phoebe Burra // Kate Perugini (1839 – 1929

Vittoria by Lord Frederick Leighton. Painting analysis, large resolution images, user comments, slideshow and much more.

My Second Sermon: 1864 by John Everett Millias (Guildhall Art Gallery - London)

assyrian3 The Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold

If you lived in ancient Rome, you would think twice before putting on your pants. To ancient Romans, trousers were the ultimate symbol of barbarism and no ...

Judaism, Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls

Austria - Pallas Athena The Austrian Parliament building was constructed between 1874 and 1884 as the seat of the Reichsrat, the Imperial Parliament ...