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Buy Groceries in Bulk to Save Money via FunonaBudgetBlog

Buy Groceries in Bulk to Save Money via FunonaBudgetBlog


Groceries in Bulk

On Sunday, I went to grocery store and spent just under $25 on all of

5 lunches that taste good, keep you full, are easy to pack, and

Most Loved Posts 2014 - Fun on a Budget Blog

Really, REALLY awesome hostesses will send you off from your final dinner club with a

My Life on a Budget: A Year in Review

Photo Credit: Visa http://www.practicalmoneyskills.com/resources/

Here are a few things that I do to keep my urge to shop for all the items on my wishlist and feelings of constant sacrifice at bay:

Little things like my better half taking the time to make me a Saturday breakfast and

Says the turkey, “Throw your grocery budget out. “

Weekend FreeGreens 11.10.14

A list showing over 40 ways that real people make money from home!

12.22.14 Snack Weekend

Need to get your budget in shape? Look no further than our list of Best

happy hour3

Six Fun Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching Financial Goals


3. Be strategic. Brittany and I both use credit cards (but ALWAYS pay them off in full monthly) to take advantage of the rewards. A good time to buy clothes ...

We want to know what your views are on paying taxes and getting a tax refund each spring. In the great tax refund debate, do you go BIG or do you keep ...

Taking advantage of perfect running weather instead of taking advantage of the flavor of the day

A sample of how we take our meals day by day to get the most out

Stretch your Grocery Budget by Buying in Bulk

Tips for saving money by buying local produce :)

Here is an example of my need-to-use-soon inventory from this

Heading Picture

Fashion Dad and Al

You're doing great on your debt snowball…paying off loans like it's your job and suddenly the last loan on your list is your student loan managed by Navient ...

Everybody wants a costume that makes the other ghouls and goblins cheer when they enter the room, but nobody wants to spend a fortune to get that ...

25 Reasons being in Debt Sucks

How cute is my mom on her graduation day?

Cinco Decorations

For example, my family and I have started bringing cider to games when the weather turns cold. You can get jugs of apple cider pretty cheap at the grocery ...


Cheesey graduation cap centerpiece, cupcake display, and cupcake liners are all cheap at the

Money can buy you things, but consciously examining your life priorities reminds you it's not the only path to a full life. Don't let yourself forget that!

Delicious deep dish Chicago pizza...for lunch!

All items in this picture can be purchased at the 99 cent store!

A variety of colors of plastic ware are available in packs of 45 at the 99

Boozin': In addition to the parties you will be eating candy canes at that have actual invites and required RSVPs, you will probably be meeting up with many ...

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

E-book Giveaway: Real Food on a Real Budget

All of these party item can be found on the tackiest shelf in the 99 Cent

When you start to feel defeated about money or life, try to see yourself from

Because we have a sweet tooth due to arrive in a couple of days, Joe

Grocery Game Changers

Time Frame: The intensity at which you save will be directly impacted by the amount of time available to get the job done. If your purchase is going to be ...

Experiencing the season of sleigh bells and the scent of pine (ahhh it's so good) as an adult is a little different from the visions I remember seeing ...

There were several strategies we used to make sure we didn't end up spending an embarrassing amount of scrilla on supplies as we trekked across the country.

How We Do Groceries | Here are tips on how to keep your grocery budget under

saturday dinner.image

... tailgating can become a regular weekend money –sucker. The easiest way to make sure it doesn't is to watch your favorite team at home by yourself, ...

Airborne. Money Saving ...

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget: Issue 68 - Fun on a

What you Need: An old pair of yoga pants/tights, old zip up hoodie, two birthday party hats, and LOTS of multicolored tissue paper. I made this costume by ...

Travel Pics

A long weekend in San Fran on a budget!

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget

taking reins

Brainstorm a list of your current life priorities, and put them in order. When you see that money isn't at the top of the list, you can motivate yourself to ...

Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget: Issue 69 - Fun on a

Weekend Chicago Friday Weekend Chicago Saturday Weekend Chicago Sunday

Brittany's Debt Progress Report - Fun on a Budget Blog

Sure, we got the key from a sketchy convenience store below, but I'm still here to tell about it.

Here's how we save money on our cell phone and cable bills. Your monthly savings are just a phone call away, too!

9. Treat cho self. This is probably the most selfish and vain item on my list, but it is just so true. I want to get my nails, eyebrows, and hair done by ...

A long weekend in san fran on a budget!

Super Saver Chart


If you answered mostly B's: It's crossed your mind but you're not sure where to go from here. Do some research about pre-tax retirement investments to get ...

How have you been allocating your extra payments? Have you seen a drastic decrease in your principal balance? What's your “trick” to making your payment ...

We are two co-workers turned best friends, who after countless gab sessions during late-night walks realized we share a big, fat desire to ditch our student ...

Current Debt Comparatives YIR

... flow—and the other 50% went towards my living expenses (food, rent, etc.). I did not delegate any money to long term or short term savings this month.

Need to get your budget in shape? Look no further than our list of Best

... on hair dye (Walmart or Dollar Store), Red Gloves (thrift store or Halloween store if you strike out), Furry Shawl (we bought cheap soft/fluffy fabric ...

Wedding Budget 101: A step-by-step guide to Wedding Budgets for the Financially Unprepared Bride to Be

Friday, I went on a grocery run immediately after work to get some essentials that would last us through the weekend. I have learned that 4:00 PM on Friday ...

football field

See more information about “household purchase” below

*Cost includes purchase of yoga mat


Weekend Survival Guide for the Girl on a Budget



Debt by Numbers: How Being on a Budget for a Year has Impacted my Debt

Holidays on a Budget-Issue 1

Love your arms and abs

A long weekend in San Fran on a budget!

I get home from work, put my veggies and fruit in my bullet, blend, and drink that down. Now I have a healthy ritual that also saves me money. ...

These are examples from my life. The occasion and relationship are usually the 2 main

Click on this link to get details on the Christmas Vacation Drinking Game: http:

6 Fun Ways to Reward Yourself for Reaching your Financial Goals - Fun on a Budget Blog

Social Party Circuit: Part of the greatness that is the holiday season is spending time with people you love and catching up with people you haven't seen ...

When portions are big, cutting down on the number of meals you eat is easy

Weekend Chicago Friday ...

All items in this picture can be purchased at the 99 cent store!


I always make sure I have these items handy, so I have "time"

Income Distribution

Look out for Brittany's “Holiday's on a Budget” post on Thursday!