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Contra Bassoon The Greatest Instrument of all time t

Contra Bassoon The Greatest Instrument of all time t


Amati ABN36 Contrabassoon

Amati Contrabassoon, Low A, Tall Construction


This is ridiculously large instrument! It's a contrabassoon.

Wolf - Contraforte; a contrabassoon alternative

Contrabassoon - detail (Mollenhauer) · OriginsInstrumentsTools

Contra-Fagott zur Generalüberholung bei Mollenhauer in Kassel. Gerade im Sommer bekommen wir viele

Contrabassoon (Moennig)

Adler 1366W Contrabassoon. Adler 1366W Contrabassoon The Adler 1366W Contra Bassoon is a great quality student model instrument.

Posted on June 28, 2015 June 28, 2015 by Kris

Bassoon Contrabassoon Contraforte French Bassoon Basson Baroque Fagott. “


Tuba, Contrabassoon, and Bass Clarinet - Character and Differences - Orchestration Online

Hercules Folding Bassoon Stand

[picture of a contrabassoon]

How to Select a Bassoon for a New Bassoonist: 8 factors to Consider

Heckel Contrabassoon 388

Romantic Contrabassoon

Baroque Bassoon, French Bassoon, German Bassoon, Contrabassoon, Contraforte

A Detroit Contrabassoon. 18 November 2011

BPO contrabassoonist Martha Malkiewicz holds her new instrument made in Germany by Mollenhauer-Lindsay at


... Great Bassoon?) semi-contrabassoon in F

Contra Bassoon standing position......ohhhh that looks painful.

His Bassoon, Contrabassoon, and a digital image of a Subcontrabassoon.


Worn out corks and pads, stripped threads in the wood, bent keys. This is a very well used instrument!

Bassoon Flute Contrabassoon

Chris Hein Winds Vol 4 - Bassoons. zoom · Best Service

semi contra sample

Shirts - Got Contrabassoon? Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Two of my personal musical heroes(and great bassoon/contrabassoonists): Burl Lane

Based on my experiences over the last few years with the crooks and more recently with the bassoons I have decided that if anyone else wants to find out ...

Taming the Beast -Advanced Orchestration for Contrabassoon – Part 5 – The Solo Contrabassoon – Bandestration

Pinchgut Opera bassoon player Simon Rickard gets his hands on the company's new 2.7 metre long

Shirts - Contrabassoon Player Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Amazon.com: The Bassoon (Yale Musical Instrument Series) (9780300118292): James B. Kopp: Books

Here's all the joints dismantled, cleaned and polished. All the tone holes have been refaced and varnished. Bores have been lightly sanded, polished and ...

Romantic Contrabassoon Bocal

All finished and ready to ship back to the Opera Centre in Sydney. Thanks to Jackie Hanson, contra bassoonist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, ...

A collection of historical bassoons, from early baroque to modern, including a classical contrabassoon.

I have recently invested in a great dehumidifier from Lowes which has improved the air quality. I highly recommend a dehumidifier for woodwind players or ...


The Contrabassoon in the Orchestra

Mollenhauer Contrabassoon (Second Hand)

Tenoroon 1 tenoroon 2 ...

When I first wrote about my adventures with Leitzinger crooks many years ago Stephan Leitzinger had talked about producing contrabassoon crooks too.

Worn out corks and pads, stripped threads in the wood, bent keys. This is a very well used instrument!

Lupophon (revised bass oboe)

I don't actually play bassoon but I really want to. After over 4 years of playing clarinet I think it is time for a small change


contrabassoon (l) bassoon (r)

Romantic Contrabassoon Bocal

'The Bogeyman', for Contrabassoon by Galante

Contrabassoon reed dimensions--These are from the soft sheet metal patterns I use for shaping the cane (The patterns are placed on the back side of masking ...

With this light of scoring, the clarity of the Contrabassoon is clearly heard. The two great ...

Tenoroon 1 ...

Contrabassoon by DiNoDrAwEr Contrabassoon ...

But I think that the entire repertoire is accessible to either instrument. I would like to experiment with using both instruments this season, choosing the ...

Mollenhauer Contrabassoon (Second Hand)

Bassoon, and Contrabassoon - Woodwind Instrument

The back of the photograph has two dates stamped: NOV 10, 1946 and 1946 OCT 21 3PM. In 1939 the Detroit Symphony succumbed to the financial challenges of ...

Classical Contrabassoon Isolated on White Background vector art illustration

The great crook journey led me to invite Stephan Leitzinger over to the Big Double Reed Day 2011 at the Guildhall. I tried the bassoons in earnest and now ...

tenoroon 2

Can You Identify the Weird Instruments Featured in Rolling Stone's Top-100?


Buffet Contrabassoon

Italian Tunes

Fragment bassoons in a symphony orchestra

Presenting the contrabassoon, which according to amazon (who knows if that's true!)

Tote Bag - I'd Rather Be Playing My Contrabassoon Tote Bag


Care of the Contrabassoon -- Generally, the care of a contrabassoon is similar to that of other woodwinds in that it must be kept clean and dry and ...

Contra-bassoonist Margaret Cookhorn

A part of a bassoon. Nr.3

'The Bogeyman', for Contrabassoon by Galante - HBDirect Genres

A young man playing Great Highland Bagpipe during the summer Highland games at Tobermory

9:21 AM - 12 Nov 2016

Classical bassoon

Woodwind instrument

All About That Bass for Four Contrabassoons - The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet

I play contrabassoon with the Mississippi Symphony. Until I moved to this state (via Ohio, Michigan, Connecticut, and North Carolina), I always had access ...

tenoroon 1

Double Bassoon & Contrabass Clarinet

The Sampled Orchestra

Small Bassoon for Kids, Studio Shot


Save the Bassoon wants to encourage young musicians to take the instrument up. Photograph: Alamy

The bassoonist in both photos is clearly the same man. Though there is a possibility that the man in the passport could have changed his instrument and the ...

CSO: Miles Maner on the Contrabassoon

Choosing the Right Bassoon: A Guide

The contrabassoon is able to play lower than any other instrument in the symphony orchestra.

Image titled Play the Bassoon Step 1