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Boga Fish What39s on my line t

Boga Fish What39s on my line t


... to facilitate handling of fish intended for release, and to aid in handling other critters which inadvertently become impaled on the hooks!

Yesterday, in my blog regarding catching your first fish of 2011, reader King Fisher called me out for lipping the smallmouth in this photo. He wrote:

A drag-peeling fight was on and with 6# test monofilament line I didn't want to horse the fish in. Boy was I pumped to get my thumb in this bass' mouth.

Even when an angler is fly fishing, Lake Fork remains one of the best spots

handling and releasing fish

The snook haven't been very active in the surf just yet, but they are definitely around. The tarpon are still willing to bite a line in addition to some ...

For some anglers, the face to face interaction with big fish is more important than the exact dimensions of those fish.

A few casts later in the same pool, the spinnerbait got hammered again, this time it was a 18-20lb blue cat. I only had boga knockoffs (no net) and couldn't ...

Boga Fish

Captain Sally said “Feel around – I don't think that flounder could get far with the Boga Grip on it. I thought this was pretty hopeless, but I started ...

Best accessory 2014 - The Fish Grip fish grip - so simple, but so effective. Cheap as chips (check here), doesn't rust, very light, it works perfectly, ...

Lipping a large fish

Here is a picture of your float Brad ...

Round Fish, Sea Fish Species |

Graphic by Les Booth

catch and release fishing

Hold Me Tender: Looking After the Fish We Catch

On The Water editor Jimmy Fee shows off a nice tautog taken via kayak earlier this

Heres another example of the proper way to hold the fish on a Boga demonstrated by my daughter...this one is my modified version with the 18" extended ...

At Tuesday's Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) meeting in Alexandria, Virginia, the Striped Bass Management Board rejected a consideration ...

What's currently in my tank: Juvenile Emperor Angelfish (Pomocanthus imperator)…

On to the poor Sábalo, the favorite food fish of many of the carnivorous fish of the river. These are a small member of the tarpon family, ...

Extra care is in order when handling big bluefish during hook removal. Boga Grips and

The in-handle scale is accurate enough for bragging rights.

Another pike suffers at the hand of inexperience

Boga Grip 315 15lb Scale

Redband from the Deschutes

Other anglers had great action while fishing for small Tarpon, both in the rivers and on the Flats. Gurglers, Poppers and Clousers worked best in dark ...

han-20170421-out-free fishing 2.jpg

Introduction to Ultralight / Finesse Fishing Without Breaking Banks

how to catch redfish

It isn't Nessie! - News - Bubblews

Boga Grip 60 lb Fishing Tool Model 260

A Blue Walleye

Boga Grip 30 lb Fishing Tool Model 130

... it wouldn't fit through the hoop of my big game net. I promise never to “rush you” to get the fish in the boat again Tim. Awesome job!! Great fish!!

Smiles all around and bragging rights as most kids have been catching the majority of the fish.

Fishing The Pin shared ABC Tales from the Tinny's post.

Orvis endorsed guide Rob Woodruff shows off a Lake Fork fly rod bass that tipped the

WHAT'S MY LINE? Mono vs. braid. In the past few years, many peacock anglers have traded in their stretchy monofilament in favor the new gel spun ...

Darwin's slimehead

Luke ...

See the circle hook right where it's designed to go? In between the top lip plate and the bottom lip. Hung perfectly right in the corner of the mouth.

Campaign against the use of Boga Grips.

Fishing Cape Cod Canal (First Tagged Striped Bass 29lbs)


What's (On) My Line: The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Fishing Lures

Kayak Fishing, Kayak Fishing Chesapeake Bay DVDs, Kayak Fishing Photography, Kayak Fishing Videos

The first Boga Grip was designed and invented some time back in the 1980s (their website says nothing about the product's ...

Woz and Randy with a 36.25" musky! The fourth of the day!!

Tarpon have been spotty, here for a few days and gone the next, but still my anglers managed many beautiful fish with some giants landed as well.

Another photo of the Boga in proper use mode.

Store staffer Dan was out on the water yesterday (Sunday) searching. He fished the three mile line off Island Beach State Park. Dan said, “Trolling was slow ...

While fishing at Louisiana's Biloxi Marsh in 2004, Conway Bowman landed this beast of a

(Tim with 18 pounds & 34 inches of Twisted Chrome Steel!!)

Sept 6 Good Red Drum Fishing in the Neuse River

Hawaii Shorefishing from Oahu, Hawaii's Northeast windward shore at Makapu'u.

Boga Grip 60 lb Fishing Tool Model 260

Fly fishing blog

... place your other hand underneath the belly and support it's internal organs. Never just allow it to suspend. This is the correct way to hold a fish with ...

catch and release fishing techniques

Boga Grip 15 lb Fishing Tool Model 315

The Fish Grip Review

6 Best Fishing Scales 2016

360° Boga Grip Gripper For 15kg Fish Grip Stainless Steel Lip Grip Fishing Tool

Is this bass the largest ever caught? Leaha Trew of Santa Rosa, Calif., holds up her largemouth bass, which was caught in Spring Lake Aug.

Evidently the Striped Bass that call the Neuse River home have recently had a very very successful spawn. I would assume that any juvenile Striped Bass ...

Interview with legend Göran Andersson

Stalking Giant Trout on Ennis Lake with Red Mountain Adventures

I am convinced that a 10 pound jack would kick the biggest a striper in the ocean right into its teeth!

What's (On) My Line: The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Fishing Lures

Yes there were few nights this year where not only I but also my fishing partner Silver Fox bottomed out our scales multiple times.

Go Deep for Muskies

Now you have to ask yourself if you really need to spend the extra money on a Boga Grip? What I mean by this, is that if you have now decided you don't ...

boga roock pool and support

catch and release fishing

Amazon.com : Suaoki Stainless Steel Fish Lip Gripper Grabber Grip Two-sided Trigger Tool Fish Holder with Scale Max 33 lbs / 15kg EVA Foam Handle Adjustable ...

Doug Olander of Sportfishing magazine hanging out with a hammerhead shark in the waters of the

(the fine print) winning trip must be booked by 6/15/17. Not valid for august trophy trips.

Fished out of the port Thursday through Saturday last week for the romp in the swamp. We caught lots of fish and some quality fish we just couldn't get all ...



Boga Grip Overview

Ricky Trahant abandoned Delacroix for Lake Pontchartrain because of the size of the fish.

Ask the Experts: How Do You Set Your Drag Before Fishing?

Top Water Charters Fishing Reports and News Beaufort Morehead City Atlantic Beach Pamlico Sound: IGFA Line Class World Record Ladyfish stuffed in Pinfish ...

Once you have tired the redfish and brought it to the kayak, use a lip holding tool like the Fish Grip or Boga-Grip to secure it.


Hey, I finally went fishing! Working at Stumpy Point has really sucked. I HAVE NOT had any luck fishing for Speckled Trout on the Outer Banks.

A northern pike makes a violent attempt to throw the hooks. A large pike's sharp

For many years I have wanted to catch sheefish, yet the rivers they inhabit always seemed light years away. There were so many unknowns about sheefish, ...

Trout Stalkers Fishing Trip on the Big Hole River

My drag was screaming and the battle was on. The fish peeled off close to 100 yards of line before Ronnie started the big motor and took chase in the boat.

Swinging a fish aboard