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Chickamauga Map Longstreet39s troops take advantage of the gap in

Chickamauga Map Longstreet39s troops take advantage of the gap in


Chickamauga - September 19: 1PM to Dusk

Chickamauga - September 20: Dawn to 11:30am

Chickamauga - September 19: Dawn to Noon

Chickamauga - September 20: 11:30AM to Noon

Chickamauga Map - Longstreet's attack (700px). Longstreet's troops take advantage of the gap in the Union ...

Image of Battle of Chickamauga Ended Battle of Chickamauga Map

Chickamauga - September 20: 1PM to Dusk

Chickamauga Campaign Map

Atlanta Campaign. Battle Map ...

Chickamauga Campaign, movements 15–30 August 1863

Civil War Trust's map of the Battle of Cold Harbor

Civil War Battle Maps | The Battle of Richmond

Gettysburg Day2.

Map of Tobruk

Molly Kodner, Associate Archivist at the Missouri History Museum, is currently in Chickamauga to take part in the anniversary of the Battle of Chickamauga.

Battle of Chickamauga,map of movements early afternoon Sep 19, 1863

Disposition of armies

"We Would Stand with Anyone, If Properly Taken In": The 79th Pa at Chickamauga, Part I

Topographical Map Sheet XXI, edited to show the advance of Banks forces to invest Port Hudson, May 14 to 22, 1863. Correction, Info box in lower left map ...

Battles Near Chattanooga, September-November 1863. Map 31


Chickamauga - Reed's Bridge - September 18, 1863

Battle of Missionary Ridge

Western Theater: movements October–December 1862 (Stones River Campaign)

ATLANTA CAMPAIGN, Union advance: Etowah River to Jonesboro (May 23 – September 2, 1864).

Map of Gaines' Mill Battlefield core and study areas by the American Battlefield Protection Program

Braxton Bragg’s Trap



Map of the Battle of Talavera in the Peninsular War. Wellington against Joseph Bonaparte.

Battle of Chickamauga print

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought between General Meade of the Union and General Lee of

Pearl Harbor Attack Map

(click on image for a PDF version)

Map of battle:

Federal troops driving toward Sharpsburg were attacked suddenly on the left flank by Hill's troops,

Map of the Battle of Jutland at 6.30pm on 31st May 1916: Admiral Jellicoe's line of British Battleships is steaming to the south-east and about to open fire ...


Map of Richmond Battlefield core and study areas by the American Battlefield Protection Program.

The battlefield at New Market was a box-like peninsula defined by Shirley's Hill on

The Battle of Chickamauga

The Civil War, 1861-1865. Map 34

Map of Southeastern Virginia


Troop positions during the Battle of Chickamauga superimposed on a geologic map of the battleground.

Actions in the Wilderness, May 5, 1864 (Additional map)

Confederate troops attack "Snodgrass Hill" in a reenactment of the Battle of Chickamauga,

Battle of Lookout Mountain - November 24, 1863

american civil war, battle of chickamauga

Union Captain Ranald Mackenzie determined the point of attack on the western face of the Confederate

Figure 21-4: Map of Sherman's march.

Murder At Nickajack Gap?

After Stone's River, the 5th was posted at Carthage TN. Then was sent to Chattanooga in time to cover the retreat from Chickamauga

A large cornfield in the center of the battlefield proved to be the focus of the

Brown, his two older sons on the boat, and five other young men travelling with the family. Mrs. Brown, the two younger sons, and three daughters were taken ...

Map of Battle of Perryville, 3:45pm on Oct. 8, 1862. By Hal Jesperson (Wikimedia Commons) Based on maps in book by Ken Noe

In March of 1777, Dragging Canoe and his followers, disgusted by the appeasement policies of the older Cherokee chiefs toward the whites, decided to strike ...

Confederate attacks[edit]

The Chickamauga Campaign_Glory or the Grave: The Breakthrough, the Union Collapse, and the Defense of Horseshoe Ridge, September 20, 1863: David Powell: ...

On a purely perceptual basis the opening of the Mississippi was important to Lincoln, for on it hinged support in his primary political base.


Battle of Totopotomoy Creek, May 30, 1864

... Civil War Battles in Kentucky

8 Patriotic Day Trips for the Fourth of July

Map of Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield core and study areas by the American Battlefield Protection Program.

Chickamauga Cherokee

A photo of a black and white hand drawn map from 1880 showing Fort Davis and

Battle of Nashville - December 15, 1864

Download the PDF version of the map

A sketch of the Battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864.

Established along the rail lines were depots where supplies brought by ship to City Point were then loaded on to the trains and transported out to the front ...

Gettysburg Campaign, (1863)

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Chickamauga Battle Hero

Battle of Gettysburg

Map showing the entire day, including the roads used by Warren, etc.


This is an incredibly approximate map of the two army's positions.

Newly installed Confederate commander John Bell Hood intended to save Atlanta with a bold frontal assault

Named by locals, Devil's Den saw the Devil's work during the Battle of Gettysburg as

Map: Chickamauga Aerial View - Closer


General Robert E. Lee ordered his entire line forward at the end of the day

Civil War Battles in Arkansas

"Like its predecessors, which explore the battles of Bull Run, Cedar Creek, Chancellorsville, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Malvern Hill, the new Second ...

This is a very large map (2.3MB) that shows the US and CS positions in Kentucky & Tennessee in mid to late January. Confederates are in red for clarity.

Shiloh: Crucible of the Army of the Tennessee

Wilson's raid took him on a semicircular southeasterly route from Gravelly Springs, Alabama, to


Battle Of Chickamauga