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Cairo Continental Hotel circa 1900 Vintage Egypt t History

Cairo Continental Hotel circa 1900 Vintage Egypt t History


After Carter found the tomb, Lord Carnarvon was bitten by a mosquito on his cheek and later died in his room at the Grand Continental Hotel.

One of Cairo's historic 19th century hotels, The Grand Continental Hotel is in danger of collapse due to intentional negligence.

Grand Continental Hotel. Cairo, Egypt. 1900-1920

فندق سافوي، ميدان سليمان باشا، القاهرة، 1900. Old EgyptCairo EgyptSavoy HotelVintage PicturesHistoryHotelsBlack ...

El Opera Square, Ibrahim Pasha monument & Continental Hotel, Ataba, Cairo, Egypt Rare photo postcard of 1930s vintage bought by Australian 2/1st Anti Tank ...

Another day begins in old Cairo. This street passes beneath the Aksunkor Mosque, called el-Azrak, or "the blue", because of it's vibrantly colored tiles

Opera Square, view from Continental Hotel, circa 1938

Downtown Cairo, circa 1924 · Old EgyptCairo ...

Grand Continental Hotel - Opera Square In Cairo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

فندق "لو جراند كونتننتال"، القاهرة

Mena House Hotel Cairo Egypt ca

Soliman Pasha Square · Old EgyptCairo ...

The Entrance Of The Grand Continental Hotel - Cairo In 1905 | Flickr - Photo Sharing

Opera Square, circa 1930s

The Entrance Of The Grand Continental Hotel - Cairo In 1890's by Tulipe Noire, via

Hotel Cecil in Alexandria in 1920. This was a luxury hotel, highly renowned at the time.

Early 1900 Mena House was sold to George Nungovich Grand Hotels of Egypt for the sum

Title: The Luxor Hotel Photographer: Edition Photoglob Time Period: Modern Period · Old EgyptCairo EgyptAncient EgyptVintage HotelsHotel ...

Khan El Khalili circa 1930's, Cairo, Egypt

A Group on Thomas Cook Tour at The Terrace of Old Shepheard's Hotel, Ibrahim Pasha Street, Cairo, Egypt,

Mena House Hotel, circa 1930's · Old EgyptAncient EgyptModern HistoryGiza CairoAlexandriaTravellingArchiveAfrican

Antique Print of 1882 Cairo Egypt British Hospital Ismailia

The Heliopolis Palace Hotel Cairo now the Egyptian Presidential Palace.

Grand Continental Hotel - Courtesy of Grand Hotels of Egypt

''Bourse Khediviale'' & Anzac Hostel - Cairo In

Faces of Egypt, life magazine, circa 1940's · Old EgyptCairo ...

Inside the Grand-Continental Savoy Hotel, Cairo

Grand Continental Hotel, Cairo, Circa 1908.

New Hotel, Cairo, Egypt in 1870

Exterior View Of Continental Hotel - Cairo In

Old Cairo, Egypt, end of 19th Century or early 20th Century.

Zagazig, Al Sharqia, Egypt 1900

Egypt in the Golden Age of Travel

Cairo Railway Station 1920s

Cairo , 1934

قصر السكاكيني

The entrance to a Nile bridge, Kasr En-Nil, pictured in 1900

Downtown Cairo, Egypt, 1930s

Water Carriers Cairo Egypt 1880

Egypt 1900

Old cairo by Omar Khaled on 500px

hotel national vienna

I haven't been able to locate a specific date when the hotel stopped operation but I suspect it was among the old hotels that were targeted in the violence ...

Mena House Golf, circa 1944. CairoAncient EgyptVintage PicturesEgyptianAlexandria19th CenturyGolfSteampunkAfrica

Talaat Harb Square, Downtown Cairo, Egypt

The Pyramids in Since the 2011 revolution, old photographs of Egypt and classic films showing an elegant and prosperous Egyptian society have

The Khedivial Bourse of Egypt Egyptian architecture combined the Egyptian style with Egyptian oriental art and Europe.

Now Available! Grand Hotels of Egypt ...

The Exterior Facade of the Italian Consulate Building in Alexandria at Ramleh Station | Currently a · Alexandria EgyptOld ...

The Old National Bank & Immobilia Building - Cairo In 1940

Windsor, Cairo

Egyptian Museum


Budapest — Hotel Ritz ...

Muski Street. Cairo, Egypt. 1900-1920

Cairo, Egypt - The Grand Continental Hotel - Stock Image

Market Cairo

Grand Hotels of Egypt and On the Nile are published by the American University in Cairo Press.

San Stefano

A multi-domed mosque dominates the walled Citadel, with ruined tombs and a lone

Egypt 1920's Cairo EMAD El DIN Street Tramway Vintage Cars Postcard Mint | eBay

Cairo, Egypt, early 20 C

1925 Print European Quarter Cairo Egypt Africa Cityscape Buildings Brass XGAG2

Egyptian women walking down a central Cairo street in 1956

Egypt c 1900

Hotels lost in History

Old Egypt

Egypt 1920's. Old EgyptCairo ...

Ismail's Cairo Reborn?

Get Quotations · Cairo The Mohamed Aly Mosque Cairo, Egypt Original Vintage Postcard

Cairo - Wikipedia Advanced Cairo map 1847

Gezirah Palace, now Cairo Marriott Hotel/ Credit: Dittrich, P.

Shortly after he disembarked in Egypt, Bryan opened a shop in Cairo's Continental Hotel under the ...

Giza, Egypt 1903 · Old EgyptThe PyramidsGizaAmelia PeabodyCairo TravellingCivilizationHistoryPostcards

This image shows Pharaonic artifacts on display in front of the step pyramid of Saqqara,

San Stefano Grand Plaza in Alexandria (left) and view from Cairo.

Egyptian views; Cairo (Masr). Grand Continental Hotel, Cairo LOC matpc.

The Egyptian Museum[edit][add listing]

Several people walk down a small empty lane overshadowed on both sides by three-story

Old pyramid

1920 Print Old Cairo Egypt Ancient Architecture Buildings Africa Biblical XEZ6

Hotel Bristol

CAPE-TO-CAIRO RAILWAY Clearing the Congo forest for the trans-continental rail

Stanley bridge Alexandria Egypt

(images ...

Cicurel Department Stores, Cairo

Imperial Hotels around the world

Skyline of the Citadel overlooking the Medieval Walled City of Cairo viewed from the Jawhara Palace

RPPC Postcard Cairo- Opera Square and Continental Hotel Lehnert & Landrock Egypt

History Grand Hotel Lviv (Lemberg)

Left: the old Qasr El-Nil Bridge; Cairo Station (Lenhert and Landrock). Right: Carter after the opening of Tutankhamun tomb (from Lifting the Veil by ...

King Farouk I of egypt


Shortly after he disembarked in Egypt, Bryan opened a shop in Cairo's Continental Hotel under the ...

Old Cairo has the greatest concentration of medieval architectural treasures in the Islamic world.