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Bumblebee Doom patrol DC Universe and Teen titans t

Bumblebee Doom patrol DC Universe and Teen titans t


Doom Patrol in Earth One?

Karen Beecher (New Earth)


Teen Titans. Post-Crisis costume

Bumblebee's current Doom Patrol costume. Art by Matthew Clark. In Teen Titans ...

Doom Patrol Vol 5 1B.jpg

Teen Titans



Teen Titans (New Earth)

Bumblebee DC Comics

Doom Patrol therapy

Doompatrol15.jpg. Doom Patrol ...

Bumblebee DC original

Teen Titans Go! Publication information. Publisher · DC Comics

Comic Girl Spotlight: Bumblebee

Doom Patrol (Prime Earth)

Doom Patrol II

This incarnation of the team ...

Doom Patrol (New Earth)

Teen Titans

Teen Titans by Alex Garcia


Bumblebee. BumblebeeOYL.JPG

She is D.C.'s First African American Superhero. A Former member of the Teen Titans, she now is a member of the Doom Patrol.

Many comic fans have pointed out the similarities between DC Comics' Doom Patrol and Marvel's X-Men, both of which made their comic book debuts in 1963, ...

Bumblebee DC Comics - Google Search

Teen Titans The Judas Contract.jpg


bumblebee teen titan

Fictional character biography[edit]


This is the transparent background version of inezthekawaiiwarrior.deviantar… Blackfire and Titans do not belong to me. My drawing of Blackfire (transparent ...


Garfield Logan (Teen Titans TV Series)

Teen Titans: Elasti-Girl

Meanwhile, the Chief and Elasti-Girl are operating on Kid Devil... in a secret room behind The Painting That Ate Paris. Caulder is really cold and ...

Neglected Girl. Bumblebee is the next Titan ...

Bumblebee and Herald Jam by BillWalko ...


Aqualad (Young Justice), Bumblebee (Teen Titans/Doom Patrol), Jericho

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... Teen Titans (2003-2011) #36 ...

And, while we're talking about political stuff, doesn't covfefe seem like something that happened in Doom Patrol?

Et tu, Robotman? It looks like Doom Patrol ...

Suddenly the Negative Entity returns... turns out Cliff, Mal and Karen have been captured. The Titans head to Paris and find their friends.


Bumblebee - Teen Titans by Femmes-Fatales ...

Cover for Teen Titans #1 (January–February 1966). Art by Nick Cardy. Publication information. Publisher · DC Comics

Teen Titans Titans around the World review

Aqualad (Young Justice), Bumblebee (Teen Titans/Doom Patrol), Jericho


Dealing with her (and Mal's change into Vox) proved tough for the couple, though they were together in the Doom Patrol for the early part of their treatment ...

Cyborg has some Doom Patrol connections, but this'll knock the cobwebs off MGA80 here.

Character Evolution

... see that Bumblebee has also gone over to the Doom Patrol. He and Tim have an uncomfortable chat about the state of the Titans before Tim leaves to head ...

Teen Titans #48 (1977)

... Teen Titans and bringing Nicola Scott with him to handle the art. The Source covered this in greater detail last week, and you can read about it there.

Cliff leads the team

The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans

Mal Duncan

THESE are the real Karen and Mal:

Alright, y'all, here it is! THE splash page for the end of Justice League #31. Sound off now and we'll discuss later. Enjoy!

teen titans

... Eiffel Tower is visible... the Brain and Monsieur Mallah are discussing the Brotherhood's latest plot. The former wants revenge on the Doom Patrol... ...

... lost in space with Animal Man in the pages of 52)... Speedy quit... Bart retired... Raven quit... Gar rejoined the Doom Patrol... and Kon is dead.

Doom Patrol

Cover of Tales of the New Teen Titans #3 (August 1982). Art by George Pérez.

Teen Titans Rebirth (2016) 1A

Finally Robin walks in to calm Vic down. The pair walk the grounds as Tim fills him in on everything he's missed. Starfire's gone (she's currently lost in ...

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Poster

Waiting for Doom Episode 67: 4/5ths All New, All Different…OR Justice, Inc. For All!

DC UNIVERSE "This Is Your Universe" Launch Trailer [HD] Titans, Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol

During his time in space with Vic and Bumblebee, they ran into some problems. Vic was 'sploded... Mal's weapons blew up in his face, costing him his ...

Robotman (Cliff Steele)

Beast Boy & Cyborg Tortured Teen Titans Go!

Doom Patrol vs X-Men

This debut is timely since DC Comics ...

Bumblebee was redeemed by the Teen Titans animated series in the early 2000s, where she was recast as a size-changing, stinger-packing double agent with ...

Bumblebee vs Wasp

Bumblebee in Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Geoff Johns has the Teen Titans rocking and rolling. This is probably my favorite of all the One Year Later storylines. Plus, we are getting a double shot ...

Titans Betrayal

Teen Titans (2014 5th Series) 1B

DC Comics' Solicits For September 2016 - Doom Patrol, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Cyborg, Supergirl, Gotham Academy, Raven, Everafter And Frostbite ...

Teen Titans A-Z : Bumblebee by kidmarvelj ...

... the Inferior Five, rest assured it does continue the story that was started last issue when the Doom Patrol joined up with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

kid flash

Teen Titans (vol.3) #34 (2006)