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Eciton soldier ant Small Critters t Ant

Eciton soldier ant Small Critters t Ant


Army ant

Eciton burchellii (Ecuador)

Orange army ant – Eciton hamatum

Convergent con artists: How rove beetles keep evolving into army ant parasites

Army Ant - Eciton hamatum

Army ants engineer living bridges!

Weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) attacking termite (Macrotermes carbonarius) soldier. The huge slicing jaws of the termite already found one casualty, ...

Eciton burchellii

Eciton burchelli. AntsBeautiful ...

Army Ant

What we don't realize is that there are many different species of the ant community. The most fierce and dangerous being the mighty Army Ants.

Army ant

Download Army Ants Dragging Away Their Prey Stock Image - Image of close, invertebrate:

Eciton burchellii, soldier. It's not all bad, though. Army ants ...

Burchell's army ant (Eciton burchellii)

Almost instantaneous recruitment amongst colony members enables army ants to overwhelm prey ...

A rove beetle roves in a column of Eciton burchellii army ants (Peru). Image: Takashi Komatsu.

Secret hitcher

E. burchellii with larvae of a raided wasp nest. Credit: Geoff Gallice, CC BY 2.0, https://www.flickr.com/people/[email protected] Army ant (Eciton) ...

Dorylus - Dorylus gribodoi

(Dorylus ant/army ant/driver ant) The Rockefeller University

Eciton hamatum - Army Ant

Eciton hamatum - Army Ants

Army ant soldier

Army Ant Close Up

To speed their foraging excursions, army ants build bridges with their own bodies, allowing others to race across a gap.

Army Ants (Eciton burchelli) as stitch for a cut. Trinidad

Burchell's army ant (Eciton burchellii)

2 / 14; Queen army ant

Driver ants (Dorylus subgenus Anomma) are among Africa's most visible insects. Here, a soldier shows off her impressive mandibles.


A serious hard case, giant ants from Australia

Cephalotes varians turtle ant soldier showing the head disk used for guarding nest entrances. Florida

Pyramid ant (Dorymyrmex insanus)

Eciton Army Ants

Army Ant (Eciton burchelli) Spanish Name: Ronchadores

A raiding column of Eciton burchellii army ants return to the bivouac in Brazil.

Eciton hamatum - Army Ants

An Eciton hamatum army ant soldier takes a bite of the offending photographer.

N. kronaueri hitching a ride on an army ant. The beetle's legs and antennae can be completely retracted into surface depressions, a common feature in army ...

Ant mimicry

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Dorylus driver ants are quick to defend their colonies. Here, a soldier bites down on an intruding myrmecologist. This behavior has been co-opted by ...

Army Ant

An Ant: "Dance With Dew." (Title Given By The Photographer:

12▻. gbit-642-px. Soldier ants ...

Siafu Ant, known as the driver or army ant, African species, the only

Red harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex barbatus)

img tag. The queen black garden ant ...

Piotr Naskrecki Photograph - Army Ant Soldier With Giant Mandibles by Piotr Naskrecki

Two Pseudomimeciton rove beetles walking alongside the Labidus ant they've evolved to resemble. Note the difference in color: the ant is darker, ...

Driver ants (Dorylus subgenus Anomma) are among Africa's most visible insects. Here, a soldier shows off her impressive mandibles.

Ferocious little Azteca ants on the Jatun Sacha station grounds seemed to know what the army ants were up to and weren't having any ...

Army ants' 'living' bridges span collective intelligence, 'swarm' robotics


Eciton burchellii submajor carrying a spider. This long-legged caste is specialized for transporting


Eciton burchelli parvispinum - Soldier

Eciton burchelli parvispinum - Army Ants with Scorpion

Gigantiops destructor has the largest eyes of any ant. Archidona, Napo, Ecuador

A soldier Eciton burchellii army ant. The ice-tong shaped mandibles defend the colony

... they couldn't jump at all and it cut their survival rate in half compared to control ants who had glue applied without it closing their jaws.

This medium-sized (3-10mm) army ant is smaller than Eciton, but the swarm fronts are equally spectacular. Labidus praedator is brownish black and shiny, ...

Download Army ant stock image. Image of america, claws, insect - 9368343

The ...

Pheidole ...

Leafcutter ants – Atta & Acromyrmex species

Tank army ants – Nomamyrmex esenbeckii

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img tag

36a_ant.jpg. An army ant ...

Staphylinid beetle in army ant (Eciton sp.) column. Photo taken in Corcovado national park, Costa Rica. Copyright Paul Bertner 2013.

Bullet Ant - Paraponera clavata

A Plectroctena sp. attacks another of its kind to protect its territory. Ants ...

Eciton burchellii is, according to Wikipedia, “the archetypal species of army ant“. Insofar as this is the most-studied species, and the ant that dominates ...

Rainforest insects. Hymenoptera. Formicidae. Dorylinae. Eciton burchellii. Army Ant. Costa

Army ant

Host pupa infected with Macrodinychus parasitoid.

Army Ants Attacking a Millipede

Bog #8: Azteca & Turtle Ants

The beetle bites the ant to attach itself to it

Red ant isolated on white background with shadow.

... Ant Fighting Colony War Game - Ants Army Battle ...

Can these grotesque jaws pinch enough skin to close a wound?

800px-Dorylus. In order to find their food, army ants ...

attack freely, eat without discrimination, migrate to locate food sources and maintain a complex social hierarchy. They are found primarily in the southern ...

Adaptations of Army Ants. By Tom Ryan. Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

A are shot of a Staphylinid beetle pupa being carried by army ants. Photo taken in Corcovado national park, Costa Rica. Copyright Paul Bertner 2012.

A small worker leafcutter ant in front of a giant soldier ant on a concrete floor

Army ant soldier groomed by worker ant. Photo taken in Corcovado national park, Costa Rica. Copyright Paul Bertner 2012.

Carpenter ants – Camponotus species. Dozens ...

See the little rove beetle? (Jatun Sacha, Ecuador). Last year army ant ...

1 / 14; Army ant larvae being carried by workers

Asian army ants (Leptogenys sp.) swarming centipede prey. Photo taken in Danum Valley, Malaysian Borneo. Copyright Paul Bertner 2014.

Army ant swarm