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Doctor and Master back when they were known as Theta and

Doctor and Master back when they were known as Theta and


The Master is jealous of Jack.

29 best Doctor/Master Theta/Koschei images on Pinterest | Doctor who, Theta and Doctor who baby

38. Alone by dangerpro on DeviantArt

Doctor and Master ~ last of the timelords. I love The Master and I have no idea…

The moment when you realize that the master pulls of a dress suit better than you

Doctor Who moodboard: The Doctor/The Master - Academy era (requested by: @autistic-eight)

doctor who dedicated blog

doctor and master. The look on his face

Explain The Doctor & The Master

I love this picture. The Doctor and The Master

It's very fashionable in certain circles on Earth. Find this Pin and more on Doctor/Master Theta/Koschei ...

The Doctor & Master

The thirteen faces of the Doctor

10th Doctor, Doctor Who, Theta, Dr Who, Torchwood, Madness, Heart, Doctor Who Baby, Tenth Doctor

The Master and The Doctor

Well here we are. Due to a bit of confusion, we've switched around a couple positions, but that hasn't stopped us from providing some riveting points!

91 best Doctor Who/the Master images on Pinterest | The doctor, Airplanes and Geek stuff


Doctor and Master, back when they were known as Theta and Koschei

I may have misspelled a lot of things Anyway, little Doctor and Master again ;''' The fact that we only know how the Master looked like back in.

Koschei and Theta Finished by dangerpro

So sad even tho Master was evil, the Doctor didnt want to be alone again.

Doctor and Master, back when they were known as Theta and Koschei | koschei and theta | Pinterest | Theta, Time lords and Fandom

The Master – Doctor Who: The End of Time

The Doctors and the Masters

Master and Eight. Ignore the id tag.

"I had a friend once. We ran together when I was little and I thought we were the same. When we grew up, we weren't. And now she's trying to tear the ...

Doctor + Master brief history by Elyssiel ...

"Why are they playing board games? Why is Candyland the only game the Doctor can win?

Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge. Day Favorite Villain: The Master. He just puts that beat into your heart and you just can't forget it.

the doctor and the master by majigoma.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"I don't know what I'd be without that ...

... speculation mounts as to exactly what happened in 'The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat', and what it could possibly have to do with Doctor Who.

Fields of Red Grass by awabubbles ...

The trailer for season 7 put me in a Doctor Who mood so I decided to watch all the episodes with the Master, again.

No Way Out (A Doctor Who Fanfiction)

And the Master thought it good.

Doc8a by freakismyword

Dreyfus' Master is on the left

Even though the Master is a homicidal maniac.

The War Chief

Note: This is complete make believe and is not meant to take anything away from Sydney Newman, Verity Lambert, Waris Hussein, Anthony Coburn, CE Webber, ...

It's our Paris by MistressAinley ...

the Doctor and the Master

In episode two, The Runaways, Theta and Koschei arrive in the East End of Edwardian London where they are embroiled in a bare knuckle boxing tournament and ...

More behind the scenes stuff

Doctor Who Challenge Day 9, Favorite Master: Harold Saxon (John Simm) I love it when my villains are a little bit sexy!

... a bit of a sandy-haired look, though it's hard to know how far to trust them – by the time colour was coming into television, Hartnell's pigment already ...

Doctor Who Series 9: The Magician's Apprentice 'Previously' Trailer - YouTube

Will Missy return to Doctor Who? Michelle Gomez confirms The Master is not dead and will appear next year

The Master in the TARDIS by Silarcta ...

The Rani

Our daughter threw up and we had to pause the episode to clean her and everything up this is what we came back to even 11 could smell it


the doctor"i want us to be friend,and there's sunshine, rainbows and icecream" the master " i want to be the ruler with fire, skulls and the doctor to baige ...


PLEASE ~ leave a comment~~ Running together XD huhuhuhu I love drawing Master and Doctor XD They are sooo cute together Koschei and Theta

Doctor Who Adventures

--Because everyone knows that the only way to get Pepe to back off is to actually return his affections.

Doctor Who - The Master (In The End)

Time Lord and Master by awabubbles

"The Doctor" | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You were in the TARDIS with Clara, Orson and the Doctor as Clara put her hands in the telepathic circuits to get you all to safety. Right as she did that ...

Behind the scenes video

The Doctor: Master. The Master: I like it

From the archives of the Timelords and Whovians

marchingintime: “slythgeek: “ You can't see it, but I'

The Proper Bonkers Doctor

The Master in The End of the Line

Pairing: (The Doctor Who Movie) Roberts Master and Time Lady Reader Summary: You, The 8th Doctor and Grace are looking for an Atomic Clock to close the Eye ...

... a rival of the greatest hero-The Doctor. He is always hungry, only yielding when all the universe is under his dominion. He goes by one name-The Master!

Who is the Doctor?

Here's how it goes: I take dialogue from Pepe le Pew cartoons, then add them to appropriate Doctor/Master images. It all adds up to sweet, glorious crack.

Tenth Doctor & Master || Doctor Who

BBC One - Doctor Who, Season 1 - The First Doctor Fact title Fact data

Doctor Who Magazine

Soul Healing India

Notes from Theta and Koschei

The Doctor (Doctor Who)

The compassion and forgiveness the Doctor had for the Master even after all he'd done.It's so sad that the Master remained ...

The Master reveals his considerable talent for disguise. (COMIC: The Man in the Ion Mask)

Ally of the War Lords

I have pretty much nothing to add, because you have already said it all! So, instead, have some gratuitous swordfight caps! The Master's got the Doctor ...

Clara & the Doctor

When Will Theta Notice Me <

The Master is initiated into the Academy. (TV: The Sound of Drums)

Together (Doctor Who Fanfic) Doctor/Master

"The Master" | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia

According to my knowledge, no one is aware of the Doctor's genuine name, apart

My name is Dr. Daniel Thomas. I exemplify what intelligent people want most in a doctor: Excellent credentials, years of experience, and ...

Another memorable moment

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