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Daguerreotype t

Daguerreotype t


1 Douglas T. Kilburn

Lot of   Sixth plate daguerreotype of a middle-aged man wearing a cross, with a fascinating message inside that reads, O how mean you look and I don't ...

A mad little girl, wouldn't you say? A daguerreotype by Ross and

1 Douglas T. Kilbum

[daguerreotype portrait of a carpenter holding his crosscut saw gold tipped T-square]

Can't tell the date though...maybe 1840's or

In Living Color: The Art of the Hand Painted Daguerreotype — Sara Ferguson Photographic

... Attractive Young Lady's Portrait: Daguerreotype 1850s | by The Dog's Eye

Daguerreotype. November 1848. Sixth plate. The so-called

Sixth plate daguerreotype in a full split case. Image is not sealed but doesn't have many issues if any. The red tinting is the best part along with that ...

[daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman with a top hat and cigar] via I Photo Central One of the best white tophats I have EVER seen!

How ...

He isn't fooling me 6th plate daguerreotype | Another recent… | Flickr

Portrait of a woman, c. 1846, Antoine Francois Jean Claudet, The Royal

... daguerreotype in a full split case with wonderful blue velvet. Image is really nice and untouched. I love these images that haven't been messed wtih.

1852. Daguerreotype portrait ...

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend - WHERE EARLY PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS EXTREME HOTNESS -- I can't decide if this is creepy or what, but the concept is pretty cool. PS.

Image 1: sxms96/11/195 Daguerreotype of Julie Ehrenberg (nee Fischel)

CWFP Skylight Gallery Auction Sixth plate daguerreotype. anonymous American ca. 1850, showing a

Sixth-plate daguerreotype, modern seal, cased, circa accompanied by a slip of paper inscribed 'Duke, Joseph T. Pitt's Dog' in pencil

... daguerreotype in a full split case with wonderful blue velvet. Image is really nice and untouched. I love these images that haven't been messed wtih.

File:Douglas T Kilburn 'South-east Aboriginal man and two companions' 1847

daguerreotype by kilburn


Daguerreotype Q&A

This kids quite sassy, isn't she? Photographer Unknown, Mother and Daughter

Fine Daguerreotypes and Photography

“Franklin Pierce, Fourteenth President Of The United States” (1853-1857)

The original here doesn't look great because of the glass being a little milky. A preservationist would remove the seal, clean the glass and ...

Daguerre and the Giroux Daguerreotype Camera - Men's T-Shirt

Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre

Louis Daguerre (1789-1851) was a French artist and physicist and inventor of the daguerreotype process of photography. Although originally employed as a tax ...

make early daguerreotypes with modern day equipment ...

Portrait of John C. Calhoun, engraving by T. Hicks, from a daguerreotype

Daguerreotype Portraits of Early American Presidents (1840s/1850's)

John Brown of Osawatomie, 1857 Half-plate daguerreotype, 6 x 4 ¾ in

Hannibal Hamlin N(1809-1891) Vice President Of The United States 1861-

"Undertaker 'Daguerreotype' 1844" Graphic T-Shirt by Vicious-Visions | Redbubble

Stretched Canvas Art - P.T. Barnum (1810-1891). /Namerican Showman.

Framed, oval daguerreotype portrait of Walt Whitman, American poet, essayist and journalist,

Daguerre and the Daguerreotype


Daguerreotype, Ambrotype and Tintype: Telling Them Apart

Lola Montez (1818-1861) NnE Marie Dolores Eliza Rosanna Gilbert Irish Dancer And

... A Philadelphia Lady: Daguerreotype 1850s | by The Dog's Eye

Daguerreotype “

Bungo or Prefect, Hahodadi [sic], c 1853-1854.

Figure 17: Unattributed. Angry Young Lad in Front of Backdrop.

The Daguerreotype - Photographic Processes Series - Chapter 2 of 12 - YouTube

Tatiana Parmeeva on Twitter: "#Vintage: #Daguerreotype Portraits of People born in the late 18th Century (1700s) https://t.co/TKyFq3etKR ...

Daguerreotype Portraits of People born in the late 18th century (1700s)

Figure 9: John Adams Whipple. Young Man in Classic Bust Pose.

Daguerre and the Daguerreotype

This is believed to be the earliest extant American portrait photo. Shortly after the French announcement of the Daguerreotype process, ...

Hamtramck, Virginia Volunteers." Daguerreotype portrait of an American colonel who fought in the Mexican-American War, c. 1847.

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Wikimedia Commons

Japanese Women, Simoda , c 1853-1854.

Daguerreotype, 1855.

Lange thumb

Early portraits justdon'; Photography:Daguerreotypes, Slave Nursemaid 1/6th Plate Daguerreotype. Early portraits justdon' ...

Early British 1840's daguerreotype in frame

It isn't a big deal, but it is there. Image is fairly clear, but could use a new piece of coverglass. Cool period photograph!!!. Price SOLD

Figure 19: Edward White (attributed). Man with Backdrop.

Wow~ MT @BeschlossDC Daguerreotype of young Rutherford Hayes who didn't look much like this when he became Presidentpic.twitter.com/SCRlOZqNJi

John Fugelsang on Twitter: "Daguerreotype of President Andrew Jackson, 1844/45 http://t.co/t8IeE0s1aJ"

Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe, late May–early June 1849, unknown photographer. Daguerreotype; 4 13/16 inches high x 3 1/2 inches wide (The J. Paul Getty ...


Photogs of Color on Twitter: "Rare Frederick Douglass daguerreotype now on display at Onondaga Historical Museum https://t.co/dewg7Fy9o5 via @eaglebulletin… ...

item Image

Daguerreotype image of a man royalty-free stock photo

Figure 2: Robert Cornelius. Intense Teen with Gray Backdrop.

... The Misses Spenser, Daguerreotype, Circa 1850 | by lisby1



Photo of Daguerreotype of Fairmount Water Works.

Group portrait of a woman with two children, c. 1850, National Media Museum


John Brown daguerreotype. “

Louis Daguerre

... frontiersman who had a dangerous and distinguished career as a Texas Ranger, Indian fighter, scout, sheriff, and rancher. At the time this daguerreotype ...

Newly discovered Daguerreotype of young Abraham Lincoln. Shown to scale.

Here's a photo of a girl holding a photo. Because it's #WorldPhotoDay → https

The mat of the daguerreotype in the left is stamped "McClees" and "Phila.". This one is the work of James E. McClees (1821-1887) or an assistant and ...

Marion Augusta Hawes (daughter of Hawes, of Southwood and Hawes). Daguerreotype, c. 1850.

... Portrait of a young girl being held still by a woman, c. 1850,



The workshop was an opportunity to create my second daguerreotype with my boys, of my family which I feel I can say is something really special that no ...

daguerreotype 02 - before plasma treatment.jpg

“- Here, my wife, is my daguerreotype portrait which I brought back for


Daguerreotype Portraits of Early American Generals by Mathew Brady (1840's/1850's)

... Frederick Douglass ...

Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Brass, Chrome Plated Art Lens - Canon EF Mount