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Changing the boot order of a virtual machine using vmx options

Changing the boot order of a virtual machine using vmx options


Open up the virtual machine settings of a VM, and edit the CD/DVD setting to connect to the ISO image that you want to boot from.

... test (POST) starts, click into the VM's console screen, and then press button. That will lead you to the guest VM's BIOS settings as shown below.

VMWare BIOS - Boot sequence

VMWare BIOS - Save

Upon exit, the guest VM will boot from the ISO image loaded on CD-ROM drive.

Click on VM tab and Select Power and choose Power On to BIOS. Make sure your Virtual Machine is configured to boot from ...

Click OK on the main Virtual Machine Settings page.

To mount an ISO file in VMware Workstation or Server, go to your existing Virtual Machine. Double-click on the CD-ROM drive like this: ...

Use Intel VT-X/AMD-V for instruction set virtualization and Intel EPT/AMD RVI for MMU virtualization.

Click File > Open

Select a virtual machine in the project list. The display shows the virtual machine overview.

Click VM > Settings

Once you make this change permanent, you may want to re-edit the .vmx file to remove the boot delay.

virtual machine BIOS

Configure your Virtual Hard disk where you will install the operating system. You can make quick changes here such as the location where it will be stored ...

virtual machine BIOS


VMWare splash screen

Edit the *.vmx File to Enable UEFI

Now, if you use the steps above to boot using that CD/DVD drive, PLoP will load, allowing you to boot from a USB drive!

If you're troubleshooting just need to reboot into BIOS to change something once, you can check the Force BIOS setup checkbox which will force the VM boot ...

Also check Enable 3D Acceleration, if you get any problem with VirtualBox after enabling it then disable this option.

On the configuration step, select "Custom" Option :

VMware Workstation - BIOS - UEFI - Enable secure boot

So you can change, for example, the BIOS boot order for the virtual machine first starts on the CD / DVD drive (CD-ROM Drive) and then on the "hard drive".

vmware autostart. You can place VM ...

edit vmx file. Now go ahead and click on Open Config File in Editor. Make sure you keep pressing the Option key down while right-clicking otherwise the ...

Enter the value in milliseconds and every time the VM will reboot, the time before the boot process will start will be added to the boot delay.

The maximum allowable boot delay is 10000 milliseconds or 10 seconds. With additional boot delay, you will have more time before booting, during which you ...

BOOT Options

vSphere Web Client > select VM > Edit Settings > Boot Options> firmware is set to EFI > Enable secure boot check box > click OK.

vmware shared disk

BOOT Settings

Fill each next option with the same option than the original VM. On the step "Select a Disk" , and them use the option "Use an Existing Virtual Disk"

Step 11 – Change Virtual machine settings

VM is created now, but it does not have any operating system installed inside it. We will now install ubuntu 12.04 inside this newly created virtual ...

How to boot into Windows Safe Mode from your VMware virtual machine

... VM Options ->Edit Configuration. control maximum number of VMware snapshots

VM options to change

In order to boot from the ISO, you need to be pretty quick. While the VM is booting, you need to quickly click your mouse in the VM window to get focus, ...

This will introduce a 20 second delay when the virtual machine loads up, giving you plenty of time to press the Escape button and access the boot menu.

Edit virtual machine settings

When you get to the virtual hardware customization, make sure you select LSI Logic SASfor the SCSI controller and also enable VHV (Virtual Hardware-Assisted ...


Change the order in that little popup list (F5/F6).

... FALSE' in the VMX config file, *before* encrypting the virtual machine, can help for Credential/Device guard... Then you can add TPM and have a cool ...

Even experienced users of VMWare Player or Workstation may not recognize the screen above – it's the virtual machine's BIOS, which in most cases flashes by ...

Now, in order to remove this disk from the VM we will have right click the vm and remove it from inventory. Once this is done you will need to SSH into ...

Under the Options tab, select EFI option.

I can give my Virtual Machine a name and specify its location where I want it stored. So if you have additional partitions or a drive, then you can browse ...

Hide or expose NX/XD bit

How to emulate SSD disk on VMware vSphere ESXi

#3 Customize the Virtual Machine

Figure 2‑1: VLM Screen

Boot from USB in VMware Workstation

Virtual machine settings

If in doubt, search your hard drive for .vmx files. If you don't want to use Windows default search, an awesome utility that locates files instantly is ...

System Options

... in vSphere Client, go to Edit Settings of the virtual machine. Under Options tab, General Options change your OS. Here you will find ESXi listed.

Then navigate to the path to the ISO image file; select it and then click Open to add the ISO image file to the virtual machine.

Click to enlarge.

Also keep in mind that changing some settings can be a problem, you may not be able to boot virtual machine then you have to change those settings back.

As you can see above, VMware's vSphere GUI client already has a menu for setting a static MAC address for a VM. However, this GUI-based method only allows ...

Follow the rest of VM creation steps in VM wizard. You can enter arbitrary choices for guest operating system, disk size, memory size, etc., ...

On the right side the location of the Virtual Machine Configuration File (in this example, [storage3] vm1/vm1.vmx) is shown along with the Virtual Machine ...

Its all default settings,and will be covering in more details very soon

Power On Virtual Machine

Press Escape to bring up the Boot Menu. This allows you to select a different device to boot from – like a CD drive.

How to attach/configure image with VirtualBox?

Fix Error VMware Workstation -Unable to open kernel device '\\.\Global\vmx86 - YouTube

In the power controls section you can change the power off action to shutdown guest and also the reset action to restart guest. These options will initiate ...

vMX Installation

Intel VT-x BIOS setting

Switch to the right tab in VMware to begin using your Fedora 12 virtual machine

For each vSwitch, click properties, then select vSwitch and click edit. Select security and change promiscuous mode to accept.

How to edit the configuration (.vmx) file for your VMware Fusion virtual machine - YouTube

Swap File Location: You can change an individual virtual machine's swap file location by changing the option in the virtual machine's settings:

Use physical disk

Advanced options 4

If you see a similar screen shown below, click Next to continue. You can always configure your Network settings after.

Now we are presented with a choice for the guest machine's hard disk size with some options.

Figure 3‑1: The LoadMaster VLM tab. Click on the Edit virtual machine settings ...

Our host and the virtual machine will communicate through the COM2 serial port (or the one that we choose) synchronized at a baud rate of 115200.

enter image description here

Somewhere in this file, enter in the following line… save the file, then close out of the text editor:

... changing the option in the virtual machine's settings: vm-swap-location

As we create this virtual machine, we need to make some changes before we power it on. So change to VM Options as seen above in the screenshot.

So just delete or remove the disk from the vm right?, easy fix, well, not so much. After trying to simply remove this disk from the VM in question I got a " ...


Firstly, everything inside the virtual machine stays inside the virtual machine. From a privacy standpoint, it's great. Secondly, if the virtual machine ...

The user is able to boot a virtual machine from

It offers five different sets of tweaks, namely Time&Clock, Sound&Video, Network, Bios Tweaks, and Misc. You may set the VGA memory for your virtual machine ...