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Elmer Keith39s Smith amp Wesson Model 29 in 44 Magnum Firearms

Elmer Keith39s Smith amp Wesson Model 29 in 44 Magnum Firearms


21-7) Smith & Wesson issued this Elmer Keith Commemorative in the 1980s

My 1st year of production S&W .44 Magnum, shipped in July, 1956. It is pictured on an article from the 1958 Gun Digest written in 1957 by Elmer Keith.

21-22) Elmer Keith had the first .44 Magnum he received from Smith & Wesson. Collectors Firearms ...

I was wondering if someone would notice that #5 in the corner.

20-27) A second version of Elmer Keith's #5SAA is an everyday working gun

Keith`s knife & 44mag 001

The Bisley is a tip of the hat to Elmer and his #5. It is indeed the mid-sized frame, though the grip is the Standard Ruger Bisley they fit on everything .

Members, I`am thinkin that Elmer Keith would have been satisfied with a Ruger Redhawk to house his beloved .44 Magnum cartridge. What do you guys think???

21-4) As a tribute to Elmer Keith, Taffin had Dave Lauck tune and smooth these two S&W .

Ones that inspired Elmer Keith to epand on the .44 Special round Hot enough to Push S&W Into Making the Mightly .44 Magnum that eventually replaced it.

the Elmer Keith book, waiting for a foolish Jackrabbit to come by, and looking at the mountains is better than any big screen to my way of thinking.

Elmer Keith and the 44 Special.

Elmer Keith Knife