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Demons of the Mind 1972 Yvonne Mitchell and Virginia t

Demons of the Mind 1972 Yvonne Mitchell and Virginia t


Demons of the Mind Poster

Demons of the Mind (1972) Yvonne Mitchell and Virginia Wetherell


Demons of the Mind (Widescreen)

Demons of the Mind (1972)

Making History - Episode 1.05 - The Touchables - Promo Promotional Photos & Press Release

Demons of the Mind [VHS] [Import]

Charlotte always supports her friends.

Demons of the Mind (1972) Yvonne Mitchell and Virginia Wetherell. See more. Frederick and Mabel, by FuriousEnnui

Gone With the Wind Actress Alicia Rhett Dies

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Demons of the Mind [DVD] [1972]

Demons Of The Mind (Doubleplay) [Blu-ray]

While production continued, Hammer's competition in the UK was challenging the established horror genre conventions. More explicit material was emerging in ...

Blood Will Have Blood (a variation on the werewolf legend borrowing its title from Macbeth), was based on a folk myth that Godwin convinced James Carreras ...

Straight on Till Morning ( Dressed for Death ) ( Til Dawn Do Us Part )

Yvonne Mitchell

Warped Perspective

Devil Rides Out [Region 2]

Paul Jones

Margot Grahame in Stamboul

Yvonne Mitchell in Woman in a Dressing Gown

Demons of the Mind (1972) Virginia Wetherall

Wicking also reasoned that in less enlightened times the werewolf myth was a way of rationalising the psychopathic actions of a serial killer in the ...

To Win, Adele

Peter Sykes' Demons of the Mind (1972) is one of those wonderful Hammer horror films filled with dream-like imagery, over-the-top acting, and gorgeous women ...

Budgeted at £202,000, the film commenced its extended full week of location filming at Wykehurst Place. This was a crumbling Gothic folly in Bolney, ...

Yvonne Mitchell

In 19th Century Austria, Baron Zorn (Robert Ha ...

Yvonne Mitchell

Elizabeth Sellars in Desiree

Yvonne Mitchell

This underrated film has since gained a better reputation. Director Peter Sykes provides an immediate visual impact and creates, in the opening scene of ...

Robert Hardy



demons_of_the_mind_poster_02. demons_of_the_mind_poster_02

Escapade (1955 film) - Original British quad poster

... insanity. Brother Emil appears to be really disturbed, and his behavior is of a psychotic nature.


Fred Wood

Yvonne Mitchell

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Storm Over Jamaica

Pic from Demons of the Mind (1972)

Virginia Wetherell

Anchor Bay Entertainment has made DEMONS OF THE MIND available on DVD in a 1.85:1 widescreen presentation that features 16x9 enhancement.

Frank Godwin suggested Briant's Children of the Wolf co-star Yvonne Mitchell as Aunt Hilda, having worked with her previously in Woman in a Dressing Gown, ...

The Divided Heart


Yield to the Night

Conspiracy of Hearts

Yvonne Mitchell

Virginia Woolf

The Queen of Spades

The Trials of Oscar Wilde - Image: The Trials of Oscar Wilde poster


The Divided Heart - The Divided Heart UK release poster

But they are both so pretty, that only their truly demented Dad and the loyal servants seem to mind.

Dr. Falkanberg shares a careening carriage with the good Dr. Richter, and on their way to the Baron's castle, they have a carriage accident which breaks the ...

From the period costumes, one has no idea the period, but the lovely Elizabeth is quite free with her gifts. Her creepy nurse, Aunt Hilda (Yvonne Mitchell) ...

Turn the Key Softly

The Trials of Oscar Wilde (1960)

The Mummy's Shroud

The Corpse

Virginia McKenna

... Screenshot of Demons of the Mind 1972 BRRip 1.13 Gb 480p x264 RARBG

Emma Thompson

Johnny Nobody

Sapphire (film) - UK release poster

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... is now held responsible. Led by a crazed holyman (British character great Michael Hordern), the torch-wielding villagers rant and rave in classic Hammer ...

Penguin released The Mind Beyond to accompany the series, which was edited by Shubik. All the writers provided prose versions of their teleplays, ...

Along with images of birds in cages, often times the camera is framing one character or another within a 'mirror' There's a great usage of mirrors in this ...

Demons of the Mind (Blood Evil)(Nightmare of Terror)(Blood Will Have Blood) (1972) - Rotten Tomatoes

Yvonne Brathwaite Burke

She winds up being The Old Countess' ward Lizaveta Ivanova played by the absolutely beautiful Yvonne Mitchell.


It ...

The film opens with a delicate hand reaching out from the barred window of a carriage. The hand belongs to Elizabeth (Gillian Hills), mad daughter of Baron ...

She asks if he's tried them he says no, she asks why not “Because they weren't intended for mind reading. I think they were intended for seeing the truth ...

Someone put the coins on Maria's eyes cause she sure don't believe what she is seeing.

Concrete Rose

... a much needed fresh direction for Hammer, and one only wishes they had collaborated on a lot more genre films had the studio not declined in the ...

"The love of darkness, the craving for warm flesh and blood … it is my legacy to you ... passed on from generation to generation of our family … for 700 ...

All *kinds* of observable differences: The world of Ruth Gordon


Mickey Rooney

Phantom lady 1944 Trailer –

Ultimate Hammer Collection (Box Set) (21 Disk)

1972 – Yvonne Braitwaite Burke becomes 1st black chair in Dem convention

The Great Waltz (1938 film)