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Completed tarot illustration commission of Warden Alistair for

Completed tarot illustration commission of Warden Alistair for


Completed tarot illustration commission of Warden Alistair for teklacat ! Theme was temperance - and to present it well I used several symbols.

updating cards because i crave that suffering

Inquisitor Tarot Commission by qissus

Inquisitor Tarot Commission #24 by qissus on DeviantArt

albapalacio: Alistair -tarot card. Or how I do a portrait and decorate the rest how I like with this excuse. Seriously, one goog thing about Inquisition, ...

Completed tarot illustration commission of Warden Alistair for teklacat ! Theme was temperance - and to present it well I used several symbols. Gri…

Commission done for private client -

bottleshark: IT'S FINALLY DONE. This was quite the undertaking, but I hope it

Commission - sanitys-rebellion 2 by Weissidian on DeviantArt

viviegg,Алистер,DA персонажи,Dragon Age,фэндомы,DA таро

Tarot Card of Warden Astaria and Alistair for @sarcasmfish!

Alistair Theirin The Grey Warden // The King | My Artwork | Pinterest | Grey warden, Dragon age and Dragons

I commissioned @qissus for an interpretation of the justice tarot card for my city elf warden, Irdes, and holy crap….this is somehow even better than i ...

So many thanks to Lowenael ( @needapotion ) for this stunningly beautiful tarot card of my Warden Queen, Gloriana Cousland.

grey warden alistair

dragons and dungeons

:D This tarot is a little tribute to first Dragon Age game I played nearly a decade ago and Alistair was my first romantic choice.

ukropstales: Warden Alistair & King Alistair tarot cards

Commission for eeveevie starring King Alistair, and her beautiful warden Evelyn Cousland.

... The InquisitorThe Queen of Swordslikeares's Inquisitor, a witty Dalish mage. Want a card like this? Hire me! Tarot card commissions range from $80-200.

Queen Briana: Hero of Ferelden The Empressadhdalistair's stunning Warden Queen, Briana, seated on the Denerim throne, ruling alongside King Alistai.

For ever this time. by dolkienne on DeviantArt (excuse me while i weep)

Dragon Illustration, Dragon Age Inquisition, Photos, Tarot Cards, Dragons, Fandom, Plays, Pictures, Train Your Dragon

Grey Warden tarot based on Two Wands for @nathanielwhy! Thanks for the support Contact

Мои закладки. More information. More information. Completed tarot illustration commission of Warden Alistair for ...

an evening visit Poster

Fandom tarot cards may be the wave of the future

Commission Tarot card by creusa

Alistair-projectnelm: “ Someone tell Bioware to stop making cute warrior boyfriends. I can't handle it.

Card commission for I've finally completed all of my 2015 commissions aah ;

(Artist: Aimo - Dragon Age: Origins) Alistair contemplates giving the rose to the Warden he has come to care for.

thekeekster: “the-queen-of-thedas: “ kanzaki-vs: “King Alistair and Grey Warden Dragon Age: Origins absolutely love this sweet guy!

Alistair by GoodFaun

DA: Warden faces Archdemon by MinaBW on DeviantArt

Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins.

In the end, she couldn't give him what he needed - what a King needed. She walked away with a broken heart remain, still stro. DA:O The Warden

Commission - bamfbugboy by Weissidian

Time Weaver: The Time Collector Series by Jacinta Maree Published Ragnarok Publishing Tarot Card:

Pin by Sarah H. on Geek out art: Dragon Age | Pinterest | Dragon age, Dragons and Tarot

Morrigan, Alistair, and the Mabari.

Tarot Card of King Alistair and Grey Warden, Anastasia, inspired by Dragon Age: Inquisition

Possible tarot card for a post-Kirkwall, post-mage hate, post-

Dagna tarot card, Dragon Age: Inquisition (i screamed when she showed up in the Under Croft... just... Q.Q MY BBY!) | Raleigh | Pinterest | Dragon age, ...

The Edge of the World

atarial: “ who even knows with warden armour but here we go an alistair!

vaahlkult: “final painting commission from an old batch, glad it's finally complete :) ”

Dragon Age - Warden Alistair - aforce71

Alistair - Dragon Age: Origins ~I swear I'm going to find a way to hug this man some more.

And second commission for Suranai — Merah Hawke.

Tell you what a rare and wonderful thing you are to find amidst all this… darkness. I couldn't let this day go by without drawing.

Commission: Francis by DemonLife on DeviantArt

Raven // Commission - razikaledreams by Weissidian on DeviantArt //

Alistair for needletomyvinyl! Thank you, this was loads of fun to do!

Inquisitor Tarot Commission #23 by Qissus ...

And the World Given Eternal Life (Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot — The Priestess by Ravietta

weissidian: “ Tarot commission for ophidiae!

Alistair & Duncan by dakkun39 on tumblr

“Nymeria Mahariel: The Lovers and Queen of Swords ” So I decided to jump on the DA bandwagon and get my OCs some tarot cards! And because I love my Dalish ...

“ Burn not your house to fright the Mouse away. ” haven't posted art in a while so here's a tarot card of anaeolist's warden from a while ago.

Warden Alistair Theirin

Alistair and Realin (Autumn Love by Amedyr on deviantART)

Why did you have to make me leave him in the fade!

I wanted to be cool like everyone else and do a tarot card, except I did Alistair because I love him more than my inquisitor lbr.

Keezy - Patreon - INPRNT Commission for Inquisitor Adare Lavellan! I don't know why I never did tarot cards before, but I LOVE them.

Dragon Age - "As we did before you" - Alistair, by olivegbg

madnessdemon: Commission for Lafaiette, elf-inquisitor Scarlet in “Solas card” style.

Three of Swords - Sorrow Tarot card for Ismat Hawke. The three blades are Meredith's

Alistair and Grey Warden Cousland

The completed tarot card commission for of her adorable Hawke *v* Hope I could capture well the Kirkwall gloomy/heavy atmosphere.

drawing Morrigan dragon age alistair theirin amell warden x alistair it was funnier in my head.

Alistair The King and The Warden - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Фотографии Dragon Age | 137 альбомов

Tarot Card :Commission by AlexielApril on DeviantArt

Tarot commission for phoenixandashes!

crashed-down-in-a-hurricane: “ Zevran and Tally Zevran/Warden Week Day Family/Papa Zev Day 1

I got commissioned to make a “9 of swords” tarot for Leliana. Here's my version of it! (:

romance tarot · Warden x Alistair · companion card · commissions

Victory comes on the wings of death - Warden or King - Alistair

Dragon Age Inquisition tarot by VINTEM

Grey Warden Alistair - rannah-evae. He doesn't look like Alistair for

Alistair by ChelseaGeter ...

Bethany and Carver tarot commission by qissus on DeviantArt

Alistair, by donc-desole - Dragon Age <3

Grey Warden Alistair by the real mcgee

Dragon Age: Origins- Dump by reubelyn on deviantART (Alistair/Warden)

Dragon Age, You're Lookin' Good


paperwick: “ Warden Inessa Queen of Cups @saartohbas's Warden Inessa poised to take a


I was desperate to draw something personal for once so I made tarot cards for our babes Leda and Eli

Warden Alistair - Slightly Captain America-esque

Hades, Persephone, and all things Greek myth! Currently working on a tarot deck.

Dragon Age - Mage Warden, by michaeldraws

fanartoutlet: “(my) Warden-Commander Marion Amell and her boo Alistair doing what they do best : being sickeningly sweet. Nope, didn't make Alistair king.

Commission - Alistair and Warden by shutterbones on DeviantArt

projectnelm: “A recent commission for keeeruh. It was too cute not to post

Alistair and the Warden