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Did anyone know that there is a dolphin Alpha Welp there is If

Did anyone know that there is a dolphin Alpha Welp there is If


Understanding dolphin migration

Furthermore, after a dolphin encounter, research has shown a synchronization of brain-wave activity between the logical, analytical left ...

Dolphin Social Structure

Where do dolphins go when it's raining?

Common dolphins communicate by whistling

Go on, say seaweed again

Run, Duskies! Don't let the fishermen catch up with you!

Did anyone know that there is a dolphin Alpha? Welp, there is. If

... dolphin Flipper, Alpha & Beta, Hope and Winter, Snowflake, Orca Willy or Jones, the retired Navy dolphin-hacker from Johnny Mnemonic? If you do, it ...

As well as stopping them from drowning it also means they remain on the lookout for potential danger or predators. Dolphins

Comerson's dolphin

Marine Life Throwdown, The Dolphins Prevail

... morigenos_2010_pkot04; morigenos_2014_ahac02; morigenos_2009_tgen15 ...

... a dolphin has to be fully aware of the oxygen left in its lungs and has full control over its breathing. This is even while asleep (and sleep itself is ...


SeaWorld Orlando: Dolphins vs. Whales


This rare photograph of dolphins fighting in the wild was taken in 1983 when male dolphin alliances from Sarasota Bay and Tampa Bay clashed off the Florida ...

Yes, there are dolphins in Slovenia and the Gulf of Trieste as well! Morigenos has been studying and monitoring dolphins in these waters since 2002 and ...

Dolphins are an important part of the marine ecosystem. By efficiently protecting dolphins we can also protect other animals and the environment they live ...

Some dolphins may murder their rivals

Dolphins have names! Each dolphin has a unique signature whistle that they create early in their lives. A dolphin's name can be used by others if they are ...

My expedition with Morigenos was amazing. DOLPHIN RESEARCH COURSES

Portrait eines Delfins im Loro Parque auf Teneriffa (Spanien). | Foto: zoos.media

How Dolphins See Us

A Peale's dolphin swims under the boat

How Dolphins See Us

Transmitted trough water (an excellent energy-conductor) this means that, when we interact with dolphins; we literally get immersed by the frequency of ...

Chilean dolphin jumping

Dolphin emulator

By using photo-identification techniques, we have been able to compile the first photographic identification catalogue of dolphins off the Slovenian coast ...

Defying criticism, Taiji pushes forward with bold plans based on continued dolphin hunts

Tavie alpha diamond dolphin challenge

Dr. Terrell and Alfa

Dolphin Constellation's Weird Star Names Explained

Alpha Dive Centre

... together all the visual dolphin puns (memes, comics, etc.) that we could. If you've made or found any more, please share a link to it in the comments!

Download figure ...

Royal Dolphin swim- PHOTO PRICING GOUGING - Review of Dolphin Discovery Cozumel, Cozumel, Mexico - TripAdvisor

The “myth” (as I can safely call it) regarding the percentage of brain-use is that we humans use only 10% of the organ in our heads.


famous dolphins

BigGash and Romeo


According to harmonic principle, any sound that is produced will automatically resonate all of the multiples of that frequency. So, when 8Hz is sounded, ...


Dolphin started solely as a GameCube emulator, focused only on the one console. But, when the Wii was released and it was discovered to have hardware almost ...

Island Dream Productions (27 of 56).jpg

Devious Dolphins

Susie participated in a dolphin therapy program to address chronic pain. The strong relaxation response induced boosts endorphin production.

But the fact that the dolphins are still here is a good sign that shows us our sea is worth protecting.


2011-10-07-matteofull.jpg. “

It is often said that Cetaceans are the planetary elders and star emissaries. Dreams are revealing the Supreme Importance that we direct our attention and ...

... morigenos_2010_pkot04; morigenos_2014_ahac02; morigenos_2009_tgen15 ...

Bottlenose dolphins live in fluid social groups. Although some dolphins may repeatedly associate with one another, these associations are rarely permanent.

The sounds produced by dolphins for the dual purposes of communication and echo-location also have a positive, healing effect on the human body. When in the ...

... reduced. In such case we can focus on other work, data analysis, or just head out to the beach, where we can enjoy swimming, socializing over a drink or ...

Yes when you look at this cute and cuddly guy being every friendly with humans, you would not suspect a thing, but there is a ...

Did this Punpedia article help you?

Dolphin Tale 2. Get it on YouTube

Did this Punpedia article help you?

Dolphin sculpture

New Quests

A media circus surrounds Japan's animal acts

... the 15th anniversary of the GameCube and the 10th anniversary of the Wii in the last few months. As the Wii's successor, and the brand lineage, has been ...

Download Hi-Res Color Diagram

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Review

... morigenos_2010_pkot04; morigenos_2014_ahac02; morigenos_2009_tgen15 ...

New Quests

whale in the Azores

How to download and play Wii Games - Dolphin Emulator

The Beginning of an Era Page 7 by Loopy44 on DeviantArt

Dolphins transmit sound waves that oscillate at a consistently harmonious resonance. When they emit these sonic ...

Dolphin Diaries: My 25 Years with Spotted Dolphins in the Bahamas: Denise L. Herzing: Amazon.com: Books

SeaWorld San Antonio - Bottle-nosed dolphin

EFB2Ram - http://i.imgur.com/7ZPcG5t.jpg ...

There was apparently some big deal this month about getting every GameCube game to boot. But, the increasingly more amusing part of this new found accuracy ...

I got: Bunny!! What Animal Jam Animal Are you?

It is without insistence (because there is no need for that energy in the higher dimensions) and above all – it is filled to the brim, with unconditional ...


Chilean dolphins surfing together

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The Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins — Maui Lanai | The Captain's Log

As the Stenellas were swimming and jumping around the boat and everyone was rushing from one side of the boat to the other to get photos (which I found ...

Amazon.com: Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist (9780226418605): Maddalena Bearzi: Books

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Taiji drops anchor on dolphin hunts despite increasing pressure