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Faces of Rescue 2nd Quarter 2013 Dog Pit bull and Animal

Faces of Rescue 2nd Quarter 2013 Dog Pit bull and Animal


This is the mournful face of an adorable pup just as she realized her owners abandoned

Tia and her Villalobos pitbull rescue are proof that everybody including criminals and pit bulls deserve a second chance!

Faces of Rescue - 2nd Quarter 2013

A pit bull dog wears a sign, "I was a bait dog, now

On-the-mend: Harvard the pitbul is now one happy pet after being

... a video and information about the four-year-old dog on Facebook. “Electra represents the face of sadness and reality in the shelters,” Menchaka wrote.

PONTOON - Villalobos Rescue Center

Christmas pit bull :) So cute

Four-year-old pit bull cross Electra was dumped at the Inland Valley Humane

Breed Ambassador- Joan the Pretty Lipless Pittie. A face any pit mom could love!

The fierce Ace (pictured), an 85lb American pit bull, is capable of

17 best no more dog fights images on Pinterest | Dog fighting, Pit bull and Animal rescue

Benita <3 of Pit Bulls and Parolees Villalobos Pitbull Rescue sweet gray face, gorgeous

DFA Rescue Across the Nation- Meet a 2 years Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mix available for adoption in WACO, TX

Pit Bulls Lead 'Bite' Counts Across U.S. Cities and Counties

A pit bull dog wears a sign that reads, "I'm a lover

The three pit bulls left Reut with scratches and bites to her face and arms and

Highland Park Mulls Pitbull Ban: Girl Mauled

Walter from Pit Bulls and Parolees my first boy Pitbull - sooooo in love Gray face

Family portrait: Miller shows off her family of six rescue dogs, including the four

ADOPTED HELP LUCY - OPIN: Outreach to Pets in Need : Lucy was trying to save her puppies from a fire. Donations needed for her medical bills.

Los Angeles, CA - Pit Bull Terrier. Meet A1622112, a dog for adoption

Shocking: Huey, aged about three, is believed to have suffered years of torment

Heartbreaking: This adorable pit bull called March is now so depressed he just stares at

A pit bull mix attacked three in Tampa, Florida, after his owner tried to

ALTOONA, Iowa – Despite controversy regarding the safety of pit bulls as pets, the City of Altoona is changing the language in its dog ordinance so as to ...


County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control-Our Animals-Our…

Survivor: Khalessi will undergo multiple surgeries - on her nose, mouth, teeth,

Pit Bull Was Forced To Fight And Left To Die. Now He's Got Love And Hope

Lucky pooch: Khalessi is enjoying her life in a foster home - sleeping snuggly on

Happy face: Photographer Douglas Sonders captures the charming characters of rescue pit bulls, for

OUR FOUR-FOOTED Friends Fall 2013 and how you help them Puppy Doe and Middleboro ...

Friends to family: After rescuing Mojo, Wagner has decided to give him a permanent

... please call Crime Stopper at Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Please speak out for Buck. Texas dog found shot in the face ...


Vicious bull terrier kills two dogs

Program trains pit-bull-type dogs to assist people with disabilities

SL~~~Boxer/Terrier (Unknown Type, Medium) Mix Dog for adoption in Everman, Texas - Tigger

The most ubiquitous dog in the U. S.—the dog in whose face we see our collective reflection—is now the pit bull. Which makes it curious that we as a culture ...

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The most dangerous dog breeds is a very subjective thing to say or even put in the title of an article from a website that loves dogs. We love dogs!

17 best no more dog fights images on Pinterest | Dog fighting, Pit bull and Animal rescue

Marilyn adopted from Villalobos Rescue Center photo shoot with her boyfriend Logan <3 Pit Bulls

Mahoning County Dog Warden Deputy Dave Nelson tells 21 News the attack is one of the worst he has come across in 28 years on the job.

Animal rnSpeciestDog rnBreedtRetriever/Mix rnAget rnSextFemale rnSizetMedium rnColortBlack/White rnSitetCity of El Paso Animal Services rnLocationtSally ...

The two-year-old pit bull mix, Amos (above), was

American Pit Bull

She'd seen plenty of animal rescues during her career, but this was one of the most thankful dogs she'd ever ...

The Most Abused Dogs on Earth

Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth?

dachshund/english pit bull mix

After 6 months of pit bulls at my local city pounds I found Scraps at a rural rescue 3 hours away with eight of his brothers and sisters.

Bethany Lynn Stephens, 22, was found mauled to death two days after having taken

Michael Friberg

Pit bull off leash in Los Angeles kills small dog while owner cried for it to stop | Daily Mail Online

1. Pit bulls “ ...

Learn about the Pitbulls and Parolees in Villalobos.

Jumping Bean arrived at the rescue center, where she was given plenty of food and water. Finally, she was able to take a warm bath to clean off all the dirt ...

Animal \r\nSpecies\tDog \r\nBreed\tRetriever\& \r\nAge\t \r\nSex\tFemale \r\nSize\tMedium \r\nColor\tBrown\& \r\nSite\tCity of El Paso Animal Services ...


Port Washington, NY - Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Meet Killian, a dog for

Amy Haynes


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The building currently housing our rescue dogs is being sold and we need to raise $120,000 to purchase a new building by August 26th, 2013.

Scooby with his happy face on.

Disclaimer: I have two pitbull mixes that I rescued from NYC shelters, and I love them to pieces.

As Cesar taught me, “Dogs always want to go back to balance.” This is true of all animals. It's humans who have the hardest time with it.

A South Florida father charged in connection to the dog mauling death of his 4-year-old son, became emotional in court Thursday.

If you've ever wondered if social networking really does save shelter dogs, this

A Dog In the Fight: Baltimore's Enforcement of Animal-Cruelty Laws is Getting Some Bite

This is the sweet blonde and white pit bull who touched me deeply. She'

Caitlyn The Dog Suffered Unimaginable Cruelty. Her Fairy Tale Ending Is A Miracle.

15 real-life tips for surviving a dog attack (2017 edition) – Animals 24-7

ADOPT Eleanor - SUPER URGENT - Alvin Animal Adoption Center in Alvin, Texas. Large adult female dog, contact Autumn Miller for more details about her and ...

Chappie turned my world, that revolves around dogs in every way, upside down, inside out, and into another dimension. Everything I've whole heartedly ...

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Four of Sunny's seven puppies; all are up for adoption at Utah Animal Adoption Center

Meet Deana, an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier looking for a forever home. If you

Are the American Staffordshire terrier and the American pit bull terrier the same?


villalobos pit bulls for adoption | Via Darcee Hardcastle-Ingalls

The dog was so hyper and jumpy that the homeowner decided to name her Jumping Bean! She really could not contain her excitement, and she wanted everyone ...

Another lonely, chained and attention-starved pit bull in the more “sketchy”

Dead Dog Walking

Bans and restrictions on pit bull ownership are called "breed-specific legislation" -

Saint the Pit Bull Mix

Advocacy As I See It

Dog bite

Michael Friberg

The rescuers gently placed a leash around her neck and slowly led her around the shelter, allowing her to explore all her new surroundings.