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DISCUSSION BvS and JL have better audience score than LJ

DISCUSSION BvS and JL have better audience score than LJ


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Warner Bros are responsible for how Justice League turned out.

“Justice League” has been out for a week now, and while the critical reviews haven't been great, the audience reviews have been quite positive.

DISCUSSIONDiscussion: Does BvS have the best ...

OTHEROTHER: To those who loved BvS, Do you think JL will be as good as BvS or not?

The audience score of #TheLastJedi is interesting. A score closer to BvS rather than the expected score of Force Awakens. Quick comparison between the 3 ...

OTHEROTHER: Bruce Wayne in BvS - Ben Affleck in JL ...

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DISCUSSIONNEWS: Some early buzz on twitter for the Aquaman teaser showed at CinemaCon ...

Rotten Tomatoes has become a very popular review aggregation website to the general public. So when RT withheld its score for Justice League to promote ...

Jennifer Lawrence is so awesome, she can make Kristen Stewart smile. I never thought I'd live to see the day.IT'S A MIRACLE!

One of the reasons for Justice League's stumble at the box office is the removal of all the scenes of the seventh member - Steve - in the actual movie ...

Justice League

DISCUSSIONDISCUSSION: In honor of Chris Terrio, Screenwriter of BvS & JL's Birthday. What are some of your favorite lines from BvS?

Another good day of tabling.(i.redd.it)

Zack Snyder Talks BATMAN v SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, A Surprising Cameo, And More

The Avengers Infinity War World Trailer

Originally Posted by Angel0fDeath ...

Superman is noticeably absent from most of the marketing promos and posters for Justice League. I actually applaud them for not spoiling Superman's return, ...

"Superman não concorda com a forma como Batman faz justiça", afirma Cavill

If there's one thing I'll give credit to both Star Wars and DC films, they really know how to divided their Audience and fall into mediocrity. Shame.

I'm not even gonna beat around the bush this week. I'm late on getting this up, and a choice must be made. I can't believe I'm saying this, ...

From The Hollywood Reporter:

DISCUSSIONDISCUSSION: An excerpt of an interview with Henry Cavill for The Rake magazine.

Fan Creations(i.imgur.com)

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... the Ultimate Edition is only a longer ... version of a film that ... is likely to remain divisive, even if the final product is a better film."

GOOD SCORE: Composing a birthday p.24a

Oh say can you see, By the da da da light, What so proudly we laaaaah, By the aaaah aaaah oh.

Love this for some reason!

Will Marvel Fans be Debating 8 films in 2018? by NeutralCritic1125 on DeviantArt

[ IMG]

A restroom playing rebel propaganda, absolutely despicable.

Click to expand.

After Justice League was released.

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Watch: Jason Momoa's badass Aquaman steals the show in 'Justice League' teaser trailer ...

deadhead memes are the best memes(i.redd.it)

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Flowchart of the selection of articles

DEADPOOL 2 | Trailer #1 | Reaction!

Scholastic achievement (SA) in the 2009 Education Quality Measurement System test of Chilean school-aged children by height-for-age Z-score (Z-H).

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Justice League fan art - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!


This is so cool! If you know the artist tell me so I can tag

Figure 1

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DC on

#دانلود #زیرنویس #فارسی #فیلم X-Men: #Apocalypse 2016 مناسب برای تمام ورژن ها، تمام نسخه‌ها در صورت انتشار قرار خواهد گرفت.

AMTModollas 120 8 Titans 2018 TV series Poster by DigestingBat


Pepe En Cinemex En La Liga De La Justicia Metropolis Ciudad Gotica Viendo Batman VS Superman

IGN just premiered the official Justice League IMAX poster, which is clearly inspired by the comic books where all of these great characters come from.

Deadpool 2: The Final Trailer - REACTION (So dark... I LOVE

This version received an R rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, for more violence than ...

Fig 1 Example of abstract for report of pilot trial,21 shown alongside CONSORT for abstracts extension for pilot randomised trials

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Spencer Garrett Martin Kove James Remar

Irons further described Alfred as being, "a lot more hands-on in our film than he has previously been", adding, "He's a bit of a grease monkey, ...

Fig 4 Flow diagram of a randomised pilot trial of pharmacist led management of chronic pain in primary care (reproduced from Bruhn et al69)

My friend's dad gave me tickets to The Room since he couldn't go and I wrote a thank-you note on a spoon!

This maybe hard to swallow, but I think Marvel Studios might be selling a better Lion King Movie than Bob Iger is.

Jason Bateman Michael Costigan

And then here's one more image of Wonder Woman to close things out. If we see more, we'll post them here!

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Figure 1 – Diagram of the results of applying the study's inclusion and exclusion criteria – São Paulo, 2017.

It's unfair of Marvel Fans to call X-men Movies not Marvel when they're still Marvel Characters. Think of this as Marvel/Dreamworks.

I've made it clear that I hate this movie--that it wound up being an overly-hyped, confused, and poorly-constructed mess with an obnoxious ...

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Deadpool 2 | The Trailer : REACTION!

Wonder Woman cast in Batman vs Superman [Archive] - Page 2 - Eyes Skyward Forum

DEADPOOL 2 Red Band Trailer 2 (2018) Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena

@henrycavilllatinfans ha plasmado en una imagen lo que hago cuando lo veo 😍😱 #

Figure 2 Characteristics of the teams by score range. Brazil, 2013–2014.

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight (For Mature Audiences 18+ Years of.

Qualitative predictions of the normative model (left hand side) and Experiment 1's choice scores (right hand side). Proportions reflect preference for the ...

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Deadpool 2 | The Trailer REACTION!

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Justice League

Batman v Superman (Bruce poster) by LoganChico on DeviantArt

Batman v Superman (Diana poster) by LoganChico on DeviantArt

"Deadpool 2: The Trailer" Reaction. "

Fig 2 Revised version of example abstract for report of pilot trial,21 shown alongside CONSORT for abstracts extension for pilot randomised trials


I look like a robot

Batman vs Superman – Drawn of Justice.:

Batman vs Superman Peepboard We were redecorating our house and my husband had some left over