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Captured German AEG GlV Bomber WW1 Aircraft t

Captured German AEG GlV Bomber WW1 Aircraft t


Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) G.IV (German ...


Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) G.IV (German ...


A captured AEG G.IV bomber at the Villacoublay aerodrome, 21 June 1918.

Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) G.IV (German ...

A captured German AEG G.IV bomber repainted with Royal Flying Corps markings, 12 February 1918

GERMAN AIRCRAFT FIRST WORLD WAR (MH 3513) AEG GIV Heavy day and night bomber

"The remains of a German AEG G.IV bomber which was brought down in flames near Proyart, Somme, Picardie (France). A close look reveals two lanterns attached ...

Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (A.E.G.) G.IV (German ...

Archive Photos

Q AEG G.IV bomber biplane in a camouflage coat. Serial number G

AEG G.IV with bombs. AeroplanesHistorical PicturesWwiPilotsAviationAircraft WingsGermanMilitary


WWI German Gotha bomber - gunner and pilot.


This German bomber is probably AEG G.IV serial 588/17, which was hit by anti-aircraft fire and force landed in flames near Villers-Bretonneux on th…


The AEG G.IV bomber was developed from the AEG G.III, with refinements to power, bomb-load and dimensions. Coming into service in late 1916, it featured a ...

Gotha G.V - German WWI bomber. It may have been a bomber like this that bombed…


Handley Page Bomber

A captured AEG G.IVk in British markings, Bickendorf, 1919

GERMAN AIRCRAFT OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR 1914-1918. World War BombersWwiAircraftGermanAirplanePlane

The Royal Flying Corps on the Western Front, 1914-1918 Captured German AEG G

A.E.G. G.III. BombersAirplanesAviationAircraftGermanAirplaneAir ...


AEG G.IV Unit: unknown Serial: G1125/16 This aircraft was shot

AEG G.IV at Canada Aviation and Space Museum

A.E.G. G.IV, built by the easy-to-say Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, biplane bomber introduced in late 1916 by German Air ...


German Gotha G.IV heavy bomber, WW1 - Stock Image




AEG B.II Bomber

A downed German twin-engined bomber being towed through a street by Allied Australia soldiers, in France

A German Hannover CL III shot down on 4 October 1918 by American machine gunners in the Argonne.

Aviation in World War I

/k/ Planes Episode 102: German Bombers

German Gotha G. IV Bomber Nose Gunner Position

This war trophy bird is back on display. Next to the German AEG GIV bomber

AEG G-II. O.Thetford, P.Gray - German Aircraft of the First World War /Putnam/

Though the Gotha G.III was a success, its armament layout demonstrated some issues, so Gotha followed up with a reworked design. The G.IV overhauled the ...

AEG C.IV Bomber

Though the G.IV continued to bomb England into 1918, the strategic bombing would be interrupted in March due to more pressing matters.


A grand total of 609 were built from both series. The AEG J.Ia variant featured additional aileron controls on the lower wings.


GREG VANWYNGARDEN has had a lifelong interest in World War 1 aviation, and has been particularly active in deciphering the colours and markings that ...

AEG C.VII 1917 2.jpg. Role, Reconnaissance aircraft. National origin, German Empire

В.Кондратьев - Самолеты первой мировой войны. AEG G-IV ...

AEG G.III - Image: AEG G.III G.212 1915



AEG's night bomber would be derived from their C.IV two-seater. The C.IV.N, as it was originally designated, was a fairly simple conversion of the design.

Friedrichshafen G.III

Gulfstream G-IV private jet laning at Luton Airport, UK - Stock Image

The G.IV entered service with Kagohl 1 in March 1917 just before the unit was redesignated Kagohl 3. The G.IV was selected to take part in the bombing of ...

Germany WWI AEG CIV Doppeldecker Biplane Airplane Real Photo RPPC

Gulfstream G-IV business jet (N403TB) taxis past the Aviation Viewing Park,

The relatively unimpressive performance of the G.IV would spur AEG to refine the design further into the G.V. The G.V featured significantly enlarged wings ...

Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV Gulfstream IV N312EL Brussels National - Stock Image

RFC airfield


A.Imrie - German Bombers /Arms & Armour/

Сайт - Pilots-and-planes /WWW/. AEG G-II

Other methods[edit]

Though the empty weight jumped by half a ton from the G.III, the G.IV was an improvement in every way, being faster, more durable, and capable of carrying a ...

AEG Eule

By April 1943, KG 26 - the sole torpedo bombing unit in the Mediterranean - had been reduced to just 13 Ju 88s and He 111s.



The bomber conversion of the Do F was simple, adding three defensive guns in nose, dorsal, and ventral positions along with a bombardier's position and bomb ...

Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, AEG GIV bomber no.

Gotha, G.IV - Stock Image

... German AEG G.IV Bomber operated 1916-1918 last survivor

TAG Aviation Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV-X Gulfstream G450 at Farnborough. - Stock

AEG G.IV crash 23 December 1917.

VIII, G.IX, and G.X. Role, Bomber. National origin, Germany


Captain William G. Barker strikes a somewhat sheepish pose after crashlanding his Sopwith Camel B6313

The next C.IV ...

The majority of DH.4s were actually built as general purpose two-seaters in the United States, for service with the American forces in France.

Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV-SP (N808T) business jet landing at London Heathrow

Friedrichshafen G.II - Image: Friedrichshafen G.II Ray Wagner Collection Image (

After operational experience with the G.IV showed placing the fuel tanks in engine nacelles was dangerous in all-too-common landing accidents, ...

Zoukei-Mura Horten Ho229 1:48

Aircraft landing- Gulfstream Aerospace G-IV (Gulfstream 4) - Stock Image

The G.III entered service on the Western Front, flying relatively close-range strikes compared to the cross-Channel raids flown by the Gotha and Zeppelin ...


Gotha G.V German bomber, 1917


The Linke-Hofmann R.I (Riesenflugzeug – giant aircraft) was a bomber aircraft designed and built in Germany from 1916.[1] Development