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Eastern smallfooted bat Endangered COSSARO 2015 with WNS

Eastern smallfooted bat Endangered COSSARO 2015 with WNS


Eastern Small-footed Bat. M leibii J Albert Bauer 2010

Zoom+ An eastern small-footed myotis. © Melissa Woerner

Eastern Small-footed Myotis showing signs of infection from white-nose syndrome in New York State.

A brown bat shows symptoms of the fungus white nose syndrome. The state is proposing

A photograph of an Eastern Small-footed Myotis.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Zoom+ Indiana bat. © Justin Boyles

Eastern small-footed (Myotis leibii)

Eastern Small-footed Bat with white-nose syndrome. Photo Credit: USFWS

Northern Long-Eared Bat - Google Search

Eastern Small-footed Myotis and Little Brown Myotis.


Several species of bats that call Connecticut home have been devastated by white-nose syndrome

The eastern small-footed bat is the smallest bats in eastern North America. Photo: N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. “

(Left two images) Two clusters of healthy hibernating Townsend's big-eared bats at Grand Canyon–Parashant National Monument, Arizona.

Mammals: Tracking Bats

Little brown bat (Endangered. COSSARO. 2012) Photo source: ecga.org

sick bat

Bats with White Nose Syndrome |  ...

A Little Brown Bat hanging in its hibernacula and showing signs of White-nose Syndrome. Photo credit: from WV Department of Natural resources website.

The little brown bat has been placed on Ontario's endangered species list as a result of White-nosed Syndrome.

Eastern small-footed bat (Endangered, COSSARO 2015) with WNS, Photo credit

Photo courtesy of Scott Darling of Vermont Fish and Game

Zoom+ A little brown bat, during a fall banding survey in northern NJ. © MacKenzie Hall

Focusing on Wildlife, human-wildlife interface, gray bat, Myotis grisescens, white


Close-up of an Eastern Pipistrelle bat hanging upside down in a cave, species

A cluster of hibernating little brown bats in Aeolus Cave, East Dorset, Vermont. Credit: USFWS/Keith Shannon. "

Distribution of Eastern Small-footed Myotis in North America.


Little Brown Bat with White Nose, Ears, and Wings from White Nose Syndrome Contraction

Threats to Bats. Threats illustration 01. Bats are threatened ...

Current and historic distribution of Eastern Small-footed Myotis in Ontario.

Northern long-eared bat collage, repinned from Garry Rogers. Northern long-eared. Endangered ...

Distribution of caves and Eastern Small-footed Myotis in North America.

HIbernating bat ranges and the disease's spread.

Indiana bat hibernating in a cave.

Northern long-eared bat

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Stop concert at Mammoth Cave

Download figure ...

Bat 1

White-nose Syndrome - Memoirs from the Front Line

White-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has killed millions of bats in the eastern United States, continues to affect bat populations in western North ...

North American barn owl, (status: endangered. COSSARO. 2015) There are at least 100 species endangered by extinction in Ontario. Learn more about Ontario's ...

Little brown bat, Photo credit: Ralph Eldridge

small-footed bat.JPG

Northern Long-eared Bat

White-nose syndrome occurrence confirmations in eastern North America (Source: Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative).

In South Carolina's Upstate, tricolored bats ...

PG graphic: Bat populations plummet (Click image for larger version)

Go here for a list of WNS links for more information. See the updated WNS Infection Map.

LEFT: Toby Thorne, Toronto Zoo Bat Researcher, with Big Brown Bat and RIGHT: Big Brown Bat. Photo Credit: Toronto Zoo

The gloved hand of a biologist holds a little brown bat in Vermont.

Red-cockaded Woodpecker endangered species Oklahoma


American Burying Beetle - Google Search

The endangered Ozark Big-eared bat is restricted to western.

Arkansas River Shiner - Google Search

Eastern Small Footed Bat. Northern Long Eared Bat at Benson Pest Management In Maine

Longnose Darter - Google Search

Photo of a little brown bat afflicted with White-nose Syndrome.

Lesser Prairie-Chicken endangered species

A researcher at Acadia checks an eastern small-footed bat for signs of damage caused by WNS. © CHRIS HEILAKKA

Rufa Red Knot - Google Search


Interior Least Tern- endangered species

Virginia Bat Removal / Bats in Attics / Bat Removal VA

Approximate distribution of Little Brown Myotis and white-nose syndrome

Neosho Mucket - Google Search · Endangered SpeciesOklahoma

eastern meadowlark (photo by girltwin) .

decline is slowing down, but we're not at the bottom yet. I'm optimistic that in 2017, the numbers might be the same or better. But at this point, ...


Figure 5: Examples of native Midwest bats.

Piping plover (Endangered. SARO. 2007) chick and parent by David Hemmings on

White Nose Syndrome still threatens bat species in Pennsylvania and beyond

BatsConservationEcosystems · Hailes Cave Bat Gate Project – Protecting Bats' Winter Home

Could this piece of art save Maine's endangered wildlife?

See long description below.

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Anthus spragueii - Google Search

Deeply disappointing news affects species at risk and their habitat in a recent Ontario Divisional Court decision regarding Ontario's Endangered Species ...

boreal woodland caribou (at risk), Credit: Bruce McKay

Eastern False Rue-anemone, False Rue Anemone or Enemion biternatum _/\/

eastern meadowlark (a provincially threatened species in Ontario), credit: Jim McCormac

Blanding's turtle (a threatened species in Ontario), photo credit: Joe Crowley

The Red Knot Designated as Threatened Under the En..

endangered species - Bing Images

The small size of its range and increasing development pressures in southern and eastern ...

Neosho Madtom - Google Search

Wallace's Stripe-faced Fruit Bat on November 2016 by Martin Mandák.

Credit: Bruce D. Taubert/Minden Pictures /Bat Conservation International

Ontario boasts eight turtle species, which is more than any other province in Canada. But that's in danger of changing—of the eight species, ...

eastern hog-nosed snake, Photo by squamatologist CC BY-NC-ND 2.0