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Captured Soviet armored car BA10 in the service of the Finns

Captured Soviet armored car BA10 in the service of the Finns


PICTURE: BAF A (BA-3) armoured car R-21 of 7th Armoured Car Platoon. Photo taken in Vitele July of 1941. (SA-kuva photo archive, photo number 28041).

A German captured BA-10M

A column of BA-10Ms in winter camouflage

On the crew door is a military star version of the 'Five Races Under One Union' flag. This vehicle was captured by the IJA at ...

Another view of the captured Finnish D-8 with a BA-10 next to

BA-10 Panssariauto #ba10 #sovietunion #winterwar · Army VehiclesArmored ...

PICTURE: Two BAF C (BA-10) armoured cars in use of Finnish Army during Continuation War. CLICK THUMBNAIL TO SEE LARGER PIC (54 KB).

BA-10A Armored Car

It is a little known fact that the soviet armored car BA-10 served in the swedish army during the second world war. Three BA-10 was given to sweden by ...

Captured Soviet armored car BA-10 in the service of the Finns before the houses

Captured BA-10 armored car

German troops inspecting Soviet BA-10 armored cars in Lublin, Poland, Sep 1939, Photographer Höllenthal Source German Federal Archive Identifi… | Pinteres…

A BA-10M with a British column in Iran

German soldiers viewing a Soviet armored cars Lublin, September

Beutepanzer, How Germany Relied on Captured Military Vehicles

Captured Soviet armored car BA-10 http://albumwar2.com/captured-soviet- armored-car-ba-10/

BA-6M Heavy Armored Car Photo ...


Finnish troops advance with a captured The Finnish army was chronically short of tanks and pressed into service as many captured Soviet tanks as possible.

BT 42 finnish assault gun

Picture of BA-10 / BA-32 Heavy Armored Car

A rare 2 axle BA-10 used as mobile check-point

BA-6M, testing the newly developed sloped turret in 1937

A BA-10 ZhD - notice how the wheels fit onto the rail tracks

Captured Russian KV-1 Tank in Finnish Service Leningrad battlefront

PICTURE: BA-6 heavy armoured car. This particular individual armoured car was not used by Finnish military, but it is exactly the same model that saw ...

This one has been captured by the

A Soviet BA-10 armored car captured by Imperial Japanese Army at Nomanhan. | Just Russian armoured cars | Pinterest | Armored car, Army and Japanese

During World War II, German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS formations were the biggest non-Allied users of Soviet built T-34s ever. During the fighting on the ...

BA-10A Heavy Armored Car Photo ...

During World War II, German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS formations were the biggest non-Allied users of Soviet built T-34s ever. During the fighting on the ...

Destroyed BA-10 after Khalkhin Gol

A BA-10M knocked out at Khalkhin Gol

Ba-20 armored car.jpg

Coincidently and most curiously, while this photo shows the very same combination of ex-Soviet armoured cars as I am currently modelling, unlike my Finnish ...

This vehicle was captured by Estonian volunteers however and after the civil war ended, it remained in Estonia. It was called "Pohjan Poika" by the Finnish ...

How Soviet and German troops used trophy weapons during WWII

BA-64B, the broad track version, up-armored

T-26 tank captured by the Finnish and painted in their markings - not German

D-8 Armored Car.jpg

tanks posters - Soviet Armour 1941


BAI in the early 1930s

German Recce Armoured Cars

Soviet BA-64 Armoured Car ...

PICTURE: Only remaining sample of BAF C (BA-10M) armoured cars used by Finnish Army in Continuation War. Hull machinegun shield is missing, but the extra ...

While I complete the construction of my ACE BA-20 armoured car I thought I would start off the BA-10 I got to accompany it as part of my Finnish Army recce ...

Featured work - Tim Gow's Pegasus BA-6s

Archive photo

Soviet officers and BA-10s in Lublin, Poland, 1939

Landsverk Anti-II. Finnish Painting Guide

BA-10 armored car 1942

... tank in Soviet service. Archive photo

T-34 obr 1941

... Soviet BA-64 Armoured Car ...


German soldiers examining an abandoned Soviet BT tank

Archive photo



A knocked out BA-10 armoured car.

BA-10 armored car USSR Soviet Russian Author's drawing illustrate cover book


Archive photo

... BA-6 Armoured Car ...


... (http://www.jaegerplatoon.net/BT5_2.jpg), ...

... war period the size, colour and location of the national markings had pretty much standardised, with an additional two markings added to most vehicles, ...

The Finns had two uniforms, a lightweight summer uniform and a heavy woollen winter uniform. Because of the different materials these uniforms were made ...

... BA-6 Armoured Car ...

Finnish Crew In A Captured Soviet Made T 28 Great Photos From The

Archive photo

Archive photo

Archive photo

BA-64 in Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin.JPG. BA-64B armoured car ...

German soldiers pose with a captured Soviet T-35 “land battleship”.

T-26 M1939

... BA-6 Armoured Car ...

Soviet BT-7 tanks on parade.

... vehicles in Soviet service, although due to the limitations of the chassis they could only carry a single light machine gun.

... Finnish T-34 obr 1941

Archive photo

BT-7M, 1940, with tracks removed from the wheels and carried on the hull. Type, Light cavalry tank. Place of origin, Soviet Union. Service history

Archive photo