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Dear Ken Ham No Church in the Wild t Hams

Dear Ken Ham No Church in the Wild t Hams


Dear Ken Ham.

Ken Ham's Creation Mini-Series (Chinese)

As many of you know, I have been working on a book that I have entitled, The Heresy of Ham. In it, I am not only arguing that the claims of young ...

Ken Ham's Foundations Curriculum Set

Ken Ham's Foundations

Six Days: The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church - By

Ken Ham's Foundations


Ken Ham Cover.JPG (295538 bytes)

Atheist Group Convinces Virginia Town to Cancel Field Trip to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter

Ken Ham

Ken Ham, founder of the creationist ministry Answers in Genesis, wants to attract both

ken ham

Poster from Answers in Genesis campaign against Tri-State Freethinkers, who opposed state funding

A Creationist' Evolution Terminology Guide. I have modified a screenshot image of PPT slide

A representation of a possible young-earth hypothesis for the origin of the members of

Ken Ham's Foundations - Participant Workbook

Had Great Visit to Noah's Ark (Ken Ham's full scale model) visiting my son and family in Kentucky.

God loves you


Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, No Proof, Creationism, Science, Evolution, Bill Nye, Ken Ham. Bill: There are trees older than you think Earth is.

What I learned moderating the creation/evolution debate. Creationist Ken Ham ...

We actually kind of like Ham when he's angry, he promotes us.

with Ken Ham's Noah's Ark

A poposed relationship tree of all living species of canines. The dates on the tree

And don't you just wish Noah had thought of this:

Why THIS Church Matters

Gettin real tired of your shit, Ken. Bill Nye Ken Ham Creationism Evolution

Ham. “

stephen hawking is in hell

Ken Ham Ken Ham

I don't think Ken Ham could be a bigger idiot if he tried.

Columbus Homeschool Convention Speakers - Teach Them Diligently

... Defiance Crescent-News featured a Letter to the Editor by local Fundamentalist Jack Fetter objecting to my recent letter about Ken Ham's Ark Encounter.


(Not a comics) Review: Ken Ham's Creationism-for-kids book, Dinosaurs of Eden

22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution

Age of Rocks

Creationist Ken Ham's Noah's 'Ark Encounter' opens with an upgrade — Dinosaur cages –

Ray comfort. Atheism

ark encounter christmas

A typical visualization of what happens in a genetic bottleneck. In this case new mutations

I watched the debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye (the “Ham on Nye” debate) live in 2014. The question was, “Is Creation a viable model of origins?”

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The Young-Earth Hyper-evolution Hypothesis: A Collection of Critiques

Ken Ham Explained

ken ham tweet

Upon this Rock I will Build My Church; and the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It! - Jesus

... Your Pastor Isn't Your Authority

Ray Comfort (creationist) & David McAfee (atheist)


Ken Ham's Vision of Ark Encounter Ark Encounter

Creationists That Look Like Apes: Ken Ham

Bill Nye gives Ken Ham's Ark Encounter a failing grade. Bill Nye: Ark Encounter

Both church types have pros and cons - too bad we can't get the best of both in one church.

Ken Bloch Photography St Philips Church In Charleston.

Dear Frank


Hillsong Takes over York City's Times Square With 'Jesus,' 'No Other Name

22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution

Moron of the Month: Ken Ham

A Warning to the Church

In a recent blog post, Ham had a picture of engineers going over the plans for the Ark Encounter project. WHAT?, I thought to myself.

Magdalen College

23 Aug 2017

It's illustrated by artists Earl and Bonnie Snellenberger, witout whom it wouldn't be quite as funny, because while it's one thing to hear someone writing ...

Michael Gungor on Christian Music, 'I Find Something Disgenuous' and Fake 'About

Hmm. Planet of the Apes, anyone?

About the Author

... dear to me," he said. "I get energized by helping these people. It is a fruitful experience. But I also believe you get more than you give in situations ...

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, The Bible, Creationism, Science, Evolution, Bill Nye, Ken Ham. Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye Drinking Game.

One of my favorite lines from the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate. hahaha

2 prominant atheists visiting Ken Ham's ...

Ken Ham's (Fantasyland) a hem.I mean Ark Park,won't get Kentucky tax incentives. "State tourism tax incentives cannot be used to fund religious ...

Ken Ham - Director

Bison latifrons fossil

Ken Ham - Thinks children frolicked and played amongst the dinosaurs.

People in Ascension Lutheran Church take their aebleskivers seriously, well, as seriously as you can for the Danish popover-like pastry.

Ken Ham has taught me lots about a Christian Worldview in science.

A House With a Mineral Spring in Jamaica

Megan Fox goes to Ken Ham's Creation Museum - screencap

Previous pinned wrote: "Clockwise from upper left. Eric Hovind, Ray Comfort,

monkey grimace - Google Search

Uncensored Science: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham on http


Ken Ham's worst nightmare come true: Why Neil deGrasse Tyson has creationists flipping out


genocide incest park

No epidurals - god's plan is for you to feel pain so you can be punished

They're relying on faith to build their ark?

09 Apr 2018

"We certainly couldn't do it without our great volunteers and we appreciate all the support of those who attend," said Sandy. "It's a lot of work, ...

Ken Ham's Big Wooden Box has been sold!

According to this cartoon, believing in evolution and/or 'millions of years' constitutes a philosophical framework that sprouts all the world's problems, ...

A view of the Ark Encounter (click for a larger image)

An Atheist In Ken Ham's Court