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Can we appreciate that Eren started trying to kill Reiner while his

Can we appreciate that Eren started trying to kill Reiner while his


Can we appreciate that Eren started trying to kill Reiner while his arms were still just


I just started watching attack on Titan and this suck!

I laughed so hard in the manga. || Attack on Titan || Shingeki no Kyojin || AOT || SNK || Jean Kirstein || Armin Arlert || Reiner || eren jaeger || anime ...

Shitty glasses told him Reeva: Or he did this research when he was older, and had sources. Mystery solved. ^^

Eren with his Titan form's hair :)

Levi ackerman

Even if I was in Eren's place,I would probably hate Reiner and Bertholdt to DEATH.THOSE FUCKING TRAITORS!!!

Do it reiner, annie reiner eren, great scene

When Mikasa gets there Eren is shouting that Armin is still breathing, and he tells Levi to give him the serum to turn Armin into a shifter and have him eat ...

SNK manga chapter 85 with Mikasa Levi and Eren lifting a plank of wood as the

Baby Eren trying to save his mother from the certain doom that comes with having the side pony tail (AKA: the hairstyle of death)

Eren plz no dont be sad *air hugs bcuz I dont like hugs* here go kill some titans.

Lol wth

Find this Pin and more on aot by mare_love15.

Maybe we can even assume Eren is the one who taught Mikasa how to do core training too X3

How about you stop right there | Attack on Titan | Pinterest | Anime, Manga and Reading manga

End of the manga, Eren alone staring at the ocean with his red scarf around his neck

Pin by Jiya on Attack on titan | Pinterest | Anime, Levi ackerman and Manga


I assumed she was crying because she lost Eren, and she was so desperate to bring Eren back to their home village due to some punishment that could ...

^_^ Go Eren! We believe in you!

How come no one talks about how terrified Reiner and Bert look when Eren says that?

I don't ships this but it was just way to funny to not repost. ERERI FOR LIFE!!!

Eren using the coordinate and Mikasa Aquí falta Levi empotrandole contra el prao.

Sketch Jean-Sasha-Connie time skip

Reiner's Close Call

Poor Levi


Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin

omy-chan01: Happy Birthday, Majesty!

Manga Spoilers(Manga Spoilers) Reiner Appreciation Thread. Speak your mind ...

Angry eren

Anonymous said: Eren in Answer: I hATE that I got this request after I had closed them but it was one of the few I actually wanted to draw from this thing ...

Eren, incapable of believing this nonsense, decides to believe that Reiner is just losing it. I love this response from him, ...

Eren Jaeger Quotes

Eren long Titan hair, undercut like Levi Ereri part 1

Read Shingeki no Kyojin 55 online. Shingeki no Kyojin 55 English. You could read the latest and hottest Shingeki no Kyojin 55 in MangaHere.

We Heart It

Due to this, what Eren said actually hit him. Reiner's request on the train probably helped with him understanding, too. It's been a sort of gradual ...

*Quotes from Slap on Titan* "Look at his face! He looks like Helen Keller when she first touched water.

I really think that Armin one day will snap and just kill all the titans/

Attack on Titan

okay i loved this scene so much because look at historia's face oml. bertholt looks like he's about to bite his hand i never noticed that.

Connie was very tough handling his situation. That's why I like him too. Hihi. But yeah, nobody's paying attention to Connie that much.

Attack on Titan meme LOL Eren Reiner Bertholdt>>>>> I hate them

Eren will always try and listen to Mikasa, but sometime when she can't

Chapter 85 of SNK manga, Levi explains to Armin his role when he starts…

The Otaku Files: Meme Book: Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Reiner and Bert fist bump

Whoever that guy was The Owl or something was pretty hot. <

This is so fucking good! Omg yes! finally #Eren! ♡ I honestly hate #Reiner and #Bertholdt. Always have. Always will now. 👌💪#SnK #AoT #Mikasa #Armin #Jean ...

Anyone who opposes “freedom” will end up dead. On top of that, that didn't erase Eren's hate towards the warriors because they destroyed his home:

Levi listening to EMA talking about their dreams isn't a coincidence, it's a massive foreshadowing.

Eren tries to get Armin to curse (Attack on Titan) 1/2 Source

I love mike

What is it Eren The iconic moment

For the most powerful moment, “Eren's titan transformation” takes a quarter of the vote, followed by “All of the above.” Reiner begging for Eren to kill him ...

Eren and Isabel • attack on titan.

Just like me, I edited in that Eren was training with Ymir which was still enough for something with her. Who thinks Eren can't be compassionate?

Reiner x Berthold, Reibert, attack on titan, AOT, SNK

NATURAL SELECTION | Attack on Titan | Pinterest | Natural selection, Natural and Anime

And the second one is from Grisha ...

Fans get a little bit of the confrontation we have been dying for with Eren and Reiner ...

Reiner's asspulling 1

Shitty glasses told him Reeva: Or he did this research when he was older, and had sources. Mystery solved. ^^

... http://images.mangafreak.net/mangas/shingeki_no_kyojin/shingeki_no_kyojin_76/shingeki_no_kyojin_76_17.jpg?v5

Intense detective work in the works

I've always thought that warrior!Reiner paired Annie and Bertholdt to protect them, eventually planning to sacrifice himself for them or something like that ...

And helped Mikasa kill the third guy. But stealing? *GASP* How COULD

Eren Mastering Hardening

I also keep thinking about that scene where Reiner says that Eren is the worst possible person to possess the coordinate power and that's why they have to ...

The scout regiment led by Erwin are racing towards the forest where Hange rightly predicted that Reiner, Bertholdt, Eren and Ymir would have taken refuge.

If Reiner defended himself when Eren completely dissed and insulted the armored Titan in the trainee squad. He's pretty buff and handsome that's what I ...

... Reiner also refused to talk even when Hange had a sword halfway through his throat.

So maybe once they reach the basement they find out how to do that and Armin just gives the power to Eren or something

Now, with his old self finally gone, he was finally able to start anew and move forward in order to become what humanity strived him to be.

noaryr: “Mikasa: Eren, what have you done? Why did you kill

As for Zeke, a selfish motive is all but guaranteed. We can certainly see a level of arrogance in him in his nonchalance for the lives of others that would ...

Bertholdt: *starts digging fingers into Reiner's knuckles and looks him straight in the face* "Long live the king" *pushes off the ledge*

and this one ...

It's at this point that the ape titan recognizes who Eren is and makes a reference to him looking nothing like his father.

I don't think going back to Marley would be good for her anyways, we know people were demanding Reiner lose his Titan so who says they won't do the same to ...

Reiner at this point is completely mentally damaged. So having Eren confront him induced his

I do think that Eren meant the things he said in response and maybe even forgave him, but apparently regardless of his personal feelings, he's trying to do ...

I felt so bad for him this whole season. All I want is for him, Reiner, Historia, and Annie to be happy and alive. Is that too much to ask??

Back to the beginning of the chapter - Eren managed to plug up the outward hole. I appreciate Mikasa giving him her cloak to mask him again.

This actually ties together perfectly with the Lost Girls spin-off, where one of the details revealed is that Annie's father might be human.

Brainless Reiner

Eren believes he has lost everything when he was a kid after losing his mother to the smiling titan

I also keep thinking about that scene where Reiner says that Eren is the worst possible person to possess the coordinate power and that's why they have to ...

http://images.mangafreak.net/mangas/shingeki_no_kyojin/shingeki_no_kyojin_76/shingeki_no_kyojin_76_29.jpg?v5 ...

(Eren, the second Armoured Titan)

Many are saying that Armin's 'death' is the same as Erwin's, but it's nothing alike. Erwin told his best friend and everyone else his plan, ...

I don't really get why people are getting mad at Eren for his “Same reason as you, I can't help it” statement/cutting his hand and threatening Reiner to ...

Mikasa vs Reiner (Armored Titan)

A commonality between all three is that their image of humanity as an “evil race” was distorted. They went through the same thing as Eren did, having their ...

He manages to maintain that right until Reiner abruptly starts talking about their ordeals with the titans and possible promotions like he's just a normal ...

Although this episode had some great scenes surrounding Mikasa and the loss of Eren, it did spend a lot of time, both in the present and in the flashback, ...