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Famous Mauritius Food French Cuisine t Food Chinese

Famous Mauritius Food French Cuisine t Food Chinese


It turns out I didn't have to look very far. Street food is everywhere in Mauritius – it's ...

{Mauritian Recipes} Mauritian Bol Renverse is a very popular Mauritian Chinese recipe. It

It must be a Mauritian-Chinese thing, because I have never heard of niouk yen in the Chinese restaurants in Vancouver.

Vindaye a typical Mauritian food made with fish and turmeric

Mauritian Chicken Biryani. Duck RecipesSausage RecipesBiryani ChickenMauritian FoodBiryani ...

{Mauritian Recipes | Chinese Recipes} Mauritian Egg Fooyung is one of my favorite mauritian chinese recipes! It's more like one of these mauritian chinese ...

Mauritian recipes and Mauritian food

Achard de légumes de mon île Maurice Will need to translate a few ingredients as this

The best dishes of the Mauritian cuisine

Mauritian Recipes. Sweet and Sour Salted Fish (Poisson Sale) - #mauritius #. African Food ...

Mauritian food octopus curry and rice

Roti & Dholl Purri...mouth watering

Mauritian Chicken Fried Rice

{Mauritian Recipes | Chinese Recipes} Mauritian Chinese Rice Noodles Soup (Meefoon Soup)

Rougaille or rougail is one of the classic Mauritian dishes that everyone on the…

Remove the bowl carefully and enjoy your typical Mauritian Bol Renverse (upside down bowl)!

Mauritian chicken and prawn curry

Perfect rice: the upside-down bowl | by Selina Periampillai | on JamieOliver.

Mapo doufu

The popular Chinese Mine Frite dish being served with chutneys in Mauritius

On a recent trip to the Indian Ocean my taste buds were taken on a culinary tour of the wonders of Mauritian food, featuring delicately spiced dishes, ...

Mauritian Chinese food called 'bol renverse' meaning upside down bowl

Fresh lobster is one of myriad seafood options in Mauritius. Image by Emma Sparks /

A fish dish at a restaurant in Mauritius

mauritius street food

Fish Vindaye (pickled mustard fish) traditional Mauritian dish #Mauritius #london #catering. London EatsOcean FoodMauritian ...

Niouk yen, Hakka-style meatballs that, in Mauritius, are made with vegetables or fruit

Mulku (Murukku), traditional Mauritian recipe for a classic snack of rice flour and. Mauritian FoodIndian ...

A bowl of the famous boulettes that are popular in Mauritius

Chinese Wok is one of my favorite Chinese restaurant in Curepipe. You're sure to have a wonderful meal in a nice, cozy atmosphere.

Mauritian curry. Image via indian-ocean.com

Mauritian dholl puris and faratas

Chinatown in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Dizef roti (Oeuf roti)

Dholl Puri is a popular street food in Mauritius

Le Saint Geran - Rasoi. This restaurant ...


Think Chinese Chow mein with Mauritian style seafood and fresh fish full of taste and texture or a crisp snack of Samosa with split peas and spices.

Eighty Eight Chinese Restaurant

Mauritian Chicken Curry at Tamassa. Image via foodandthefabulous.com

Traditional food

Eighty Eight Chinese Restaurant

They originate from the Chinese cuisine and are sometimes eaten with fried or boiled noodles. You can find them everywhere in Mauritius but certainly those ...

Mauritian food rougaille, curry and dholl puris

A Parisian-Chinese supermarket in the capital. Understanding this history makes the seemingly disjointed and diverse patchwork of foods ...

Creole curry and coconut tea: a foodie exploration of Mauritius


banana tart a Mauritian food speciality

Spices used in Mauritius food

Chayote is a gourd plant that has anti-inflammatory properties. It tasted nice and since this is a Mauritius speciality, you should try to eat one.

Mauritian fried rice.

Boutiques are food shops

The history behind our 'national' dish is fascinating. When indentured labourers arrived from India in the 18th century they could not find the flour they ...

Vaindaye Ourite being served with Farata in Mauritius

The Mission Chinese Food Cookbook

vegetable pickle or archards well liked in Mauritian food

Gastronomy at Long Beach's Sublime Restaurants

Seabell Restaurant

The cuisine of La Rochelle - Cooking is more than producing a meal

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vegetable fritters. Your island holiday will not be complete without tasting our traditional dishes.

Several shots from the L'Aventure du Sucre that is a popular sugar museum in

Palais de Barbizon resto link 200

Basic ingredients of Mauritian cooking. Fresh herbs, ginger, garlic, grated coconut, coriander

Indian food in Mauritius

La Boussole Restaurant

Must Eat Foods in Nice, France

A bowl of wontons in broth was known as “short soup” in 19th-

This a dish which is as popular as the Mauritian Fried Rice is a MUST try for any Mauritian Food Lovers.

Mauritian creole food called rougaille

Eighty Eight Chinese Restaurant

Eighty Eight Chinese Restaurant

Indian, Fast Food. Pakbo

Fish vindaye

French cuisine

A dish of fish curry that is a popular Mauritius food

Street eats: taro root fritters, Mauritius. Image by Emma Sparks / Lonely Planet

For a tiny island, Mauritius has amazing food: from Chinese dim sum to French gourmet dishes to Indian curries. Mauritius has an incredibly rich and diverse ...


Mauritian Chicken Fried Rice

Food in French Polynesia. All year round - Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a, Tikehau, Nuku Hiva

A popular Mauritius seafood dish

Mauritian Fried Noodles (Mine Frite Special)

Roti Aka Vinoda

Pickled vegetables

Rougaille is a tomato-based sauce infused with garlic and herbs that is paired with everything from beef to prawns in Mauritius.

Credit: Le Wok Saint Germain on Facebook


French Restaurant Terrigal. Taste of Mauritius Menu

For the sea fruits lovers, once again the French Polynesia will satisfy you: “Pahua” (giant clam), “Vana” (sea urchin), Korori, Langouste, “Varo” (squille), ...

Mauritian Chicken Biryani