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Council between Gen Crook and Geronimo Sonora Mexico 1886

Council between Gen Crook and Geronimo Sonora Mexico 1886


Council between General Crook and Geronimo, March 1886. Picture taken during peace negotiations at Canyon De Los Embudos, Sonora, Mexico, before surrender ...

Council between Gen. Crook and Geronimo, Sonora, Mexico (1886)

Council between General Crook and Geronimo, 1886 by C. S. Fly | Native American | Pinterest | Geronimo, Native americans and American indians


Council between General Crook and Geronimo, March 1886. Were present: Capt. Roberts

Geronimo in Council with General George Crook, March 1886 [[MORE]]boutsofredneckness:Crook is seated second from the left with Geronimo cross-legged beside ...

General Crook and Geronimo meet in Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains in 1886 to arrange the terms of the Chiricahua Apache surrender.

Negociaciones entre el general Crook y Gerónimo el 27 de marzo de 1886 | Generals and Native Leaders | Pinterest

In March 1886, Crook met with Apache leaders Geronimo and Naiche at Cañón de los Embudos, Sonora, Mexico, to discuss the Apaches' surrender.

Chiricahua Apache Chief Geronimo before his surrender to General Crook in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Mexico :: Palace of the Governors Photo Archives ...

Geronimo camp March 27, 1886.jpg

Geronimo. From Wikipedia ...

Chief of the Chiricahua Apache Geronimo on the right with some of his tribe

Photo by C. S. Fly of Geronimo and his warriors, taken before the surrender to Gen

Geronimo, 1886

Ta-ayz-slath, wife of Geronimo, and child


Geronimo as a U.S. prisoner in 1905

From right to left, Apache leader Geronimo, Yanozha (Geronimos's brother-in-


Geronimo, 1886, General Crook

Mexico - San Geronimo - Stock Image

Geronimo and Natchez on horseback during the Apache Wars 1886 - Stock Image

Geronimo and Naiche, son of Chiricahua leader Cochise, sit on horseback, flanked by Geronimo's son (holding an infant) and an unidentified man.

Geronimo, whom General Miles named the 'Human Tiger', circa 1903 - Stock

Who Mourns For Geronimo? – Tom Trigo – ephemeral thoughts on the world around us

Jimmy "Santiago" McKinn

Geronimo and Apache prisoners on way to Florida


Council between Gen. Crook and Geronimo, Cañon de los Embudos, Sonora, Mexico

Geronimo, Chiricahua Apache leader. Photograph by Frank A. Rinehart, 1898.

Charles B. Gatewood, known to the Apache as Bay-chen-daysen, "Long Nose"

A low-level aerial view of the Peloncillo Mountains and Skeleton Creek, which leads to the entrance of Skeleton Canyon.

Geronimo (Goyathlay) - Apache Indian Chief 1886 - Stock Image

Illustration by Frederick Remington of Geronimo and his band returning from a raid into Mexico.

Geronimo and three Apache warriors in 1886. (CS Fly Photo, National Archives). Kalmia Sprouting. Council between General Crook ...

Los Embudos, "the Funnels," in Mexico.

GeronimoLR Geronimo ...

Geronimo - Chiricahua Apache - no date

Geronimo and Naiche in 1886

Gen. Crook's headquarters for his second assignment in Arizona to

Famous Apache leader, Geronimo, as photographed by A. Frank Randall. 1886.

On the trail going downstream in Skeleton Canyon.

After his graduation from West Point, Marion P. Maus joined the 1st U.S. Infantry regiment. But this conventional assignment ended when he joined the ...


GeronimoLR Geronimo ...


CPT Emmet Crawford, leader of General Crook's elite Apache scouts

P08410 Geronimo in Mexico

Photo Gallery

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Geronimo, 1905

P06842 Geronimo studio portrait

Geronimo departing for Florida from Fort Bowie, Arizona

Geronimo and Naiche (from right) on the parade ground of Fort Bowie, September 4, 1886, following their surrender to Gen. Miles.

Apache–Mexico Wars - The son of Mangas Coloradas the most prominent Apache leader of

Geronimo's camp with sentinel.

The setting of the Geronimo Campaign in the American Southwest. Important names of places from Faison's memoir are labeled in red.

Apache–Mexico Wars - A Lipan Apache in 1857. The Lipan were the easternmost

Samson L. Faison - Brigadier General Faison in Belgium 1918. Council Between Gen. Crook and Geronimo in Mexico, March 1886.

Samson L. Faison - Image: General Faison

Geronimo, Apache War Chief. Lawton Okla. Bates

Geronimo, the Captured Apache Chief, Illustration, Harper's Weekly, September 18, 1886

Chiricahua Apache prisoners of war (including Geronimo) wait by a train taking them to. Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Fla.


George Crook championed the use of Indian scouts in Arizona Territory and elsewhere. As Capt. John Bourke, Crook's aide, indicated: “The longer we knew ...


George Crook - George Crook during the Tonto Basin Campaign.

Geronimo Apache Indian chief with his men in the years 1890 Apache indian chief here with

Geronimo died on Feb. 17, 1909, a prisoner of war, unable to return to his homeland.

The Great Texas Treasury Raid Rebel bandits steal millions during the post-Civil War havoc.

John Davidson (general) - John W. Davidson

Samson Lane Faison. Graduation portrait from the

Goyaałé (Geronimo), in native garb

Geronimo ('the one who yawns'; June 16, 1829 – February 17


Geronimo's surrender

Bonneville Expedition (1857) - General Benjamin Bonneveille, circa 1861.

Geronimo (far right) at Mt. Vernon Barracks, Alabama - Chiricahua Apache - 1887

Geronimo film.jpg

Apache–Mexico Wars - John Johnson's massacre of Apaches in 1837 took place near here

George A. Dodd - Image: General Dodd 1916

Geronimo Surrender Memorial

English: Fleuron from book: An exposition of the uncertainties in the practice of .

... prisoners at rest stop beside Southern Pacific Railway, near Nueces River, Texas. (Geronimo is third from the right, in front), September 10, 1886.

Mickey Free is seen here with his two wives Ethlay and Ocheheh. This photo and the photo before this one are circa 1888, they might have been photographed ...


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