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Coin of quotChandragupta Maurya IIquot Also called vikramaditya was

Coin of quotChandragupta Maurya IIquot Also called vikramaditya was


The Golden Age of Indian Coinage: The Gupta Coins

Chandragupta II - Coin of Vikramaditya Chandragupta II with the name of the king in Brahmi

The COININDIA Coin Galleries: Gupta: Samudragupta

The COININDIA Coin Galleries: Gupta: Samudragupta

Chandragupta II was probably a younger son of Samudragupta, who succeeded his father over his older brother Ramagupta, either because of his father's choice ...


Samudragupta ...

Silver coins of Chandragupta II

World coins - Indian Rupee Silver coin issued by Muhammad Ali Shah, King of Awadh

The COININDIA Coin Galleries: Gupta: Chandragupta II

DINAR | Coins of Gupta Dynasty | Ruler / Authority : Chandragupta II ( Vikramaditya)

Chandragupta Maurya 322-293 BC Grandfather Bindusara Maurya 293-272 BC Father Ashoka Maurya

Gold Coin - al Sabah Collection, Kuwait: Gold coin called a tanka, of the Ottoman Emperor Mustafa III ibn Ahmad III (r. Struck at Istanbul (Islambul), ...

Gold coins of Chandragupta II of Gupta Empire, 400 CE.

Gold Coin - Gupta Period (by Ashley Van Haeften)

Schekel (1 1/2) - elektron - Cartagine (264-241 a.C.

Item specifics Ruler: Licinius I LICINIUS I Constantine the Great enemy 312AD Ancient Roman Coin

One anna Coin issued by the East India Company in 1616. The coin depicts a scene from the Hindu epic the Ramayana called the Sriramapattabhishekam, ...

kanishka king .. saka era in 78 A.D

The Gupta Empire, Chandragupta II (AD 380-414), Gold, 7.85 g, Dinar, Archer type, king standing to left holding arrow in his right hand and with left hand ...

Find this Pin and more on ( 320 CE- 550 CE ) Gupta Dynasty by mehtamrohit.

Silver eight-real coins “pieces of eight”

Conflict and alliance with Seleucus (305 BCE)

Coin Value: Token: India Ram Darbar Temple Ramatanka (Fakes are possible)

This is one of the rarest coin of india.. It has market value of

The Indian national emblem also came from Mauryan Empire

More information. More information. Pallavas coins

Besides matrimonial alliances Chandragupta II established diplomatic relations with some other southern powers. It is suggested from a Kavya called ...

Coins issued by Chandragupta I

The Tradition of Kshaatra in India: Weakness of the Gana-Tantra System

CoinWorldTV Kushan Empire, Gadahara (320-350 AD) B ..

Satavahana dynasty - A coin of Nahapana restruck by the Satavahana king Gautamiputra Satakarni. Nahapana's

Yaudheya - Coin of the Yaudheyas with depiction of Kumāra Karttikeya, 1st century BCE,

A younger Samudragupta ...

Museum Exhibit, "Tribute to Mauryan Empire," India

KARSHAPANA | Coins of Magadha-Mauryan Dynasty | Ruler / Authority : Imperial Magadha Rulers

How to Clean Coins

Chandragupta Maurya 322-293 BC Grandfather Bindusara Maurya 293-272 BC Father Ashoka Maurya

1833 British India quarter Anna Old coin

Bihar - Copy of the seal excavated from Kundpur, Vaishali. The Brahmi letters on

Samudragupta - Samudragupta circa 335-380 CE.

A reference to king Vikramaditya comes in an inscription found in the Kaaba in Mecca [1]. The text of the inscription, supposedly found inscribed on a gold ...

Established in 1814, this was the first such museum in Asia. Among its famous collection is the urn that held the ashes of the Buddha (though this is ...

N♡T. 1 Mohur - Victoria Country India - British Year 1870 Value 1

... people of diverse ethnic backgrounds to work together in cultivating various arts and sciences. Although the civilization was profoundly Islamic, ...

Magadha Kingdom & Mauryan Empire, India - 4th-3rd Cen AC134

Shah Jahan - Gold Mohur - Akola-Hoard, Surat Mint, India

Western Satraps - Coin of Bhumaka (?–119). Obv: Arrow,

Maurya Empire was founded by Chandragupta Maurya, Mauryan Empire was Powerful empire in ancient India

East India Company 1835 King William IV two mohurs gold coin sold for 11.5 lakh (13 laks after tax) in an auction by by Marudhar Arts, an Archaeological ...

Bikanir (Bikner), Indian Princely State, Queen Victoria, One Rupee, Silver

Satavahana Dynasty, Yajna Sri Satakarni was ruler of the Satavahana dynasty, who ruled between 167 and He is known from his coins,

Gupta Empire/ Dynasty , King Chandra Gupta , Samudra Gupta, Chandra Gupta II, whatsapp video - YouTube

Ram Sita Janak Hanuman Antic Coin .


INDIA, Kushan Empire. Vima Kadphises. Circa AD 100-127/8.

125-150 AD Baluchistan

Chandragupta II (Chandragupta Vikramaditya) ...

Balarama, holding mace and conch (lower right) on a Maurya coin. Balarama was originally a powerful independent deity of Hinduism, and later became an ...

Kumaragupta I horse type coinage. Circa 414-455 CE.

Bangladesh - Gold coin (about 670 CE) from the reign of King Rajabhata of

Commemorative coin ...

Gold coin from Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir's period. According to DOAM, the text reads 'Issued with King's seal for the entire World'.

Kalachuri dynasty - Silver coin of Krishnaraja

Introductory history. Mauryan empire: Mauryan dynasty was founded by Chandragupta ...

Mauryan Empire coin. Circa late 4th-2nd century BCE.

Copper one quarter Anna Coin of King Edward VII OF Calcutta Mint ….www.ebay.in

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The earliest currency in India was the punch-marked coin. These were made since the Mahajanapadas which were the first 16 kingdoms established in northern ...

Kanishka - Greatest Kings in Indian History

Silver Two Annas Coin of Victoria Queen of Calcutta Mint of 1875. www.ebay.in

This Coin was minted during the reign of Western Gangas (5th -10th cent A.D) of Talakadu Area of Karnataka. “Bhuja in kannada” is written on the reverse.

Old coins from Orccha, Rajasthan

Chandragupta Maurya - Design of a peacock, on the stairway balustrade of the Great Stupa

Taxila - Image: Taxila (local coinage). Circa 220 185 BC

Mauryan ruins at the Kumhrar site of Pataliputra

... and is therefore distinguished in the dynastic list as Chandragupta II. He also took the title of Vikramaditya (“ sun of power “), and has a better ...

N♡T.RUSSIAN COINS. Commemoratives. Centennial of the Napoleonic War Commemorative Rouble

Medieval Kashmir evolved a unique economic system with copper coins called 'Puntshus' (Sanskrit – Panchavimshati) supported by cowrie shells as minor ...

Si-yu-ki: Buddhist Records of the Western World, Volume 1

Abbasid Shahi-inspired coin, Iraq 908–930. British Museum.

Pic: Chandragupta II Gold Dinar; 7.75g; Archer type coin. ~ The Garuda Stambh put up by Vikramaditya bears an inscription, which states that it was erected ...

The Goddess Sarasvati And The Origin Of Brahmi And Kharoshthi | vijaya bhaarati - Academia.edu


Ashoka The Great was his grandson who is arguably the greatest king who ever ruled India . Chandragupta Maurya

This is comparable to the Ujjaini symbol on ancient coins.

Silver coin of Vijayamitra in the name of Azes. Buddhist triratna symbol in the left

A coin of the Indo-Scythian king Azes

The Tradition of Kshaatra in India – Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya .

Roman trade with India

Mauryan remains of wooden palisade at the Bulandi Bagh site, 1912-13

Coin of Azes, with king seated, holding a drawn sword and a whip.