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CuteCCSgirl 17ss ruruko momoko dolls t Dolls

CuteCCSgirl 17ss ruruko momoko dolls t Dolls


Note: Pure Neemo pictured is on the M body and Momoko's stand is a bit taller than the other.

And She is truly gorgeous. I'm not impressed with her dress quality, but it's not bad at all, I just would have preferred some details on it.

Promotional photo lifted from the PetWorks website.

My first momoko doll!!! I chose Lady Long Legs out of practicality really, her outfit was casual (which is my preferred style), but stylish too.

Ailene in pink

The only other 1/3 doll in the place, a Supia Lina

Welcome to the Ruruko Doll Release List!

Today's Momoko 1610

What is your least expensive doll? My SIO 2 bleater.

Integrity OOAK Bow Down Nadja Rhymes by Jessy Ayala | by JennFL2



Place it on your doll's head to see how it's going. The wig won't stay in place at this point and that's okay.

The wig is a bit messy, but I don't mind that. One of the sides looks way better than the other too, but that can be fixed styling it more.

Happy Halloween

10 Facts: Faolan



So much pink, don't you love it?!

Sekiguchi momoko Doll Antique Dreaming Dreamer from Japan RARE NIB

I bought him when DollShe decided to discontinue all their dolls (which didn't happen in the end). He has the pure body in fresh skin and He's simply ...

Doll collectors got their first glance of the 1/6 scale Momoko at the 2001 Dollhead Exhibition but it wasn't until 2005 that she really made her splash onto ...

Doll plans: Ailene

The torso in general is very limited, but most dolls have very little range there anyways. Side to side is enough though.

A new collection?

It is a very affordable and cute doll, and I knew there would be tiny problems with it so I'm not disappointed at all. I just wish they would have sold the ...

ユノアクルスライト フロゥライト 2008 X'mas ver.

And here is the doll box. I'm not a fan of the logo since I don't like butterflies, but it is a very pretty box.

"CCSgirl 18SS ruruko, KARASUBA HIME" will be released in Aug. - Sep

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この秋、世代を超えて愛されてきたファッションドールたちに横浜人形の家で会える! http://www.doll-museum.jp/3332 #バービー #リカちゃん #ブライス #ジェニー ...

Box Opening: Aileen Doll Ashes

ユノラ アズライト パジャマ 1st アズ ユノアクルスライト

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I found these cute 1/6 scale dogs on ebay, but there wasn't much information on the internet about the quality of them and I thought they looked too good on ...

Wake-Up momoko DOLL WUD025&26 25は、ヘアカラーがダークアッシュブラウン 26は、ソフトブラック。

モモ妹のミニチュアやmomokoドールも展示してます。 #momokodoll #postpet

momoko DOLL Check It Out! Little Sister

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Frida the fairy

And here a comparison between Pure Neemo (M) and Momoko dolls. Momoko dolls are thinner and taller and also weight less than Pure Neemos.

Momoko ruruko ジャニー リカちゃん靴 シューズ 白 黒

CCSgirl 17SS ruruko



ニコル デフォルト