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Explore Petition Animals Animals Petitions and more t

Explore Petition Animals Animals Petitions and more t


Wild animals · petition: The Adorable Greater Glider Is on the Verge of Disappearing

Petition · Russia. Moscow City Duma: Stop uncontrolled breeding of domestic animals! | Animal, environment and health petitions | Pinterest

10 of the World's Ugliest Dogs (ugly dog, ugliest dogs) - ODDEE

Animal cruelty

Petition · People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): Outlaw Puppy Mills - DADD · Change.org | Animal, environment and health petitions | Pinterest ...

Endangered species

petition: Decomposed and Starving Horses Found on Property Deserve Justice | Animal Petitions / https

BoredPanda-dogs sent to slaughter at Chinese yulin festival.

The animals seemed stressed and afraid. (62151 signatures on petition)

barry Eggington Gateshead, United Kingdom Supporters Dogs are loving animal pets NOT WILD ANIMALS they all need us to speak up for them as they cant so ...



Why allow, the Government of Greece, its citizens, to still act irresponsible and allow dogs to multiply. signatures on petition)

Petition Right of residence for a woman with 4 dogs

The Surabaya Zoo is an Indonesian Zoo of Death Full of Disgusting Animal Cruelty. #

Justice for kitten thrown out of moving car on Toronto Highway! Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals

Sign the Petition. Animal ...


Petition ·Russia. Against contact zoos

Petition ·SOAT, include Veterinary attention for Animals who are Victims of Traffic Accidents

The Petition Site : My PetitionSite. Place in Reputable Wildlife Sanctuary. Please sign the petition. Find this Pin and more on Endangered Species!


PETITION, PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE! This is a video of some people mistreating an innocent hedgehog, the poor little animal´s been crying in distress, ...

petition: Save the World's Newest Great Ape From Extinction!

Ban Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps in the U.S.

Explore these ideas and more!

Petition · France: Annecy : say no to circuses with animals.

Animal welfare

Punish Man Who Allegedly Punched and Slapped a Puppy. Punish Man Who Allegedly Punched and Slapped a Puppy | Animal Petitions

PETITION: There has been a unanimous recommendation by scientists that the wolverine have the status of. Find this Pin and more on • Petitions for Animals ...

petition: Animal Abuse Leads to Violence Against Humans. This Bill Wants to Intervene.

Petition · City of Perris Animal Control : Don't Take Away Perris Turpin Sibling's

Petition ·Turkey. Requesting the placement of food and water distributors for street animals



#Petition: Justice for Woobie the Dog Who Was Stabbed!

#Petition - Peace for Porter, Dog Shot and Killed by BB Gun!

Stop Animal Abuse in Bahrain! PETITION - Care2 News Network

Animal kingdom


This petition had 4,511 supporters

Man claims that hunter killed his 2 dogs

petition: Justice for the Brutally Murdered Kangaroo

Petition unterschreiben

Die Petition unterschreiben: Kiri and Seila must stay in Cambodja in the hands of EARS Asia! Don't send them to a Japanese Zoo!

Peta Petition: Urge Wilmington Blue Rocks to Cancel Cruel 'Monkey Rodeo' Events

Petition unterschreiben

Find this Pin and more on Petitions: Animals and the Environment by papercrusade.

#petition: Justice for Merida the Dog - Shot While Pregnant With 8 Pups

Petition · Congress: Don't Let Congress Destroy the Endangered Species Act · Change

Against Animal Testing Petition | The Body Shop

Petition · Andrea marzi: Save Express wildlife rescue · Change.org. Petition AndreaSign PetitionsAnimal ...

Animal cruelty

Wild animals · petition: Make Britain fur free! #FurFreeBritain!, United Kingdom

Nordstrom: Stop selling all animal fur. Please click and sign the petition.

Petition · Nabisco: Tell Nabisco to use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in their products · Change.org | Animal, environment and health petitions | Pinterest ...

Man destroys hedgehog, boasts about it on Instagram; claims there is more to come! Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here: ...

Petition · Introduce animal welfare and care into schools.

Petition · [email protected]: Permanently shut down the barbaric tenant · All About AnimalsSave ...



Military dogs

Sign the Petition. Find this Pin and more on Pets ...

Animal protection

Petition ·No to the killing of Stray Dogs in Russia because of the soccer games

Petition · WE CAN'T ALLOW СORRIDA IN BELARUS! · Change.org

Animal cruelty

A list of fake / scam sites / petitions to avoid when fighting the EVIL dog and cat meat trade. Find this Pin and more on Animals ...

with a horrific pic of animals rape and abuseb.but it is to show that this raping of animals will stop now in Denmark.la petition do work.

Sign this petition to demand an end to otter trapping. Find this Pin and more on Animal ...

Whore without brain, empaty, compassion, razionality and dignity! Petition | Stop Killing · Change Org PetitionsAnimal ...

Premier Baird, The fate of dogs at two separate New South Wales puppy factories rests

Petition · Facebook: Facebook Stop Allowing Animal Abuse Posts · Change.org | Animal, environment and health petitions | Pinterest | Change org, ...

Animal Rights Petitions

Animal Rights, Animal Cruelty, Animal Welfare, Vegan, Steel, Animals, Los Angeles County, Dog, Police

Pet Sitting Site Rover Not Keeping Pets Safe

Animal testing is a cruel way to test products and is completely unecessary. There are now many alternatives ways to test productivety that are far more ...

Animal Testing Mandatory in the US? This cannot happen. Please sign the petition and

Petition · Tell Ben & Jerry's You Want Non-Dairy Ice Cream Options · Change.org

@WWF, In Memory Of #CecilTheLion, Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting NOW!!

South African Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has declared that she plans to permit the trade in Rhino Horn domestically and to allow the export ...

Pigs need the same rights as other pets

URGENT: Stop the Export of 800 Lion Skeletons from South Africa to Asia

Petition · Lamar Alexander: Establish a law against ALL kill animal shelters · Change.

American Airlines Wants to Ban Emotional Support Animals

Justice for rehabilitator's squirrels Animal Petitions by YouSignAnimals.org. Sign the Petition here:

Image titled Start a Petition on Care2 Step 1

Equal rights for Cats and Dogs

Signing Petitions Promotes Animal Exploitation – A Deer Case Study : Ecorazzi

Petition · Justice for Sparky: Tougher Sentences for Offenders of Animal Cruelty · Change.org

#petition: DEMAND Animal Welfare Act Protection laws for #Sharks in the 2018 WA

Petition · Briar Chapel HOA Board: Stop the Briar Chapel HOA Board from killing the Beaver on the property. · Change.org

Beaten to Death and Buried Alive — Demand Justice for Murdered Dogs

Petition · Stop the export of Canadian sheep for cruel ritual slaughtering · Change.org

This petition had 8,608 supporters

For the sake of our children: stop mass extinction!

Saint Martha Parish: Stop supporting animal abuse!