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Dorks love it BTS t BTS and Kpop

Dorks love it BTS t BTS and Kpop


I love these dorks so much

love of mine

Nah I love both sides of my bias! (Btw Taehyung is my bias and I love his weird side it made me fall in love with this cute lil dork!

Omg this dork you can't not love him!! ^^ my ultimate. Bts ...

BTS Reactions

GO HOBI SO PROUD OF YOU | BTS (I love these dorks) | Pinterest | BTS, Kpop and Hoseok

Hahaha these dorks ♥️

That last one made me smile like a dork · Suga FunnyBts ...

Sweetie~ | The seven cute dorks who ruined my lifeu | Pinterest | Mochi, BTS and Kpop

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BTS, comic,funny (Rap Monster and V)

Bts group

OMG BTS and Block B are some of the biggest Dorks(or derps) in

*cough* every member of bts *cough*

Ikr their natural skin tone is gorgeous, they don't need to be white · Skin ToneKpopBts ...

BTS Kim Taehyung V Imagine Mafia Bangtan

Pin by Kayley on BTS (I love these dorks) | Pinterest | BTS, Kpop and Jimin

Find this Pin and more on BTS (I ❤ These Dorks) by starriey.

I laughed way harder than I should have; Kookie's innocent face is adorable but I can't tell if V is actually trying to figure out the answer or if he just ...

mmmmmm Everyone looked fine as hell in that video

I don't know why but i find them kissing each other so cringy and they look uncomfortable too BTS

Bts memes

"I can see my nose" - Kim Namjoon IQ 150

I love him in both ways...but I am happy and proud how. Bts ...

Bts group · Omg... I can't even do that

ISAC RECORDING UPDATE You already did damn! I didn't know you're · Bts ...

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BTS | Bangtan | Wings

7 ángeles. Bts ...

... group of dorks,wierds,idiots or individuals that escape from a mental institution.lol!!!actully this is one of the reason why armys love them so much!!

oh that so ...... Bts ...


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Fuck, I don't know where to put this pin!

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

lol who doesn't get flustered when Jimin is shirtless like honestly < <

I'm crying

He's such a dork I love him · Bts ...

BTS V RM Jin momma looking at the principal like "And? What's wrong with that? He didn't steal money." While Namjoon is just like "It was a sale man.

Two professional fangirls who are madly in love with 7 dorks we've never even met.

Poor suga he will never live it down lol < < < < < i dont care. SugaBear is adorable and i love him damnit. He is the cutest dork.

Bts bangtan boy · I fucking love all of them, these lying, rude, sexy dorks

The group pictures for BTS are either really funny or really cool. But I have to admit that I love them both.

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BTS JIMIN beautiful smile!

Oh my gawd... Girl or boy?

Jimin and Jungkook

I've only know these 7 dorks for about a year and wished I was with them from the verybeginning, but within this year I've come to love each and every ...

I love his jokes!

... to get me into K-pop. I watched some hilarious videos of these Asian guys being dorks and I laughed at it thinking, at the time it was stupid.

I miss Run era, again ive only been an Army for a year, but when u watch their MV's, u really feel like uve been an Army for a long ass time, ...

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Everyone loves Taetae ♥

You gotta love em <3 <3 bunch oh dorks hahaha

Comment below who you would like to see more pictures of and I'll try my best to post them! It doesn't have to be from BTS!

i rlly want an unlined notebook. i like being able to write however i want and not be restricted by liNES

Nah I love both sides of my bias! (Btw Taehyung is my bias and I love his weird side it made me fall in love with this cute lil dork!

Best 4088 Kpop, & Quotes/Funny ❤ images on Pinterest | Bts memes, Bts bangtan boy and Kdrama memes

BTS (防弾少年団) - at Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve ...

I like these weird people who show a badass Image on stage and in the MVs but in reality they are such dorks. Bts are my current obsession and I can't get ...

mimibtsghost: “WHO HOLDS CONTROL IN THE BTS DORM? | kkooreum ” | BTS (I ❤ These Dorks) | Pinterest | BTS, Dorm and Kpop

180426 ⭐ #BTS : Burn The Stage Ep6 ✨|| #JUNGKOOK I love

And kids that's why I love these dorks.

Seems like we're seeing a lot of foreheads for this comeback!

Jimin can't even handle Rapmon right now BTS Meme Center allkpop

•Mission Murder• {BTS Spy AU}

hmp'i trust you. Bts ...

#BTS FAKE LOVE #JUNGKOOK //pinterest : anotherchocopie

My mom ask me this to like no you don't understand I don't like talking to ppl bts has my full focus you see

Found on. KidFunny StuffBts ...

BTS || 방탄소년단 'RUN' MV *I love these dorks

BTS · See this Instagram photo by @btsfacts07 • 1,359 likes

Kpop BTS In The Mood For Love Pt.2 V Photo Card Taehyung Bangtan Boys

5,683 Likes, 64 Comments - Hwarang Drama 화랑:더비기닝 (@hwarangofficial

Yoongi bts

BTS!!! I love these dorks so much.They weren't my first kpop group but they became my favorite. <3 <3i watched clips of them and their reality show and I fell ...

TRASH *. Funny MemesBts ...

Tới đây thì tui xin phép cạn cmn lời T^T shipper VMin/MinV lên

BTS Being Dorks! #5thFlowerPathWithBTS

Imagen de bts, jimin, and kpop

Don't worry love, all of this is not coincidence - BTS_DNA (Jin's part) #bts #btsdna #btslyric #dnalyric #btswallpaper #jin

I love Namjoon so much, people don't understand his beauty and caring Nature. He is the leader of BTS for a reason, he is capable.

Bts jimin

I once saw this before and i was like awh Jimin it's okay. at that moment i realized that Jungkook really does love his Hyungs.

Play the game - BTS ~ DarksideAnime

Because Hobi Sunshine is the best and they respect how talented and handsome and wonderful he is!

Jimin: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?!? *uncontrollable sobbing*

J-Hope, Jungkook, and V XD I love these dorks

XDXD · KdramaBts ...

Of cos bae. BTS without one of the members isn't BTS. Please stay that way bangtan T^T >>>>> I knew there was a reason why I could never pick a bias!!

Bir BTS mükemmelliği daha. Siz gerçekten mükemmel bir detaysınız.. #BTS #SUGA #JHOPE #JİMİN #JUNGKOOK #V #RAPMONSTER #JİN #BİLLBOARDBTS

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BTS Being DORKS | Bangtan Boys

That K-pop Dork

If you are a big K-Pop fan, you will surely agree that the K-Pop world is filled with handsome, talented, and unique idols who are incredibly awesome.