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FN 49 The FN 49 was derived from the works of Dieudonn Joseph

FN 49 The FN 49 was derived from the works of Dieudonn Joseph


FN 49 The FN 49 was derived from the works of Dieudonné Joseph Saive, a Belgian firearms designer working for FN. He envisaged all of the Ma.

FN Model 1949 Simply referred to as the FN49 or sometimes SAFN, this rifle is

FN Model 1949 Simply referred to as the FN49 or sometimes SAFN, this rifle is

Two FN-49 rifles from Belgian Army (ABL) contract. Upper weapon has no selective fire lever fitted, Lower weapon shows selective fire lever in Fully ...

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FN49 Dovetail - Scope mounting and barrel out of time(?)

Close-up of MAS 49-56 receiver

FN 49 muzzles. Top: the cutts-compensator like Flash Hider of the Venezuelan

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Fabrique National Model 1949, Rare Luxembourg Contract FN 49 FN49, Non-Import,

The T-48 used in competition against the M-14

FN FAL rifle

Our pair of FNs. Venezuelan Nº 4955, not import marked; and Egyptian Nº

WTS: FN-49 in 8mm - The FAL Files

FN-49 semi-auto rifle.

Beretta BM59


Behold, some dings.


MAB Model A

MAS 49 at a picnic.

M27 Grand Rendement


FN Model 1903 - A Husqvarna m/1907 from the collections of the Swedish Air

Despite the immense sadness that overtook the community in Liege, FN would continue on. Indeed, John M. Browning had left FN in a good position to prosper ...

... saturated with high-quality arms that were surplus to the needs of downsizing military victors (and entirely-disarmed vanquished). An FN salesman could, ...

FN FAL comapred to G3 and FG42

This view from the left shows the bolt hold-open catch on the side of


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dieudonne saive

YEAR MADE: 1953. TYPE: military semi-automatic (20-round) detachable magazine cartridge rifle. Remarks: Sold around the world during the 1950s.

FN tested the prototype, and was pleasantly surprised to find the little pistol could fire 500 rounds without a single malfunction.

(Ironically, the assassin used a 1913 production FN 1910 pistol chambered in .380 Auto.). Germany soon invaded Belgium; the FN factory was occupied by the ...

Baby Browning.jpg

Rhodesian Army infantry training with their FN FALs.

FN Model 1903 - A FN Model 1903 from the collections of the Swedish Army Museum

FN FAL in Rhodesia.



Range Time

Crown of King Farouk and crest of the Kingdom of Egypt (Kingdom 1922-1952


John M. Browning, on the other hand, would enter into a renaissance period back in the United States during the war years: he would devote virtually all of ...

FN FAL: full disassembly & assembly

M14 battle rifle

Irish soldier armed with FN FAL sniper rifle.

Venezuelan crest on a 7mm FN M1949.

Venezuela was one of the nations that bought the SAFN. Notice the fine figure of

Dutch FN FAL being carried by a marine

FN-49 Close Up Details

How a Browning Hi-Power works

FN Baby Browning - Bauer .25 Auto pocket pistol.

FN marked FAL

Gas-operated reloading - Short stroke gas piston and bolt carrier group, from a

FN Browning Hi-Power 9mm REVIEW

In fact, FN firearms quickly became recognized the world over for their innovativeness, reliability, and craftsmanship.



MAS-49 rifle

Behind The Lines - FN FAL

Browning BDM - Image: Browning bdm 1

FN M1900

World War I, however, created a new set of challenges and setbacks for FN. A Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip started the events that led to the ...


Inland Div. M1 “White Bag” .30 Carbine Non Import Documented Bruce Canfield

Hatfield Custom Sporting Boxlock 20 Gauge Coin & Blue Finished 26 INCH SxS Double Barrel Shotgun

A. H. Fox Sterlingworth Side-by-Side SxS Double Barreled Shotgun, 20 GA,

FN M1905

This feat was unprecedented for that time. FN was quick to spot a good thing, and immediately signed a production contract on July 17, 1897.

Classic Wondernines! Browning Hi-Power

A family member found this well worn High Power at GunsAmerica and it fit his budget

FN P90

2“Made in Belgium” and “Fabrique Nationale” speak to some of us

Browning Hi-Power BDA

Weapon 27 - The FN FAL Battle Rifle

John Manton & Son Cased Single Shot Percussion, 12 Ga. Damascus 32 INCH Sporting

Copy of Russian Semi Rifle 02

Dieudonne Saive: The Right Arm of the Free World

FN Special Purpose Rifle.JPG

FN Browning

FAL parts kit.


This Inglis High Power is a great shooter and a formidable battle weapon.

fn fal

mat 49

FN Model 1910 - Browning M 1910 disassembled

FN Baby Browning pistol