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Cats in Boxes 6th June 2014 Tilt Cat and Animal t

Cats in Boxes 6th June 2014 Tilt Cat and Animal t


I love it when a cat tilts it's head like this, don't you

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Calico Fur Baby - 19th June 2014


Here's a few of our kittens that are searching for their forever homes. We will be showcasing lots of kittens at Happy Tails in Port Orford (HWY 101) ...



I love it when a cat tilts it's head like this, don't you?

Addie ...

Castiel Dean

She uses a litter box now with only a few mistakes! She is living with my parents while I finish school at Sewanee and they just adore her.

Addie ...

cat in box bw

Photo of Lanai Cat Sanctuary - Lanai City, HI, United States

In June of 2014 I was renting a room in Brooklyn when one day my landlord approached me (as he knew from small talk that I love animals) about a cat.

Beasley “ ...

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

She uses a litter box now with only a few mistakes! She is living with my parents while I finish school at Sewanee and they just adore her.

Addie ...

Turnip, a lovely, quiet tabby, has had some rough spots in her eight years. She has been with us since June and is not truly happy at the shelter.


Steve the Cat is a normal cat in many respects - he loves to eat, sleep, and chase his toy mouse. But beneath his calm, cool exterior lurks the wild soul of ...

Amelia Gets a Chance to Soar

Here are some things you'll want to have in a specially-marked moving box to take care of your pet on Moving Day:

Addie ...


Now ...

Please note that I, Nerissa the Cat, took rule number four to heart and immediately found a box and had some fun with it. In fact, I spent most of Boxing ...

Declaw Surgery for Cats

More. June 29 ...

Cats (2013 11) -- Mon petit panier de légumes


... in foster care would like to give a GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who responded to our pleas for cat food and litter for our foster mom cats & kittens.

More. June 30 ...

More. June 28 ...

Announcing VVMA's July Photo Contest Winner

Cat Photos: (4) July 21, 2011

Chester wants to go home!

Addie ...

... you can't have too many scratchers in your home, which is why I was delighted that the Felix Katnip Tree Company sent us their newest product, ...

Addie ...

Chemotherapy for Cats


Cat Photos (3) July 15, 2011

More. June 28 ...

When I reappeared a week later to adopt, I took her and the only solid gray (seemingly the runt of the litter) home. I began blogging about them that day ...


Pet-friendly furniture

First Aid for Insect Stings in Cats

By now, you've probably heard of Kristen Lindsey. She's the veterinarian from Brenham who's given more bad press to the state than Blue Bell after she ...

It's International Box Day! This is it, the day we cats spend all year waiting for!


Keeping Your Pet at a Healthy Weight


Mummy and Pappy put my favourite jumper in my carry box which was pappy's black and white one which I recognize from before thank you Pappy, and mummy put ...

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Many of us love our pets so fiercely that we say “I would never give them up.” We tend to disapprove of those who take their pets to a shelter because of ...

Anima–December Sad News (C1813-Boxing)!

Jenni's adopted kitten, Cupcake

Ira came to us in the summer of 2012 with a serious injury to one of his eyes. The vets said he would never recover sight in that eye, so they surgically ...

Anima–December Sad News (C487-Pumba)!

More. June 22 ...

Cat in the Hat Halloween costume

-Beast came from a shelter and has been in a foster home for a while but unfortunately the foster home could not keep him and didn't ...

Angelica is our featured cat of 2018! She has been in the rescue since the summer of 2017 and still has not found her forever home :( Angelica's adoption ...

Grace - Flat Rock Animal Shelter ADOPTED. Grace! Intake date : June 6th, 2014

Port Orford Friends of Feral Cats added 9 new photos.

Addie post surgery day 4, June 25, 2011. Wearing E-collar to

Photo one – Rolz

Photo two – Peanut

Photo two – Kizmet

enjoying the rays

How The Assisi Loop Helps a Cat With Lymphoma

Photo one – Kizmet

Once he left, she went back to chewing on the thing. Though I have no idea why. Apparently it doesn't taste very good.

4) Tattered Old Catnip Bag. This is one of the first toys Mommy ever bought me. She thinks she bought it at the Cat Fanciers' Association cat show one year ...

Photo two – Mr. Jazz

Addie ...

Anima–December Sad News (C1665-Daylon)!

Peanut, Zee, Zoey, and Rolz

Photo two – Zoey

Dental Cleaning in Cats

How to move in a new cat or kitten

We have five amazing great adoptable cats needing furever homes!!!

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Anima–December Rescue (C1815-Lenna)!

LOST CAT: 11/27/2014. Mr. Snookums. Large black and white male, white spot above right lip, black stripe down white stomach

I spent what seemed like forever hanging round what people call a "Drive-in" in a town called Estill Springs, hungry and so, so tired.

Photo one – Zoey

Adverse Reactions to Food in Cats

Photo two – Zee

Or better yet, why don't you just give it to me. You know I love a good box. Okay, different kind of box.

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