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Between Burma and China the mountains of the Hump under the

Between Burma and China the mountains of the Hump under the


Over the Hump

The Hump Was the Deadliest Cargo Flight in History — War Is Boring — Medium

... hump-flight-airlift-to-china. In the process ...

Ledo-Burma land route and the "Hump" air route to Kunming, China

Special Frontier Force Reviews Hump Airlift Operation 1942 - 1945. The Legacy of the Hump

Gaoligong Shan hills Yunnan China Burma The Hump asia asian china chinese country scenic scenics scenery orient oriental "east

A C46 Commando transport aircraft flies over the Hump between China and Burma - Stock Image

The Hump was the name given by Allied pilots in the Second World War to the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountains over which they flew from India to China ...

An important component of the materials and supplies flown was fuel in 55 Gallon drums. As such drums can weigh over 300 pounds, a convenient forklift was ...

... Two ":Hump" routes to Kunming, China

The Allies' aim in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theater of

Gaoligong Shan hills Yunnan China Burma The Hump asia asian china chinese country scenic scenics scenery

Area of operations, Asiatic mainland, 1942-45

CBI Roundup - THE HUMP

This majestic photo of the Himalayas, taken from a window of a Douglas C-

Missing World War Two pilots finally accounted for after plane crashes discovered in Himalayas | Daily Mail Online

SNOW-CAPPED PEAKS of a spur of the Himalayas between the Salween and Mekong Rivers

In the painting Nowhere to Hide by artist Roy Grinnell, American transport aircraft flying the

China-bound C-46 over The Hump

iamjapanese: Arthur Rothstein(American, Aerial view of terraced fields and roadway with a military vehicle in a mountainous region of the Kiangsu Province ...

This Dakota Hunter Blog features a photo album about one of the greatest military airlift operations of all time. In April 1942, the Allied Forces initiated ...

Starting in 1943, the U.S. Army Air Forces pioneered rescue tactics to save crews whose aircraft crashed in the Himalayas, like this C-46 Commando in ...

CBI Theater Sections

Members ...


C-47 flying over The Hump

Meili Snow Mountain, prominent landmark on the high Hump

“In 1942 tons of Cargo & personnel flown from India to China over "The Hump"

On August 2nd, 1943, CBS War Correspondent Eric Sevareid and a small group of American diplomats and Chinese army officers climbed aboard a Curtiss C-46 ...

Burma Road and Ledo Road in 1944

Army personnel load a plane with vital military equipment before flying over the Hump in January 1945. | Photo credit National Archives

Commemorative Flight from Australia through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar across the Himalayas to China

Burma Road.


At Myitkyina, Burma, a helicopter is unloaded from a Douglas C-54 of

The Hump

The China-Burma-India Theater

... is as large as that of Germany, Burma is essentially a group of river valleys sheltered between two major spurs of the Himalaya Mountains. On the Indo- ...

C-46 transport planes like this one were the workhorse of the "Burma Hump" campaign during World War II. They flew supplies to a greatly outnumbered Allied ...

On August 5, volunteers collected wreckage in the 4,200-meter-high area ...

The strategy for the defeat of Japan could not have been simpler: Allied air, land, and sea forces would advance on three broad axes to roll back the new ...

Burma Road. From Conservapedia

Hump tonnage in 1943

Henry Ford's bomber production line doesn't have much on this maintenance line at 1347 BU where C-109 fuel haulers get a speedy going-over. In the ...

Route over The Hump

Ramgarh in the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations

Geography of Burma. In the ...

The impressive landscape on the jounrey along the Burma Road will enthuse even the experienced traveller

File:Air Transport Command C-46 flying The Hump.jpg

The Hump


The Hump

Flying the Hump: Memories of an Air War (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series)

Burma Campaign. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

MIST HANGS HEAVY on ridges of Himalaya Mountains between great Salween and Mekong River valleys, where a C-46 Hump pilot crosses on way to China terminal.

Flying the notorious “Hump” ...

24-zig, along the Burma Road, in Qinlong, southwest Guizhou prov.

This China-bound ICD transport - cresting the tops of the snow-covered Himalaya mountains with a load of war materials for Allied combat forces fighting the ...

Northern Burma

The Fourth Girl of Mount Siguniang is the highest peak, with the

Flying the Hump over the Himalayans to deliver supplies to China.

Somewhere over the Hump (Courtesy of Audrene and Bob Sherwood)

Buzz Buggy, a tribute to the airmen who assisted China in World War II, arrived in Guilin last November, flying the flags of its volunteer crew.

TOWERING SNOW-TIPPED PEAK, just a few minutes off regular Hump line to China, has striking beauty in sunlight; when cloud-shrouded it is a dreaded obstacle ...

The Huitong Bridge in 1944 with the eastern bridge tower still missing. Only limited traffic

P-40 fighters, members of the "Flying Tigers," near the border between China and Burma in 1942.

Third Burma Campaign October 1943 – May 1944


The Desperately Needed Workhorse

Special Frontier Force Reviews Hump Airlift Operation 1942 - 1945. The Legacy of the Hump

The Burma Road between Kinming and Kweiyung, China. June 1944. The winding road

Loading in a grasshopper

Burma Road

Kunming in the Yunnan province of southwest China was the main distribution point for supplies arriving from the Burma and Ledo Roads.

Special Frontier Force Reviews Hump Airlift Operation 1942 - 1945. THE BURMA ROAD DURING WORLD

A Curtiss C-46 Commando flying 'The Hump' over the Himalayas during World

China Burma India Theater Map

Freelance miners scramble down a hill at a mine in Hpakant, in the heart of

Battling westward against Japanese forces over a mile high on the China- Burma border,

The Hump

The Lonely Dragon River: Hiking from Burma to Tibet | Matt Hartzell's Blog

Breathtaking landscapes during the tour "along the Old Burma Road" from Yunnan to Burma


After the Japanese cut the only land road, the Burma Road, the allies built mostly by hand, a thousand miles of road, called the Ledo Road, hacking through ...

It took us about 2 weeks of forming alliances and getting our story in the Jawa Pos newspaper to change the tide of the forces against us.

Jumping the Hump: Airlift to China, 1942-45

Haipo Mountain, once a World War II battlefield, ringed by the old Burma Road

In 1941 the Japanese invaded Burma and cut off the Burma Road supply route. This forced the Americans to supply the Chinese Army from India by air over "The ...

The "Hump" that ultimately gave the airlift its name was the Santsung Range,

In August 2016, a C47 will depart from Australia and fly through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and "across the hump" to Kunming, then on to Guilin, ...

Stunning natural beauty around Zhongdian / Shangri La in Yunnan Province

EAB in China-Burma-India

DOUGLAS C-47 TRANSPORT taking off in a cloud of dust from an airstrip near

Ledo Road: Traffic Control in the CBI (China-Burma-India Theater) 1945 US Army World War II - YouTube

China-Burma-India Theater

Special Frontier Force Reviews Hump Airlift Operation, China-Burma-India Theater World War