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DC Comics Blue Devil Comic book art t Blue devil Devil

DC Comics Blue Devil Comic book art t Blue devil Devil


Blue Devil. Shadowpact Devil.jpg

Blue Devil

BLUE DEVIL. Medium: Comic books. Published by: DC Comics

Blue Devil Making Comics Fun!

Blue Devil and Doctor Strange. See more. A blog presenting covers to imaginary comic books featuring the greatest team ups that never happened

Mark Belkin had a chance to catch up with Cullins at the 2016 Baltimore Comic-Con and ask him a few questions about his work at DC comics in the 1980s.

Bolt (right) fighting Blue Devil, from Blue Devil #9. Art by Paris Cullins. Publication information. Publisher · DC Comics

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character Dan Cassidy Blue Devil of the Justice League and Shadowpact


Now published by DC! "Blue Devil" artist Paris Cullins works with something old (Len Wein as writer), something new (the villain is a firefighter turned ...

Blue Devil 14 DC Comics' ...

black lighting dc comics | : DC Universe Presents # 13 – The New 52 Debut

... Blue Devil's demon skin. It's probably a little tight in some places. Oh, you know what places I'm talking about!


Other Media. JLU team members Blue Devil ...

Blue Devil (1984) 13

The 'revised' Blue Devil. Cover of Shadowpact v1 #14 (2007). Art by Tom Derenick and Wayne Faucher

Well ...

Blue Devil (1984) 21

Demon vs Blue Devil

Blue Devil

Nebiros shakes Wayne and company off their perch, which buys Blue Devil a brief moment in which he can get in a few shots.

RETRO REVIEW: Blue Devil # 7

Black Lightning and Blue Devil by Ryan Sook

CaV: Blue Devil (Beatboks1) vs Booster Gold (Esquire) - Battles - Comic Vine

CaV: Blue Devil (Beatboks1) vs Booster Gold (Esquire) - Battles - Comic Vine

Can't take the costume off. Can't take the costume off. The Blue Devil ...

Blue Devil (1984) 15

Blue Devil (1984) 20

Kid Devil. KidDevil.jpg. Artwork for the cover of Teen Titans vol. 3, 37 (Aug. 2006 DC Comics). Art by Tony S. Daniel.

... Blue Devil ...

Blue Devil. 32 appearances · Shadowpact

Blue Devil – DC Comics' Blue Devil was originally just a stuntman named Daniel Patrick Cassidy, wearing an exoskeleton. However, Cassidy died, and he came ...

Blue Devil (1984) 25

Blue Devil (1984) 12

Duke Is struggling right now, but no matter what I'm a die hard Duke Blue Devil fan! I stick with my Blue Devils through thick and thin. Duke for life!

In 1984, DC launched one of my favorite comics of that decade, Blue Devil. Created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, and Paris Cullins, it was a fun romp of the ...

Black lighting & blue devil

Blue Devil 16 NM

Blue Devil (1984) 16

Blue Devil: When you collect comics one of the best thing about the hobby was trading! Cashing in a few of your undesirables for some brand new books that ...

Blue Devil (1984) 17

Blue Devil (1984-1986) #31


Black Lightning ... don't like the new design, too generic.

Sharon Scott 004.jpg

Blue Devil (1984-1986) #22

spectre pulls blue devil's spear from eclipso's body

Black Alice (Birds of Prey) (DC Comics) using Blue Devil's power

DC Hero Profiles: The Series This is the full DC Hero Profiles series thus far. Super Hero ArtDc HeroesAtomsComic BooksComic ...

Blue Devil (1984) 2

Blue-Ranger-Prometheus-Blue-Devil (Photo: DC Comics)

Blue Devil in Justice League Unlimited in the episode "Dark Heart" as he destroys robots with his trident.

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Other Media. JLU team members Blue Devil ...

BlueDevil by ArtofTy ...

DC Universe Presents #15: Black Lightning & Blue Devil

Book Art · Dc Comics · Marvel Dc · Blue Devil by Joe Prado

Blue Devil (1984) 24

First Appearance: Blue Devil #14 (July 1985) What do you mean you haven't heard of Blue Devil? Oh, ok. If you don't know DC's demonic Hollywood stuntman, ...

Created by writers Gary Cohn and Dan Mishkin and artist Paris Cullins, Blue Devil was in actuality stuntman/special effects master Dan Cassidy, ...

Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues!: Blue Devil and Daredevil. Comic PicsComic ArtComic BooksComic ...

... Blue Devil (1984-1986) #22 ...

BlueDevilCover1 First blue devil - don't post ASAP

... Blue Devil #23 all in 1986. Being a team player got Slipknot recruited to a collection of Firestorm foes in the Suicide Squad, when the Squad (including ...

BLUE DEVIL #19 DC comic book 12 1985

Blue Devil

EXCLUSIVE: Etrigan Emerges Again in The Demon: Hell is Earth

... Blue Devil (1984-1986) #22 ...

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Speaking of Blue Devil, comic writer Gary Cohn turns 66 who not only co - created the character with artists Paris Cullins and Pablo Marcos but also ...

Blue Devil

The story features versions of the characters redesigned for The New 52 by Teen Titans artist Brett Booth and features a version of Blue Devil ...

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The Devil Inside. Eddie after being transformed