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Dussala Mahabharata t

Dussala Mahabharata t


Dushala - The only sister of Kauravas | Artha | AMAZING FACTS

Arjuna - hey Krishna, My elder Yudhisthir is the greatest king in the world. He owns the title DHARMARAJ ( lord of dharma) for his undisputed and ...


Kichak and Draupadi in Mahabharat

When the Mahabharata war was on, the Kaurava forces were led by Bhishmapitamaha. With him were Acharya Drona, Daanveer Karn and many others.


Dussala said thus, “O brother Arjuna! The Kauravas caused untold miseries to all of you. My husband Saindhava also supported them.

First lets check why and how exactly Draupadi got married to five brothers.


After the Lord Krishna ascends to Vekuthlok Pandavs after the advise of Ved Vyasa leaves their Kingdom in the hands if Parikshit and left for the Himalayas.

'Krishna' captured by Kunal for the serial Mahabharata for Star

about the jewellery worn in Mahabharat ESPECIALLY this head wear! - Costume and jewellery styled by Bhanu Athaiya!


That's it :P

Kaurava Pandava Yuddh

Who Was Dushala In Mahabharat?

Dushala was married to him already. In the war even Jayadratha was killed by Arjuna to avenge his son Abhimanyu's death. So Dushala became a widow and ...

That way he would have to keep changing Parties till everyone got killed. (That foundation in “out of box thinking” is rooted in our epics long ago)Krishna ...

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After the Mahabharata War is won by Pandavs by killing the entire Kuru clan, Dhrithrashtra and Gandhari Set out to visit the war field along with Vidura and ...


8. Temple of Duryodhna :

... of the Mahabharat War. Sahadeva being honest had disclosed it to Duryodhan in spite knowing the fact that Duryodhan was his real enemy in the battle.

After the Mahabharat War - How long did Pandavas rule? - THE HINDU PORTAL - Spiritual heritage Rituals and Practices

The quintessence ...


Draupadi - The Tritagonist Of The Mahabharat

Mahabharata story in tamil|The Mahabharat history|Mahabharatham|birth of kauravas story|Duryodhana

Jayadrath Vadh Mystery in Telugu || Jayadratha || Saindhavudu in Mahabharat || Mahabharatham Story

All the efforts made by his men to understand the meaning proved to be futile. Seeing his plight Krishna approached him and said "I know what issues ...

The death and Curse of Lord Krishna


Clues from Mahabharat

Who Was The Sister Of Kauravas?


For all the hardships and injustice they faced, Draupadi, Kunti and Karna received tremendous love by the masses as the tale of Mahabharata passed on from ...


Before the Mahabharata war began, Lord Krishna asked all the Pandavas how many days he would take to finish Mahabharata war alone.

The devotion of devotee makes even the God helpless. My respect to this relationship of Ram and Hanuman.

Veda Vyasa, the author of Mahabharata


Mahabharata war:

Thus, Krishna was able to save himself from getting killed. Abhimanyu being Kalayvan's reincarnation, had to be eliminated too.


gandhari curse krishna after mahabharat war

This infuriates Yudhisthira. Disappointed and frustrated, Yudhisthira vents out all his anger on Arjuna. In the heat of this moment, he even yells at Arjuna ...

B R Copra with Mahabharat TV serial actresses

Drupadi & Subadra


Odia Mahabharat Nataka Scene || Why Mahabharat Happened || All About India

May be Sakuni lost his life in the battle of Kuru-kshetra but he succeeded in his purpose of obliterating BHISHMA's Family and hence took vengeance of his ...

Mahabharata redux: MP varsity trains kids in womb | India News - Times of India

According to Census of India of 2001, India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. However, figures from other sources vary, primarily due to ...

After Cursing Lord krishna all people Vidura, Sanjaya and lord krishna Pacify them and afterwards the Pyres were constructed to cremate the Deceased ...


Mahabharat On Star Plus


His childhood passed in a very poor condition as his father didn't get any job.

8. Duryodhana's dilemmas

Stories From the Mahabharata by Swami Sivananda | Mahabharata | Hindu Mythology

Arjuna at Kurukshetra, fighting the Kauravas

MAHABHARATA  Pandava ...


The story goes that Lord Vishnu took the birth of Krishna to eradicate all the evil from the world. Around that time, the Govardhan hill & the river Yamuna ...

Draupadi & dushasan scene

Women of Mahabharata

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But dont worry my palace has enough sandal wood to fulfill your purpose.

Indra, with the intention of disturbing his tapas, came in the guise of a soldier, wielding a sword in his hand. He entrusted that very attractive sword to ...

Kurukshetra War - Night 13


Bhishma Pitamah - Mahabharat - Indian mythology story

Махабхарата / Mahabharat Все серии (2013) смотреть онлайн индийский сериал на русском языке

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Chitrasena (Mahabharata)

Laxman Kumara

Parashuram. Parasurama. Brahmana yang menguasai senjata, sekaligus guru dari Bhisma. Bheeshma's teacher

Krishna and Arjuna - Nar and Narayan

Bharadwaja's daughter married Visrava and her son was Kubera, the elder half-brother of Ravana. Drona's father was Bharadwaja.

Beautifull panchali

Draupadi was an ambitious woman who had desire to play a role in state administration. She had already taken the control of treasury.

A page from the Mahabharata, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, ca. 1800, senes before the game of dice particularly their adventures in the Panchala region, ...

He argued that there was some force within him that did not allow him to choose the right path. Had he listened to Krishna's words, the entire war could ...

It is mentioned in Puranas that Lord Parashuram ,who was the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, fulfilled his resolve by ending the lives of Adharmic ...

5. He even outshone Arjun when they finished their training, but was shooed away like a dog by Dronacharya

Encouraged by Uloopi's words Babruvahana said, “O mother Uloopi! What you said is correct. But fighting with own father does not appear to be proper.

Sage Vyasa suggested her to keep the foetus in a 101 pots which were filled with herbs,ghee and he will use his powers to bring it to life (May be ...

Karnas Wife Book Review

Lets see what exactly Kunti did when Pandavas came back with Draupadi -

Draupadi probably had fair idea about Arjuna's characteristic weaknesses. That's why she took help from Krishna.