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Char ARL44 Heavy Tank AFVs etc t

Char ARL44 Heavy Tank AFVs etc t


ARL-44 heavy tank with 90mm gun


War Thunder: ARL-44, French, Tier-3, Tank Destroyer

The ARL 44 at Mourmelon-le-Grand

Picture of the ARL 44

All GroundThe one French Tank I really want (i.redd.it)

The debut of the ARL 44 at the parade on the anniversary of the storming of

Tank photo French ARL 44

French tank Renault Char B1-bis.1940

War Thunder: ARL-44 (ACL-1), French, Tier-3, Heavy Tank

Tank HistoryFrench ARL-44 Heavy Tank for WarThunder?

Militair Weekend Hembrug, Zaandam. Zaterdag 9 mei 2015. The 25pdr SP, tracked

'Member when the ARL 44 had that ridiculous FCM F1 stock turret?

ARL 44 Les études clandestines ont été entreprises et poursuivies sous l'occupation allemande pour la fabrication d'un char de bataille.

Crusader III anti-aircraft tank with 40mm Bofors gun at the Armoured Fighting Vehicle School

T28 Super Heavy Tank, known also as a T95 Gun Motor Carriage

O-I Ultra heavy tank front by Giganaut.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Char B1 bis Heavy Tank (France)

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Israeli Centurion Sho't tanks cross the Litani River in southern Lebanon

AMX 56 Leclerc "Le terminateur" with 140mm gun

This Char bis Renault French Heavy Tank can be found at the Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset, England. Of the 365 Char bis built, large numbers were captured ...

T14 - American heavy tank prototype

Amx 50 heavy tank

French heavy tank B1-bis.

The only immediately apparent difference between this and the KV-1 is the presence of a commander's cupola. From Solyankin et al, Soviet Heavy Tanks 1917- ...

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... and they will do without being gentlemen and letting the other party reload. For instance, here are photos of tanks caught in an ambush.

Fennek SWP

AMX-50/120 side view revealing the interleaved roadwheels. Early French designs were well-influenced by the German Panther.

... of a self-propelled gun designed by General Garnier and produced by Renault in 1934. The chassis is developed on the basis of the colonial char D3.

Panzerserra Bunker- Military Scale Models in 1/35 scale: Char FCM 2C bis - Super-heavy French tank prototype

O-Ho heavy tank

Latvian armored power in action! Heavy Tank Mk. V…

ARL 44 France en MAI 1940 à l'état de projet déjà. Devait entrer

Find this Pin and more on Gulf USA War M60A1 1/35 model by archer8280.

Char FCM 2C 'Champagne' numeral «99» carro de ruptura, del 51° Batallon de Carros Pesados, Francia, mayo de 1940. Valery Petelin.


These 16 self-propelled guns were converted by Rheinmetall-Borsig from captured French bis heavy tanks and apparently soldiered in Northern Italy.

[linked image]

A modified French Char B1 in German service as a Pz.Kpfw. B2 740(f) S/P gun

French FCM 36 light tank, Char léger (introduction - 1938; armour - 40 mm; gun - 37 mm L/21 gun; speed - 24 km/h; produced - 100)

M103 Heavy Tank, 1950-74 (New Vanguard) by Kenneth W. Estes

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AMX M4 mle. 49

T29重戦車 ( T29 Heavy Tank )

ERAC (Engin de Reconnaissance Amphibie de Combat) - french prototype of light amphibious tank, made in 1961-63

Char 2C Heavy Tank

432 mk2 bulldog. i miss driving these.

French light tanks WW II

Char B1 heavy tank

Interestingly enough, another 502nd heavy tank battalion fought nearby. This was the Soviet 502nd Heavy Flamethrower Tank Battalion, equipped with KV-8 ...

War Thunder: SOMUA S.35, French, Tier-2, Medium Tank

Posted Image

Renault Char B1 Bis

French tanks Renault or and a Renault Char heavy tank

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37143326735a4db3b904632eb20f1341.jpg (1333×2039) | бронетехника | Pinterest | French army, Military and Army

Char B1 Bis

Type 74 MBT Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

bis 'Normandie' Heavy Tank, showing a coaxial Reibel machine gun with the turret gun.

World of Tanks - M103 Heavy Tank Papercraft | Papercraft Paradise | PaperCrafts | Paper Models

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Char B1 heavy tank

Dutch YPR-765 in Afghanistan

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M103 Heavy Tank:

British inch self propelled howitzer. Two prototypes were built in 1957 on Centurion tank chassis, but were eventually rejected in favor of the Abbot SPH

Chieftain tank – Walk Around

Char Seam (Poniatowski-Petroleo-Electrique) was an experimental tank developed in 1940

Amx 50 heavy tank

Char B1 bis Renault French WW2 Heavy Tank can be found at the French Tank Museum

oppo t29

Char St Chamond

Pictured above is an abandoned French Char bis heavy tank, (Number "Typhon" of BCC company, is inspected by passing German soldiers near Guise in Northern ...

Between 1943 and 1944, thirty-six Romanian R35s were converted by Atelierele Leonida with

British Tetrarch light tank with Little John adaptor, date unknown


Char 2C - Google 検索


598 best AFVs etc images on Pinterest | Armored vehicles, Army vehicles and Military vehicles

AFV | Weapons and Warfare | Page 9

ARL-44 (green)

maresal_m_05_by_giganaut-d5652n5.jpg (1264×1896)

What are your impressions of the new version, what you liked most, what are the main faults, etc.

The layout with two transmission access hatches in the upper rear plate will later become a trademark of IS series tanks.

598 best AFVs etc images on Pinterest | Armored vehicles, Army vehicles and Military vehicles

M1917 Light Tank located at Cantigny Park located in Wheaton, Illinois

The KV-13 looked similar to the T-34 from the side. Nevertheless, this was indeed a heavy tank.