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CATCH THE BUZZ Bee Informed Partnership BIP Leads to

CATCH THE BUZZ Bee Informed Partnership BIP Leads to


Bee Informed Partnership – BIP – Leads to Healthy Hives

CATCH THE BUZZ – The Bee Informed Partnership Kicks Off A Fund Raising Program To Help

CATCH THE BUZZ – 8 Universities Tracking and Analyzing Honey Bee Health

John Klepps, FL tech team lead, assessing a colony in the hot sun of Texas, Photo courtesy of the Bee Informed Partnership, Inc.

Bee Informed Survey open until April 30th!

CATCH THE BUZZ – The Bee Informed Partnership Kicks Off A Fund Raising Program To Help The Bees. You Can Help!

Bee Informed And Be Inspired

CATCH THE BUZZ – Starting in January, honey producers will have to turn to veterinarians. Bee Science ...

The Bee Informed Partnership (http://beeinformed.org), BIP

USDA Honey Bee Disease Diagnostic Services Collaboration Between USDA-ARS, APHIS, & BeeInformed

Bee Informed Partnership. CATCH THE BUZZ – Why Are More North American Beekeepers Overwintering Their Bees In Cold Storage

Honeybees are struggling to get enough good bacteria

CATCH THE BUZZ – Hawaiian Study highlights a new threat to bees worldwide. Bee Science ...

Battles at the Entrance

CATCH THE BUZZ – National Honey Board CEO to Speak at California Honey Festival May 6th. Beekeeping ...

Frames in Hive

CATCH THE BUZZ – EpiPen should be available for $20, not over $300 says new

Bees in Hive

CATCH THE BUZZ – New Plant Growth Regulator Labeled For Almonds In Bloom

CATCH THE BUZZ – Neonicotinoid pesticides foster spider mite outbreaks

A new app listens to the problems of bees

Notice the deformed wing virus. Also eggs and dead pupae. Silver lining... You can really see the ocelli in some of the dead pupae.

Honey bees at a hive entrance. Image credit: Warden, Wikimedia Commons

Register here: https://registration.ucdavis.edu/Item/Details/341

ARS Scientist Leads $1 Million Funded Consortium to Seek Honey Bee Disease Controls

Hornet Predators

New curtains, a beehive and a basketball court: The Pences at the vice president's

Coweta K-9 cops pivot to remove bee swarm on SUV

Responding beekeepers reported losing 42.1% of the total number of colonies managed over the last year (total annual loss, between April 2014 and April ...

You've purchased a shiny new hive scale from one of Bee Informed Partnerships “BIP Ready” hive scale vendors, and opted to share your scale data with BIP ...

Epigenetic Bee Study Explains Why Cocaine is So Addictive

23.2% of managed colonies died over this past winter according to the Bee Informed Partnership. This is the 8th year the survey has been conducted in ...

Beekeeping: A hobby that benefits the environment

Is it a swarm cell or a supersedure cell | Bees, Bee keeping and Beekeeping

Twenty years ago I bought a little book at an auction for just a dollar or two entitled “Bee Pollen: Miracle Food,” and its author was Dr. Felix Murat.

Spring Collecting In Northern California

About a week later the larvae lurking within the abdomen wriggle into the bee's thorax and start liquefying and devouring its wing muscles.

The cover of February's Bee Culture issue was taken by Meg Ribotto with Project Apis m. A honey bee pollinating an almond is appropriate, as the largest ...

Summer Picnic and Extraction Party

'Robbing tent' turned over to shake off the bees

TDH is a self-guided tour of backyard apiaries and bee trees in and around Portland, Oregon. This year the tour falls on the weekend of June 24-25.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Hungry honey bees appear to favor flowers in agricultural areas over those in neighboring urban areas.

Advice for new beekeepers from Honey Bee Suite

E.L. Niño Bee Lab updated their cover photo.


In addition to variations in color, placement relative to other colonies and objects in the landscape can offer navigational aids that limit drift.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlemagne, and Bee Venom Masks

E.L. Niño Bee Lab added 3 new photos.

Percent U.S. Winter Colony Loss (Source: Bee Informed Partnership)

Ocelli or “Simple eye”

A new app, launching later this year, will allow users to explore land management scenarios, and virtually test how bee-friendly decisions would improve ...

Tracking a Parasite That Turns Bees Into Zombies

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A male parallel leaf-cutter bee. Photo: Alejandro Santillana

Bee Photo: Alejandro Santillana A female sweat bee. Photo: Alejandro Santillana ...

Drones flying into a bell-shaped net with a lure in the top.

Using beekeepers' real world experience to solve beekeepers' real world problems | Bee Informed

Bald Brood

... Honey bee swarm in tree

(Credit: StudioSmart via Shutterstock)

$500,000 'Feed a Bee' grant program from Bayer now funds projects across 39 states


Catch The Buzz

Bee working an almond blossom. She's packing her pollen load. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)

honey bee swarm in a tree ...


"The City of Eugene, Oregon became the first community in the nation to specifically ban from city property the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, ...

Upper Eastern Shore Beekeeping Association

Free Photo: Bee, Working Bee, Nature, Sunflower - Free Image on Pixabay - 175820

Bees with CBPV type 2 symptoms: greasy and hairless.

Italian worker honey bee cleaning its self


Speaking of bee populations, I read an interesting article in Nature magazine, April 9, 2004, written by Daniel Cressey,entitled, "EU states lose up to ...

Calling all light warriors - the Bees need you! [Archive] - Page 6%3Fs%3D4350891282a3b51f05a493ca854d50ba - The Project Avalon Community Forum

Beacon of Aquarius on WordPress.com

A honey bee foraging on star thistle, Centaurea solstitialis. It's an invasive weed but makes great honey, beekeepers and honey connoisseurs say.

Buzzing along: Mountain View Apiary weathers the winter

LED Hand Held ATC Refractometer

https://beeinformed.org/2011/09/03/almonds-. To get ...

Mikel's Honey Farm and Bee Naturally by Sharry Products

Bee sting pain scale. Or, where not to get stung.

Bee Guts

The meeting will be held at 6:30 PM on January 10th in the little yellow building behind the Chestertown library.

... Honey Bee Swarm collects under a bench in Carson City ...

Raw wax in cooler

160802_SAP bees-255

Bee Death - Infopic on what kills our honey bees on mass. Apis Mellifera.

ZomBee Infected Hive

The Biomimicry Manual: What can the honeybee teach a designer?

BUZZ Worthy

The Feed a Bee Steering Committee, made up of Feed a Bee partners and representatives from the Bayer Bee Care Program, will be contributing $500,000 for ...

Bees 'betray' their flowers when pollinator species decline

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Scientists Predict Lack Of Honey Bees Will Lead To A Food Crisis. More Here: