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DSC02888 Kitti Aquastar71 Bettas t Betta

DSC02888 Kitti Aquastar71 Bettas t Betta


DSC02055 - Kitti Aquastar71

I couldn't help myself. I bought him! Bred by Kaimook. He. BettaBetta Fish

DSC02888 - Kitti Aquastar71

copper betta fish - Google Search

A Dragon! With that starburst effect in his tail. With that touch of red

91.2 - Tharit Srisongshet

By Gold metallic.

Bred by Aquastar 71. BettaBetta Fish

Betta Fish

Orange and white betta

Bred by 3636bettaberry, sold for $30 on Aquabid

DSC02504 - Kitti Aquastar71

Bred by Hippo1800.

Fin and Tail Rot in betta fish.

fwbettashm1436820151 - P E A C O C K # 9 0 4 1

BETTA: unsuaul white with blue Hal Moon Male

AquaBid.com - Flying Frenchman...!!! 967.

93.11 - Tharit Srisongshet. BettaBetta Fish

Rainbow dragon

Copper red

EH112 Thai Import White Pink Yellow Dumbo Ears Halfmoon HM Male Betta Live Fish


Mustard Gas Betta! - Page 5

Male Super White Platinum DUMBO ears Betta Thai Imp , Top Quality

AquaBid.com - Closed Auction # fwbettashm1461949804 - **Best Blue White 240*

DSC08319 - Kitti Aquastar71

fwbettashm1465491608 - ooo P L A T I N U M o W H I T E o O R A N G E oooo

Yellow dragon betta Bandung betta fish

#122 Thai Import Multicolor Blue Green HM Halfmoon Male Betta Live Fish



Gorgeous Copper Red Devil CrownTail | Fancy bettas | Pinterest | Betta, Betta fish and Pet fish

pink pearl betta

Discover ideas about Betta

gorgeous blush baby.

Green and gold on one stunning fish. And gold lips to gild a perfect face

Halfmoon Butterfly Male Betta.

Yellow halfmoon plakat

DSC02331 - Red Warrior - Kitti Aquastar71

Type of Betta Fish. If you are like me and have a strong passion for freshwater aquariums, you have probably considered incorporating Betta fish to your ...


betta celofan

Neon Green Betta Fish

º•~ Aquastar71 ~ Black Warrior ~

c2a5e07f43166dded9e41784f49a6ba0.jpg (411×882) | Betta fish | Pinterest | Betta and Betta fish

Discover ideas about Betta Tank

Blue and yellow fancy


What a good looking betta.

Red and white betta

fwbettashmp1397573954 - Big Ear Dumbo #01

white Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta splendens) by Visarute Angkatavanich

808 Platinum white HM male from Aquastar71

Monster black tiger fancy

White Mammoth Male Platinum White, Halfmoon

fwbettas1431774154 - Rare Species BETTA STIKTOS Pair (Breed)

Spade Tail Plakat

Purple fancy grizzle

Orange bicolor

Pink dragon

Betta Fish Facts

TYPES OF BETTA FISH – If you have a freshwater aquarium in your home, you may well be considering adding Betta fish into the mix. After all, these …

Male betta Splendens posing for the camera. UK bred

Type of Betta Fish. If you are like me and have a strong passion for freshwater aquariums, you have probably considered incorporating Betta fish to your ...

Betta fishDon't know who puts the color names to betas. I am calling this one Black Tie Affair

Milky+white+Rosetail+betta+fish.jpg (500×408) | Betta fish tank | Pinterest | Betta fish, Betta and Betta fish tank

In crowntail bettas the tail rays extend far beyond the rest of the tail. This gives it a crown-like appearance. The crowntail gene is a recessive gene.

Red and black devil butterfly

Halfmoon Betta Wallpaper 5 of 7 - Blue and Yellow Halfmoon betta fish, beta fish, betta fish facts, betta, blue betta fish, bata fish, bettas fish, bettas, ...

808 Blue fire dragon

index.php 500×1,125 pixels

AquaBid.com - Item # fwbettashm1464658805 - Super Star Lionel Messi # Koi # By

Blog sur l'aquariophilie, le betta splendens, combattant du siam. Amis des

Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta Fish, Mustard, Bathing, Pisces, Fish, Mustard Plant, Bath, Swim

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Betta aquarium... love this set up

Betta Fish, Oceans, Aquariums, Rivers, Fish Aquariums, Fish Tanks, River, Betta

11+ Beautiful Type Of Betta Fish With Funny Facts And Pictures

Male Rosetail Halfmoon grey betta, rare color! | Betta poissons .

AquaBid.com - Item # fwbettashm1390544014 - Quality Copper HM - Ends: Fri Jan 24 2014 - 12:13:34 AM CDT

Live betta fish HM KOI orange black white blue <> SUN SULTAN <> New

betta splendens salamander big ear dumbo bettas crowntail bleu et .

Different Types of Betta Fish

Marble Betta fish

Image result for betta fish

Love the different colored scales on this one! Koi bettas are awesome and my dream

Crowntail Bettas

(via 500px / gold betta fish by visarute angkatavanich)

Fresh, Betta Fish, 808 Platinum white HM male from

Purple Betta Fish | Basic Types of Bettas

DSC02807 by Aquastar71, via Flickr

Bettas love floating plants.

Dragonscale is a beautiful gene that bettas can be bred to have. They have thicker scales than normal bettas and it makes them look like 'dragons'!

Plakat koi Bandung betta fish

Betta fish are often considered to be among the heartiest sort of fish one can purchase, but great betta fish care is essential to a long and happy life.

Baby betta fry :-):-):-)

by Kitty Aquastar71•✿