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Did you know that a barbell is a powerful tool to train your t

Did you know that a barbell is a powerful tool to train your t


If you don't balance out the big barbell lifts with enough strategic accessory work


How to build High-Performance Mass

Weight Lifting: The Minimum Amount You Can Strength Train and See Results | Greatist

We've gone over this before in our post on low and high-rep training, but it bears repeating: Whether you lift light or ultra-heavy weights, your muscles ...

I haven't used a feminine product in a workout in months.

How to Do the Perfect Push Press


Ditch The Barbell Bench Press

Stand with a barbell resting on the back of your shoulders. Retract your shoulder blades and keep your back upright and core braced throughout.

What Men Get Wrong About Building Muscle

Reverse-Grip Barbell Row (Back training)


Did you know that a barbell is a powerful tool to train your core? Check

Complexes: A Killer Way To Torch Calories

Cool Workout Tools You're Not Using

This is why we can't marry ourselves to any one person's training philosophy no matter how smart they are. However, there is a time and place for adding ...

Start with your arms locked and the bar above your chest. Press your shoulders into the bench, plant your feet on the floor and squeeze your glutes.

Barbells The best tools for strength training are the simple things, not the complicated.

The Most Powerful Tool, that is also your Enemy

We know that we don't have to provide you with some gimmicky sales pitch for you to understand the importance of strength training, especially when done ...

With your feet shoulder-width apart, position a bar on your upper chest, gripping it with hands just wider than shoulder-width apart.

In Defense of The Squat for Old People

The Big Lifts

... barbell doesn't mean you should do everything with two hands on the bar and two feet on the ground. Unilateral training can benefit all strength ...

Squat Mechanics: A Deep Analysis

It's time again for the Fall Classic. I'll be running the meet at Wichita Falls Athletic Club on October 29th, 2016. The contested lifts are the squat, ...

18.2 /18.2a

Take the bar out of the rack with it resting on your rear shoulder muscles. Take two big steps back and stand with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart, ...

Knowing how to lift will be the difference between gaining herculean strength or ending up in a ton of pain with no gain. So let's start with the deadlift.

My eldest son struggled a little with anxiety for a while and CrossFit helped him control it. Mid way through a workout, you feel hot, sweaty and out of ...

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, grasp the bar with your hands just outside your legs. Lift the bar by driving your hips forwards, ...

Start with the barbell on the floor, holding it with a shoulder-width grip. Drive through your heels to lift it off the floor, then explode up as it passes ...

Full Jump Squat

Barbell Curl

You have many tools to choose from when designing a training program, but there are a few exercises that separate the ...

Barbell Squats

I couldn't get my arms to grow for years. But, I went to the drawing board (AKA I read some research), and am proud to say that I've cured my puny arm ...

Bent-Over Barbell Row

Here's How to Squat Better in 7 Easy Steps

Barbell Squats


As you already know, the barbell back squat is No. 1 on our list. But the exercise ranked runner-up is a close second in the eyes of many, especially those ...

The basic recommended exercises for building up your chest include the bench press and flyes.


Get Bigger, Stronger Legs With The Barbell Squat

bodybuilder in gym


Work up to your heaviest weight instead of using a pyramid

Here's what you need to know... The most successful athletes can ...

... your heaviest set of each exercise, which should be your first or second set. If you don't have a partner, train as close to muscle failure as possible.

Hold the bar with a shoulder-width grip, bending your knees slightly, then bend at the hips until your torso is at a roughly 45° angle to the floor.

The Best Pushing Exercises for Barbell, Kettlebell, and Bodyweight Training

Time is a Trap.

2 / 26

3 Oblique Workouts That Build a Strong (and Ripped) Core. You're probably training your ...

That's the real reason why most people either don't train legs, or don't take leg training seriously enough to forge wheels of steel.

build muscle mass

How To Do The Landmine Press

People who train and don't train both know what squats are. For some odd reason, most people still can't squat with proper form, I don't get it!

Without any training, the athlete who can jump the highest will generally be the one who is most athletic. A greater proportion of fast-twitch to ...

The Most Powerful Training Tool

The secret behind getting strong? Pick the right barbell exercises. Follow Men's Fitness's guide to build strength fast

barbell hip thrust

strength training v exercise

The Big 3 Lifts Suck For Size Gains

8) "People who do not know how to squat do not have normal hip function, don't have normal leg functional. They can't jump, run, throw or punch correctly.

... extraordinary ancient tools, to train for absolute strength as full body training and almost a good substitute for traditional and more modern barbell.

Here's Why You Don't Need To Use The Weight Machines At The Gym

Train with thick bars to improve grip and forearm strength. If nothing else, you'll be more powerful in everyday tasks, and have a stronger deadlift.

improve your snatch


Quarter Jump Squat

You can get one hell of a workout with resistance bands

Man lifting barbells

This is a powerful tool – peaking on demand. Keep accurate training logs, pick appropriate exercises, and take the guess work out of knowing when you'll be ...

Do you get it? You see, I'm in my ... Oh, never mind.

It's a term that describes the look a lifter has when he's doing too much max-load bench pressing. It describes someone whose chest development looks better ...

Seven Things You're Forgetting with Your Back Squat

You will be able to find all sorts of sets and plates for sale on the

A powerful-looking upper body starts with a chiselled chest. And there are no better power tools for sculpting your pecs than the 10 exercises that follow.

I love to lift a barbell. Don't try this unless you know what you are doing.

Visualization: The Simple Tool for Even Greater Athletic Success | Breaking Muscle

These 7 Things Will Happen When You Do BodyPump Group Exercise

You Do Know Squat

Hip Thrust: The Most Important Exercise You're Not Doing

Oh, and by the way, the effectiveness of the deadlift isn't limited to an age or gender – even ...

During my 6+ years of training I've tried every single training style and technique available (ok maybe not every single one, but almost)