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Chiappa Little Badger Break Barrel 22LR 165quot Barrel 1 Round

Chiappa Little Badger Break Barrel 22LR 165quot Barrel 1 Round


Chiappa Little Badger, Break Barrel, .22LR, 16.5" Barrel, 1 Round

Chiappa Firearms Little Badger Folding Single Shot Rifle .22 LR 16.5" Barrel 1 Round

Additional Images - Click to Enlarge. Action: Break Action

Chiappa Firearms Little Badger Break Action Rifle .22LR 16.5" Barrel 1 Round Wire Frame

Chiappa Little Badger 22LR foldable survival rifle

Suppressed Chiappa Little Badger 22LR [4912x1454][OC] ...

Chiappa Double Badger Over/Under .22Mag/.410 19" Brl ...

Chiappa Little Badger Walnut/Black .22LR 16.5-inch 1rd USC Exclusive


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Chiappa Little Badger 22LR... Pic Heavy! - AR15.Com Archive

Break action single shot .22 lr. Threaded barrel with ar flashhider.quad rail with utg quick release red green optics. This thing is same hole capable at ...

Chiappa Little Badger Survival Rifle **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD - YouTube


Customised Survival Gun - Chiappa Little Badger, 17 HMR | Survival Gun - Chiappa Little Badger, 17 HMR - Customised | Pinterest | Survival and Guns

I've been wanting to try out the Double Badger ever since I first saw it at SHOT Show 2013. The Double Badger is the first 22 Rifle/410 Shotgun folding ...



We have a used Chiappa Little Badger top break rifle for sale. It is chambered in .22 long rifle. This comes as shown with paracord wrapped around the wire ...

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Shooting the Chiappa "Little Badger" 22 Magnum Single-Shot Rifle - Gunblast.com - YouTube

22 Mag Chiappa Little Badger Braveheart Package NZ - Single Shot by Gun City

The ...

Chiappa Little Badger 22LR Survival Rifle at SHOT Show 2013

Chiapa Double Badger Table Top Unboxing

Paracord wrap on the stock(nice in cold weather... no bare metal against the cheek) and barrel( serves no real purpose, just looks good with the stock wrap)

Chiappa Little Badger 17 HMR

Got this contraption a couple of weeks ago, but forgot to post about it. Chiappa Double Badger in .22LR/.410 Full Choke.

Traditions, Outfitter G2, 243 Win, With 3-9X40 Scope

The breech opening lever is located in front of the trigger guard, making it very


My kid likes that gun. May have to get him one. My 22 is a bit fancier.

Ok that SHTF stuff is to just make it interesting...I'm going to buy one or the other (probably both), to eventually to be passed down to my daughter.

I killed a couple of fox squirrels with the Little Badger w/can. It's a joy to carry.

Chiappa LA322 Kodiak Cub

Springfield Armory Scout survival gun: over/under design featuring a 22 chambered for either long rifle or Hornet round over a shot gun //

Chiappa Firearms Double Badger Combined Over/Under Rifle .22LR/.410 Gauge 19



Survival Gun: Shotgun + Rifle in One/ Chiappa M6

Kel-Tec PLR22 Pistol .22LR 10.1 inch 27rd

Chiappa Lever Action Rifle Alaskan Cowboy

M4 survival gun

Here is the detailed weight build-up of the Chiappa Little Badger build project:Rifle + hammer extension + front slight swivel mount+ camo job+ iron sights- ...

Chiappa Double Badger Over/Under 22WMR/ 410

When fully folded, the Little Badger carbine is as compact as any backpacker could ever

nov rifle prods ssh

Chiappa Double Badger

I like to call this the “device used to spread your ammo all around your feet”

1860 Henry Lever Action .44-40, 24-1/4" Octagonal

Custom 6 inch dedicated 22 AR with Tactical innovations suppressor, mega billet lower and monolithic upper (jackrabbit gun). Chiappa little badger 22 ...

Chiappa Little Badger

AR-7 BARREL and GRIP KIT for HENRY SURVIVAL RIFLE Item: 13953965 | Mobile

Pocket Rifles – The Origin of .22 LR

Browning BL-22 Lever Action Rifle 22LR


Anschutz MSR RX 22 Precision

4 guns in 1. The Rossi matched Set "Pick 4". I will take the .22/.410 GA/20 GA/.243

1873 Sporting Rifle, Half Octagonal Barrel .357 Mag 18”

Chiappa Little Badger SBR + Dead Air Wolf Silencer

1873 Single Action Conversion Kit .22 LR

New Savage Model 42 22 LR / 410 Shotshell Combination Gun - Gunblast.com - YouTube

Kodiak Cub Takedown

My model of choice was the “Gallery Of Guns Exclusive” 10/22 Takedown with stainless barrel, flash hider (and more importantly a silencer-ready ...

NEW 1892 ALASKAN TAKE-DOWN 20" 44 Mag Chiappa : Lever Action Rifles at

1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7

Uzi Tactical Rifle Semi-Auto 22LR 16\

Homemade Break-barrel Shotgun Plans (Professor Parabellum) https://www.

Savage's iconic Model 24 combo gun was available in a range of calibers and gauges since it was first introduced in 1950. I had one when I was a kid.

1892 Alaskan Takedown

Chiappa M6-22 and X-Caliber Backpacking / survival weapon, Over under 12Ga & .22LR, 5.8 lbs.

This week, I've played with a gun that is way outside the norm. From Chiappa, we are looking at what may be the smallest of the Italian shotguns. Ever.

LONG TERM UPDATE: Chiappa Double Badger Folding .22 Magnum/410 Shotgun

Ruger 21182 10/22 Magpul Backpacker Takedown Rifle .22 LR 16in Stainless 10rd Black

Henry US Survival Rifle Vs Chiappa Little Badger

Survival rifle: Mossberg FLEX-22 Takedown semiauto.22 LR with 16.25" barrel

Leather stock pouch for Chiappa little Badger survival rifle by possumhollowdesigns on Etsy

Chiappa SAA 1873 22LR 1873 Single Action Revolver With ANTIQUE FINISH! - YouTube

Chiappa M6 X-Caliber Break-Action Over/Under Shotgun/Rifle

... 127mm Barrel, $399.00, Handgun, Used Handgun, G0037870 · Pic2, 22 LR ...

Because the majority of the stock remained unchanged, attaching the action and barrel is easy. The action is simply held to the stock with two hex screws.

Homemade Break-barrel Shotgun Plans (Professor Parabellum)

Barrel Roll · Marlin Model 60W NRA 125th Anniversary Edition .22 LR. The Model 60, according