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Clean without chemicals JUST WATER and our Norwex cloths

Clean without chemicals JUST WATER and our Norwex cloths


Norwex cleans with just water. No chemical residue, reduce and reuse. Keeping some green while keeping the planet green! Norwex, improving the quality of ...

Norwex Household Package

Cut your cleaning time in half, save money and clean your house effectively without using harsh chemicals. It doesn't get much better than that! cleaning ...

122 best B&A Cleaning Images ❤ from Norwex images on Pinterest | Norwex products, Chemical free cleaning and Green cleaning

Norwex is for more than just your home! Have a Salon, or in home salon? Let Norwex help you clean it without harmful chemicals.

Norwex 3 most popular cleaning cloths

How Do I Use My Norwex Microfiber Enviro Cloth?

Norwex Kitchen

cloth for cleaning carpet stains, leather seats and more. Wet, wring and wipe away dirt and debris from all washable surfaces. Note: Only use water - do not ...

Fantastic results using the Norwex Window Cloth!

Norwex Window Cloth: No need for chemical glass cleaners - just use water. The of this cloth makes it great for use in your entire home, such as: To clean ...

Washing your Car with Norwex – a Surprise Gem!

Save with the Norwex Household Package!

Tips for Deep Cleaning Norwex Microfiber Are your cloths ...

What Norwex cloth for what job? Clean every space in your home with just Norwex + water!

Norwex Enviro Cloth and Spirinett! Just water, no cleaning chemicals!

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kick start kit with enviro cloth dist mitt spray bottle and window cloth

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EnviroCloth 101 Around the House uses

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Clean Less Live More! Cleaning with just water & a cloth!

Save money, remove makeup and clean your skin without any harsh chemicals beauty makeup norwex cloth

norwex envirocloth

No more toxic cleaning products needed! Just a couple cloths and a mop and you're good to go!

"This was my face before I started using the Norwex Body cloths. 8 weeks later my skin has never been better with just water.

Norwex Microfiber Cloth – Review ...

Clean without chemicals! JUST WATER and our Norwex cloths! No more papertowels!

... 21. Kids Cloth Package Norwex ...

Caring for your microfiber

How to Wash Norwex Microfiber

Norwex Cleans Better



Are You Using Your Disinfectant Wipe Wrong Like I Was?

Norwex Scrubby Corner Cloth Review ...

Oven-door-Spirinett-v2 I think the Spirinetts are Norwex's ...

E-Cloth Starter Pack - 5 cloths, Perfect Chemical Free Cleaning With Just Water

E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack - 2 cloths, Perfect Chemical Free Cleaning With Just

Monday, April 29, 2013

How to use the cloth: ↬ Use dry to attract dust and dirt or wet to wipe away dirt and debris from surfaces. ↬ When starting out, clean from cleanest ...

Do you like cleaning without chemicals in your home? This is my unbiased review of


... the use of cleaning chemicals and cut cleaning time in half. Exclusive Norwex microfiber removes 99% of everything on the surface using just water.

Norwex Kitchen Cloth Review

Does Norwex Work?

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when to wash or launder your ecloth or norwex microfiber cloth

These results show no growth on the clean spot on the Norwex cloth, no growth on the clean spot on the dish cloth, and no growth from the sink water as ...

... my chemical cleaners as it just needs water. Everything you need to know about microfiber cloths and why you need them!

The Awesome Norwex body and baby cloths. These cloths are AWESOME for cleaning your face

Can You Really Clean With Just Water?

Everything you want to know about Norwex Microfibers

Norwex Window Cloth Before and After

All of the Norwex microfiber has a 2 year/500 wash warranty so your cloths will least you AT LEAST that long, but care for them like you should and they ...

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These products are really worth looking into, they clean your home faster, without chemicals, and they do a better job than what I was using before.


Typical microfiber cloths are as fine as a human hair split 10 times… NORWEX microfiber splits the human hair 100 times, enabling them to absorb seven times ...

Which picks up more bacteria, a Norwex Cloth, Clorox Wipe, Bounty paper towel, or cotton washcloth?

Trying them out yourself is the best way to see the superior cleaning power of our cloths in your home. Get in touch with me if you want to see Norwex ...

Norwex Body Cloth Set and Archeer Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway ($40 Value)

Click here to see the Just Add Water Package

Norwex Body Pack

So without being a scientist (obviously!) or being a Norwex consultant myself, here's what I have gathered. Norwex microfiber cloths are woven with silver.

... able to clean their entire home with JUST WATER…no chemicals, and no feeding the landfills! YAY! The Norwex Household Package includes a Dusting Mitt, ...

Norwex Basic Antibacterial Microfiber Cloth Package Colors May Vary

Before Norwex, I never really thought that I could effectively clean my home without using chemicals.

It all began in Norway with bugs on a windshield…

Problem Solved: Norwex Body Cloths Solution

No more chemicals, plus you'll save money since you are no longer buying disinfectant wipes! Don't make the same mistake I was by assuming everything was ...

Let's just say that while I love a clean and sparkling house, the actual scrub

Body Cloth Makeup Remover Water The Best Acne Cure


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Norwex offers the best microfiber cloth available and the company makes it so easy to earn free product. Don't miss your chance to remove harsh chemicals ...

Norwex - Learn to clean without chemicals

E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop, Perfect Chemical Free Cleaning With Just Water, 99

e-cloth versus Norwex Mops with Wet Pads

The Enviro cloth gets a solid 10 in my book. It's amazing what it has cleaned in my home for 5 small kids and a huge dog. Grease, dog messes, spit up, ...

Norwex Giveaway

I asked Courter what makes Norwex Microfiber stand out against other microfiber cloths and conventional cleaning products. She offers that Norwex Microfiber ...

The amazing mop


Nicole Teran science fair photo

Do not use this method on buckskin or suede.


Download the 2018 Australian Norwex Catalogue in PDF here, or browse the images below (click the page you want to read to see it larger).

lip balm hair turban body pack and make up cloths

Our mission to save the planet starts with children by offering kid-focused products, so your children will grow up cleaning without chemicals, ...

... 8.

With just Norwex's EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and water, you will be able to take care of any cleaning job, without creating waste or adding more chemicals ...