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Cats I39ve Known and a giveaway 4 The Love of Animals t

Cats I39ve Known and a giveaway 4 The Love of Animals t


I don't think I've ever been told right to my face that I love cats too much, although it's certainly been implied many times. It's an affliction that I ...

And this insanely adorable little werewolf kitten.

Catnip Giveaway

Tabby James

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Furry Friends & Fellow Animal Lovers / Are you searching

Animal Sympathy Cards

Buying a Ragdoll Cat

... giveaways I have going on right now for a "Love Cats" Tote Bag by Messy My and a $50 PetSmart Gift Card from Apartment Guide!

Giving food is not giving love

We get a lot of customers who don't

Your favorite cat game to play with me involves a laser pointer. The result:

Cat shaming, without complaint. (KO) You can't shame a cat, I've tried. They just give you a look that says, "Poor stupid human. I love you, but you are ...

Cat's Pride Cat Litter Giveaway!

Dust and Buttons – Our Shelter Cats

Why Do Cats Eat Tape?

Why Cats Love Adhesives on Tape and Glue

Living on the streets can be difficult for cats if the aren't properly cared

This is the first brown cat I've ever

cat using toilet

Thanks for all the loving kindness, friends. It's comforting to know Harry was loved by so many. I've been sleeping with his favorite “Mousy” toy next to my ...

I've found a stray cat family!

These are our cats and some stranger put the caption and now they

Looking for an easy way to help shelter cats in your area? The Litter for

"When I first started working here, I was under the impression that it's

What is an Emotional Support Animal and what do they need?

Cat Love: Is It Real? Of course!

Osiris, my familiar

Cats I've Known: On Love ...

all that said, my dislike/fear of cats has never stopped me from loving fred penner and the song he made famous, “the cat came back”. and let me tell you, ...

Last year at Christmas I read a short story featuring Pepe, star of the Barking Detective mystery series, and I fell a little bit in love with the feisty ...

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Several of the women commented on their admiration for the character cats have. Their strong will and unapologetic attitudes and their ability to be ...

Back To School/Work/Anywhere GIVEAWAY! Win FREE Cat Themed Stuff! - Lucky Ferals

Which Essential Oils are Safe For Cats


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Guardian Angels Cat Rescue & Adoption Shelter

20 Dog Quotes For People Who Love Dogs

I love him very much and I'm pretty sure he loves me back. Here's what you need to know about ol' Dexy boy. tabby cat

Dave the cat. '

Hey everybody, it's Angel Truffles! I told you I'd stick around! I've decided that until I complete my super special project of finding Mommy a new kitty, ...

I've been dreading writing this post for two days. Really, I've been dreading it for the last 14 years. On Saturday morning, we said goodbye to our sweet ...

He does still like to spend the largest part of the day alone but I'm hopeful that inside himself he's able to feel the love that is coming his way.


Pasco County Animal Services

Where do cats like to be stroked? In places where cuddly cats like this show

Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue - 22 Reviews - Animal Shelters - SoMa, San Francisco, CA - Phone Number - Yelp

Image titled Separate Kittens from a Mother Cat for Adoption Step 1

Art Print - For Someone Who Has Lost a Pet - After the Death of a

Top 28 Quotes About Pets That Will Make You Want To Snuggle With Your Fur Baby! - Inspirational Quotes Gazette

Some people don't understand why I help animals in need. I don't understand why they wonder .

Meow is a compilation of full-color photos as well as famous and not-so- famous quotes about cats, The book's sub-title sums up what how I ...

I'll let you in on the secret of no-kill shelters…

animal love / Cute Kitten Cat Photo Gallery : theBERRY on imgfave


I've always loved black cats, and I've drooled over Bombays for years. Who wouldn't love that beautiful, gleaming black coat and the round, ...

He's the happiest, laziest, most hilarious and ridiculous cat I've ever known so I really hope he outgrows this habit before his second birthday in January:

Those of you who have been frequent visitors to I HAVE CAT over the years know my cats don't write. They don't post, they don't give quotes and they most ...

Foster. Love Puppies & Kittens?

The reason your pet is fat is because you are too

16 Dog Quotes That Will Melt Your Heart

Cheshire & Wain_giveaway

Eva--an older girl, about 10. She has some arthritis, so

100 of the Best Dog Inspired Quotes

The dogs were a bit miffed at having to share with the cat. I think it's because I make them work for their treats.

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Does My Cat Know I Love Her?

I was certainly not prepared for the cavernous depth of my grief. In truth, the pain of losing this small, black and white animal, ...

"The hard thing with kittens is that we don't know how their

The dogs were a bit miffed at having to share with the cat. I think it's because I make them work for their treats.

I'm an absolutely stunning 10-year-old girl that is looking for love. I was with one person my whole life until they had to move and couldn't take me ...


The kitten who fell in love with a turtle. Animals adopt other animals, outside their species, they love and become best friends. Inseparable.


Healthy pets don't need vitamins

Christmas In July Giveaway Part 2! Nipsy Nip™ Organic Catnip Pickle!!

The dogs are brutish. They're loud and clumsy. I don't think I've ever not known their exact location in the house. They're frequently gnawing on each ...

I've rescued my fair share of strays, and I've talked with some folks in the know to round up some tips for handling the situation, whether a cat comes ...

... and vulnerability of humans, against an ever-shifting backdrop of the cats we often take for granted, and who ignore us all democratically in return.


Buttons ...


Hardin County Animal Shelter - Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Chillin Kitty - CC0073. Domestic Short Hair Cat Carnarvon, WA. Looking for love


Photo of Wonder Cat Rescue - San Francisco, CA, United States. Our cat

Art for the Love of Cats

Again, your first step should be to talk to a vet to make sure your cat isn' t showing signs of underlying cat health problems, but then you can focus on ...